Thursday, August 14, 2014

Truth be Told

Possibly true.
Not true, because it was made "especially for" someone else. Then, I bought it at the thrift store. Want to see it?
I'm not sure what Lizzie lined it with, but it is one heavy jacket! The previous owned probably got too exhausted schlepping it around, and donated it.
True-I did not need a wooden, beaded bag. Also true, I don't always limit my purchases to necessities... the ever-expanding collection of California pottery illustrates.
I might have squealed a bit when I saw the leaf vase. I don't think anyone would blame me.
 Mr. ETB had one of these as a child in Germany. I bought if for him to experience the joys of childhood again without resorting to the game they used to play called, "Rock fight." My understanding is that it is as it sounds-kids threw rocks at each other. I thought this would be a nicer childhood memory.
 Oh wait, the Frau is carrying a tray of rocks, isn't she? Shit. Nothing says, "Merry Christmas" like a good rock fight. Or stolen. Your pick.
 This is a terrible photograph of some beautiful wool that I am going to use to make the cape from the pattern Curtise sent. I hope I have enough fabric left to make a pair of matching hot pants. God knows, I need a matching cape/hot pants combo in my wardrobe. And white go-go boots because...well, just because.

The green plaid (and the brown/orange fabric behind it) are a heavy silk material. No plans, but 4 yards of each for $3.99 was too good to leave. Hand-Me-Ups has great vintage fabric. Know what else they have? Stuff like this...
It was going to be a poncho, or cape-like thing (and it may well be someday) but the setee needed some perking-up. Look how perked-up it is! Damn, like a cup of coffee.

I'm slowly getting into school-mode. I have a new lesson plan/attendance book that looks so fresh, and optimistic. It won't last, but like new pencils, folders, and yet un-doodled book covers, there's something exciting in the newness of another grade. Grade four. How the hell did that happen?

I'm trying to do a better job of fine-arts education this year. Yes, I take him to the opera, and theatre, and the odd orchestral concert, but I really need to do more with visual arts. The Joslyn Museum is free now thanks to a grant (I think through the next couple years) and I live all of ten minutes away, so perhaps a weekly visit with an hour devoted to a close study of a pre-selected work, and some rough sketching? I hated doing close studies, and I'd stubbornly sit there doing my best not to see anything, but it was always when I got up to leave, or took a break and came back to a painting that I would notice something crucial I hadn't quite put together whilst sitting before it. Oddly enough, I never could do those hidden-eye pictures, no matter how hard I'd squint!

The schedule for Opera Omaha looks good this year, though Mr. ETB looked it over with that pained expression that sort of pleads, "Don't make me sit through this." I'd happily trade off,  and do the opera if he'd take the theatre, and we could flip a coin for the symphony, but I think it would be best attended as a family. It is a small opera company with a short season, so there's that for comfort.

Lastly, the wonderful Sarpy County Garage Sale is coming up in September. Two days of anything and everything you never imagined wanting. Last year I came home with women's magazines from the 30's and 40's, silk scarves, necklaces, a coffee set, a glass carafe in a bronze stand, Vogue patterns, fabric and trims, a music box, and Fire King bowls. I went the second day when everything was 1/2 price. This is easily the best sale of the year, anywhere-so if you are a local, and can get there, do it! You also get to poke around the museum and old train depot which makes the trip, educational. If you're planning to attend, drop me an email and we can plan a picnic or something. I make exceptionally nice sandwiches. True.


Witchcrafted Life said...

Oh my gosh, my maternal grandma would get the biggest kick out of that humorous/true plate. She has always maintained that my late grandfather changed a lot after they tied the knot, going from dashing beau to unromantic husband seemingly overnight. I can only speculate as to how much that's true, but I'm sure it was to a degree, which wasn't uncommon for the time at all.

Big hugs & many thanks for your terrific comment on my VOH dress outfit,
♥ Jessica

Goody said...

My mother too, but she should have dated my dad more than 2 weeks before running off and marrying him ;)

Autumn said...

Vintage silk at a thrift shop? Four yards of each?? I am officially jealous.
I never in a million years could have ever imagined saying this, but it's true: I wish I were in Omaha (at least until the snow hits. Ha).
I especially like the California Pottery, of course.

Asparagus Pea said...

That green lidded pot looks so much like the iconic Thomas Church swimming pool from the same period. The second batch of pickles are much better btw - halving the brine strength did the trick. Thanks for your 'pickle goddess' advice x

Goody said...

@Asparagus Pea

I'm glad the pickles worked out. I'm considering a batch of pickled green tomatoes for the boys, but I'm not sure I can bring myself to be in the same room with it!


I never imagined myself in Omaha either, but once I was here it seemed like too much effort to move! You should come visit (when it isn't snowing).

Curtise said...

I'll be keeping an eye on the weather on August 24th then. And you'll be glad of that weighty jacket when it's freezing cold!
A cape and matching hot pants? Yes yes yes, I like the sound of that very much! You scored some wonderful fabric.
Now, the little wooden Frau does look a little angry, but I don't think those are rocks in her bowl, or stollen, I reckon they are loaves of bread. Mind you, if it was any bread/pastry product made by me, it would be the consistency of rock, and do you some damage just the same.
Good luck with the fine arts syllabus for Danny. He's read Willa Cather, seen opera, and makes jam - he's one well-educated kid! xxx

Sue said...

Your blog became a blur once I saw the childhood memory you got Mr ETB! I had something very similar called Angel Chimes, the lit candle made the fan at the top go round and mine had little angels suspended, not in suspenders, that hit little bells when they flew past. All very cute and whimsical. I hope to find another one one day.

Goody said...


"Angels in Suspenders" sounds like an X Rated movie!

The bells sound like a nice feature too. I hope you find one. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to light this one, though there's smoke stains on the underside of the propellers, so someone must have.