Monday, August 11, 2014

What Are You Waiting For?

See? I keep telling Mr. ETB that I'll get around to wearing everything I own-eventually. So Fifteen years ago when I insisted that I "had to have this necklace", I wasn't being impulsive-I had a plan all along! True, the plan wasn't to put it away and forget about it for fifteen years, but hey-I finally got around to it.

I'd seen it in the case at a "better" antique dealer, and before it came out from beneath glass Mr. ETB did that barely audible (except to me) groan that says, "This will cost more than a good bottle of scotch." He was right (that time) and all these years later I'd be loathe to fork over real cash for some bauble (age does all kinds of strange things to your ideas about money) but I felt downright glam-or-us wearing this little delicate piece of Deco adornment.

I like nice things, but I don't like paying real money for them, that's why I thrift. I still get nice things, and the bottle of scotch.
Lest I make the same mistake again, I made sure to wear this brooch the same week I bought it. This was .99 cents which is a bit more my speed these days.
 Still, it might make sense to hold back a bit in my purchases (even at .99 cents) as it seems I wear the same pieces over and over-like these earrings, and this bracelet. Nothing wrong with having favourites, but it does make the rest of the collection seem least until that day when I finally wear the item. Most things don't take fifteen years to make it into rotation.
Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

So you're probably wondering why I got all gussied up in my ruffled dress and sparkly necklace. Well, I mean, the sun was shining. *Shrug* That's good enough for me. I don't believe in waiting for an occasion. I've been in enough thrift stores to see all the perfect, unused tablecloths, silver, "good" china, and so on to know that waiting for an occasion is not a risk worth taking. Have it? Use it, and enjoy it. I forgot my blue necklace, I didn't save it for "someday."
Big boobs and ruffles really don't go together-at all. Since when has that stopped me? I love this dress, though I do wish it didn't have that damn ruffle across/under the bust. This is a dress that will someday become a skirt, but for now I just keep squeezing the knockers into place and hoping for the best when I do up the zip. I wouldn't try that with the pneumatic sort (of knockers). I could barely breathe. On the positive side, if I did collapse and require resuscitating, the chest compressions are already started. We won't even talk about the heavy duty-elastic required to hoist 'em up over my navel in the first place. Like wearing a crane, it is.

Outfit Particulars:

90's dress-Chadwick's of Boston-Thrifted
Art Deco necklace-antique store in Chicago suburbs
Milk glass bracelet-Hand-Me-Ups
Clip earrings-Thrifted
Grape cluster brooch-thrifted

What about you dearies? Do you wear/use everything as soon as you get it, or do you put things away for special occasions?
 Goodness no, this dress did not need ruffles. When I run the world (and believe me dearies, my day will come) I'm outlawing ruffles except on sleeves, hems, and high collars.
My photographer was busy (though suspiciously quiet, so maybe I ought to go see what he's up to?)so apologies for the mirror shots.

It is only Monday, which means we have the whole week ahead of us...but first I have to get down off the top step of this stool.

See you later!


Sue said...

Ruffles on/around/above/and or below substantial sized knockers is a problem, I KNOW!!! I love a good ruffle but not on my titties!! I don't save anything for special occasions because it may never happen. If I own it I wear it or use it! Waiting 15 years to wear your necklace obviously added value to it, more antique now!!

Curtise said...

Now you see, I'm going to be contrary and say I LIKE the ruffles. I do. You may feel the knockers are squeezed and squished into that dress, but from here, it looks like a good fit and shows off your bosom a treat. I feel I know you well enough to say that, OK?
The little blue necklace is gorgeous, how could you forget about it?! I am definitely not a "save it for best" kind of person, though I was brought up with that approach. It's sadly ironic that so many people spend the most on the things they use the least, doesn't make any sense to me at all. So I am glad that necklace has made it out of the drawer and is getting some love! xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Yep, use your good china. It applies to everything, ultimately the message to me is to do it/use it now, otherwise what's the point? Ruffles are also extremely important, especially when there is a blue frock to flaunt a fab rack in!! I love your beautiful necklace. xox

Witchcrafted Life said...

I would seriously put "I like nice things, but I don't like paying real money for them" on a bumper sticker and slap it on the car, because it's one of my personal mottoes, too. Sure, I will fork over hard earned cash for a piece I truly love/need sometimes, but I'd much rather try to hunt down something similar for a steal at a thrift store, yard sale, flea market or the like, especially since I'm perpetually on quite the tight budget and am have of getting a lot of bang for my pocket spending money buck.

Your deco necklace is utterly gorgeous and well worth letting age (like a fine wine, of course :)) for a further 15 years before sporting it with just the right ensemble.

♥ Jessica

Jayne H said...

Ooooh I like that frock, it shows off your figure and that necklace is a beautiful colour - glad it's finally seen the light of day.

Mim said...

I like to use stuff, though I do use it carefully. There's no point having stuff that never gets used.

That said, I reckon jewellery is always a good purchase, even if you don't wear it for years - it doesn't age badly and it always fits!