Saturday, August 02, 2014

I Could Murder an Aubergine

Warning-video may not be appropriate for vegetarians, and other sensitive viewers.


Sue said...

Yaaaaayyyyyy!!!! Oscar winning performance, you are a shining star destined for the stage!!! Hollywood will be calling. But remember your blogging friends when you are way famous!!!

pastcaring said...

She sings! She cooks! She
attacks aubergines! Is there no end to her talents? xxxx

Goody said...

@ Sue and Curtise

I think I better, "Keep the day job."

Hope everyone had a bit of a laugh.

Autumn said...

I hope he was delicious.

Now let us all have a moment of silence, please. Poor Herman.

Goody said...


That silly lasagna fed the two of them for a week! I like cooking dinner once a week. They enjoyed it. There's a few more forming on the plant now that Herman has stopped sapping all the energy from the other flowers.