Sunday, August 03, 2014

No Vegetables Were Harmed in the Making of This Post (Promise!)

The gardenia is at a lull with only a few flowers in bloom, but there are several new buds forming, and I hope to enjoy more before the summer is over. The plant gets afternoon sun, and by evening the fragrance fills the garden to enjoy. I do wish the house sparrows would keep out of it as they tend to knock the buds off, but who can blame them, really? I'd want to sit there if I were a bird.

They don't last long after they bloom, but what a lovely flower it is.

You know how sometimes you want a cup of coffee, but you also want potatoes? They don't really go together ...or do they?

I wasn't willing to find out, but the adventurous young cashier told me she tried them and they were...not good. At all. Bummer. I really wanted to hear that they were good. Maybe the future is in caffeine infused cooking oil.
This sundress was hanging on a rail of last-chance dresses at the thrift store. I don't know why as it is in perfect condition including the built in bra and elastic (I wore a bra anyway, but looking at the photos it didn't make much difference). I'd date this from the 60's based on the straps and zipper, but it could be into the mid-70's. Sometimes it is hard to tell. There's a pre-76 Union label, and it is a size 16 which makes me think 60's.
I doubt the dress was worn much as the cotton is still smooth, and the colours are nice and bright.

Outfit Particulars:

1960's-70's sundress-thrifted $1.00
1950's beaded cardigan-Hand-Me-Ups $10.00 (!!)
1940's Naturalizer shoes-thrifted
Marvella necklace-Hand-Me-Ups
Freshwater pearl earrings-Thrifted
Rhinestone ring-K Mart
Bakelite bracelets-here and there
1950's floral hat-gift from an old neighbor (I wore it on my wedding day, as did she)
Vintage sunglass clip-Hand-Me-Ups
 As I was posing for this photo a neighbor came out to dump her trash. She was trying not to laugh, particularly when it came to this...
Don't worry, she knew I wasn't flipping her off.
 Can you believe this rhinestone ring was reduced to .99 cents at K Mart? Me either. Oooh, I do love sparkly things.
 But I like plastic things as well. Almost as much as I like singing a don't worry, I'm not doing another video. Not today anyway. I can't manage that level of bad taste every day-it requires thought, and planning.

A bit of thrifting today had me buying wrought iron candelabra thingies. I'm going to spray paint it bright orange with an enamel based paint. At least that's the plan today.

Tomorrow we bottle the cherry/lemon balm vinegar that's been sitting in the cellar for a month. The timing is perfect as I have a glut of cutting lettuces at the moment. I guess that's next week's menu sorted.

Have a lovely week, everyone.


pastcaring said...

Love that dress, I'd have snapped that up too, what a bargain. And your wedding hat! How lovely! Those gardenia are beautiful, but I can do without cappuccino-flavoured potato-y things, that doesn't sound good at all... Cherry/lemon balm vinegar, on the other hand, sounds amazing. xxx

Joanna said...

Boy what a good neighbor you are a flip off as she's throwing out her trash lol. Umm can't say I'm the least bit interested in trying cappuccino chips. I can almost picture a milk man coming to your house too for the morning flip off lol.

Sue said...

Laughing neighbours deserve a sly flipping! Well done. Hope she stayed off your lawn!!

Goody said...

@ Joanna
They do still have a company that will deliver milk, but I live three minutes from the supermarket. I have a sign in my garden warning people to, "Get Off My Lawn!" which has startled unsuspecting letter carriers and meter readers.

@ Sue
Hopefully by now they don't take it personally as they can see me posing for photos in the garden. We have row-houses on both sides on the street, so there's nowhere private to take snaps.

@ Curtise
I seem to recall the UK starting the strange crisp flavor thing (though I would eat the pot noodle flavoured ones if I could).