Sunday, August 31, 2014

One More Sleep Until the Fair

If I were any more excited, I'd surely pee myself! We have some severe weather expected tonight (a tornado watch is unusual this late in summer) so I think it best to harvest Son of Herman before I lose him to hail, downpours, or worse. I'm taking bread and tomatoes with me so Danny can eat sandwiches in the hotel room along with a couple tins of sardines. We have to bring our own meals when travelling (allergies) but he doesn't seem to mind. Most food you can get at stops along the Interstate isn't that interesting anyway. I was up at 4:30 AM baking granola, so he'll have that as a surprise.
College football started yesterday. There's going to be a lot of Husker fans with fresh breath out there. GO BIG RED!
I just brushed with a plain old, Oral-B. My breath is fresh, but it isn't Husker Fresh. You probably wouldn't want to kiss me anyway.

I got the fall issue of Vogue today, and for the first time in years, I didn't hate what I saw. I didn't like any of the fragrance samples (they all smell like tinned fruit salad and hairspray) but that's no surprise. What I do like are the rich brocades, feathers, glittery boots, blankets as capes, and the wide flares. Glitter and chainmail can be a look (I guess) if done thoughtfully. I guess fashion finally caught up with the chic part of the 70's.
 I always forget I have this sweet little bracelet. You would think, given the design it would catch on clothing, but it doesn't.
My baby's birthstone, so of course I had to get a gigantic one.

Outfit Particulars:

90's dress-bought it new when I still did that sort of thing.
Faux alligator belt-Goodwill
Bracelet-Thrift World, 90th and Maple
Handbag-Ruby Begonia's, Lincoln
50's hat from Brandeis Department Store-Hand-Me-Ups
Brooches-thrifted various places

There are a couple dozen sparrows at the feeder as I type. I wonder if they know a storm is coming?

See you on the off side?

 Sure, what the hell, it is a long weekend to go without one.



Helga said...

Hey, I might wanna give you a good snog, especially when you give me the come hither finger!!!
Adoring that frock, and the bling is just perfect.
Sux to have food allergies, that's bloody splendid you've made Danny surprise granola! I think that's what we call muesli here...?! Ha!
Huskers?! No idea, but go hard. NZ is a rugby union mad country, not many other sports get a look in! XXX

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Yeah I'm with Helga ... I'll give you one too, then I'll give you one of my arse-squeezes. You are so welcome! Damn you're gorgeous!! xoxoox

Sue said...

Taking your own food on a trip is much better, I love packing trip food. Usually that is when I make all sorts of stuff we don't normally have so it makes it kinda special. Cheaper than buying to. Love the colour of the stone in your ring and of course you needed it, that goes without saying, and of course it had to be big, having a baby is a big deal!!

Curtise said...

Catching up, wait for meeeee.
Love the pink evening dress and the in-your-face 80s print, and go Danny, didn't he do well?
As always you have the BEST jewellery, that's a fabulous ring and bracelet. Have lots of fun at the fair! xxx