Saturday, August 23, 2014

Orange You Happy?

Well, I don't know if I'd go as far as to say I'm, "happy", but life goes on and I'm making due. You know what would make me happier, if not outright happy would be something fab to wear. Let's just go have a look and see what I have...
Oh, a scooter dress. Those are nice on an obscenely hot day. Speaking of obscene-this dress isn't because...
Ta-Da! Pervert-proof! Yes indeed, those are shorts under there. I could do cartwheels and headstands (not literally, of course as I might dislocate something) and no dirty old farts can so much as catch a glimpse of my gigantic cotton granny pants.
Look what we had falling from the sky last night. The plants are mercifully all OK, and I won't need to be watering for a while (3 inches of rain!) but going out to fetch samples of hail mid-storm was not my best-ever decision. As hailstones go, these were quite pretty.
I'm still working through my stress in the kitchen, so I used the leftover cherries and chocolate from yesterday's cookies to bake buns. It didn't help, so I made several batches of pot-sticker dumplings for the freezer. If things don't calm down soon I'll have to open a bakery.
 There's still plenty of summer left, I'm afraid.
 There's a cold front headed our way in the first part of next week, but until then, it is hot and humid. I got in the car today and my glasses fogged over. I'm not sure I've ever had that happen. Very strange.
I couldn't stand being home any longer, so I hit the Goodwill at 108th and Blondo which is often good for vintage. I came home with an orange and white 70's maxi (I'm sensing an orange theme here) and a vintage Pendelton suit. Then, because the Universe owes me for all the shit being tossed my way of late, I found a pair of beautiful Valentino peep-toe suede pumps with the most gigantic bows I've ever seen. $3.99
Thanks Universe!
Outfit Particulars:
MPC Fashions of Warren Pennsylvania Scooter Dress-Thrift World
White Sara Coventry necklace-long-gone Venice Antiques Mall
Rings-here and there
A rather cheeky squirrel found his way onto the bird feeder, so I went to shoo him off. The little(_____insert insult of your choice) looked at me and continued munching on his raisins as though I were chatting about the weather.
"But those are for the birds" I tried to reason with him. Eyeball to eyeball less than a foot from him, the furry bastard continued eating, his chubby cheeks packed full of dried fruit and yesterday's bread. "You really need to leave now" I scolded. He just stared at me and sat there casually shoving raisins into his mouth, until finally I advanced on him enough that he took off. It was only then I realised the neighbours on their patio were listening to me attempting to reason with a squirrel. Yeah. That's just. So. Great.
 Crazy squirrel lady.
Damn this week.


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Sounds like Goodwill is the place to hang when shit gets real. How dare the universe fuck with my Goody!! The squirrel is the final insult, but the cheeky little shit (that's the word I chose) comes with an instant softening-of-human-stress-levels tool. I think cats and dogs have the same effect on many of us too. Damn those buns look incredible!!! Orange is said to be a strengthening colour when times are tough. Good choice. xoxox

Curtise said...

Opening a bakery sounds like a great idea! I wish I could divert stress and angst into food - I find that when I cook under any sort of emotional cloud, it all goes horribly wrong. But that tray of what we would call (a version of) Chelsea buns (or Danish pastries?) looks just delicious. I could do with one, and a mug of your finest coffee, right now, please.
Love the orange scooter dress with built in safety pants, what a good idea. No inadvertent flashing of granny pants while out in a high wind, excellent.
Good lord, look at the size of those hail stones! What with them, 3 inches of rain, and cheeky squirrels, life is decidedly weird... More baking required! xxx

Lally said...

Great outfit, especially love your pervert proof dress, very handy!! The buns look delicious and I'd be very happy if someone was making dumplings in my home right now! XX

Joanna said...

I'm quite sure my husband would love to see me stressed to bake like you:) Those buns look amazing!! Gosh those hail stones are big…better this than kidney stones:)

Sue said...

Pervert Proof!!! Hahahahaha!! You do make me laugh so much. I really want cartwheels and hand stands photos, after all you have built in short love! Bastard Squirrel, you need a sign!

Janice said...

The world would be a better place if more neighbors were like you, people are too uptight. Someone has to reason with those squirrels or the next thing you know,a squirrel will take up residency in your attic!

Goody said...


Noooo, I can't deal with another "inside" squirrel. I left that sort of thing on the farm.

Nice to hear from you again.