Thursday, August 07, 2014

Gotta Draw the Line Somewhere

I wasn't going to go thrifting today, as I'll be in the Lincoln area on Sunday, and I was looking forward to a trip to the Salvation Army store...but then I remembered, they aren't open on Sunday...because they're salivating or playing in their bands-so I went absolutely nuts at the Hand-Me-Ups instead. 40's and 50's clothes, a piano shawl, a wrought iron plant stand, perfume tray, tie tacks, brooches, and on and one for what amounted to almost no money. That place is the best. Unless you're looking for cheap California pottery, which is the specialty of the Lincoln Salvation Army store. Oh well, at least Ben Franklin is open on Sunday, which is good because I need plastic rain bonnets.

I'm back in my Artcraft cat-eyes. Still waiting for the Cazals to come back from the lab. Obviously, I needed more vintage eyewear so I bought a pair of late 30's rimless specs with the ear wires for $7.99 Really, I like the vintage case almost as much as the frames. I have old photos of my grandmother wearing a similar pair. It is very hard to say no to frames when a cheaply made modern pair will cost at least $50.00
Let's talk about this skirt that I never would have bought before I knew Sue.
Sue knows how to layer to great effect. I don't. Still, I've looked at her beautiful outfit posts with a bit of envy and wished I could put something like that together. When I saw this layered silk skirt, it took the guesswork out of it for me, and I snapped it up immediately. It even has a bustle/fishtail thing going on at the back. Come wintertime, I'll follow Sue's lead and add some leggings and maybe a short dress over it. I know the smartest women (in both senses of the word) and I learn so much from all of you. Sue wouldn't be seen in this jacket though-frankly I don't know anyone that would...which is why I have no trouble at all snapping them up at thrift stores. I can't help it-I adore polyester jackets with crazy wide lapels. I don't know why, probably some childhood trauma involving a chase after the K Mart blue light. Polyester is my Kryptonite-I'm helpless in its grasp.
 Just look at all that glorious man-made material!

Lest you think I buy everything I see at Hand-Me-Ups (tempting as it is) here's a look at something I passed up as I don't have the energy to restore it:

The cabinet was in good condition, the treadle was all there, and in working order, but the machine itself would need a lot of taking apart, cleaning, and possibly replacing parts. It is easier to locate parts for vintage machines now with the Internet, but I decided to pass. My grandmother had this same machine, and when she moved to the retirement home she gave it to us, and it sat in the garage until my parents finally gave it away in the 80's when they moved house. We all thought we'd use it, but in the end, it just wasn't practical. I always felt bad about that, but I can't be buying things because I feel guilt over getting rid of them the first go around. I do have wonderful memories of bringing a couple yards of fabric I'd bought to her, and in half an hour she'd transform it into a skirt or dress for me. Once, I had the most beautiful bright blue corduroy, that she made into a skirt with an unpicked blue velvet hair bow for the waistline. She was resourceful, talented, and did it all on a machine just like this one. I hope someone buys it and loves it, but it couldn't be me.

Outfit Particulars:

1970's polyester jacket-Thrift World
Silk skirt-Thrift World
70's vinyl bag-Goodwill
Brown glass beads-Hand-Me-Ups
Earrings-Retail, about 15 years ago
Shoes-Thrifted, Goodwill

 The shorter vanity, thank goodness.
 Bamboo and plastic.
So what about you? Is there somewhere you draw the line with nostalgic purchases, or would you buy a yellow '66 Impala if it was available?


pastcaring said...

I'm not a layering devotee, but I would have grabbed that floaty, sparkly delight of a skirt too! Love those frames too.
We had an old hand-cranked Singer sewing machine when I was a kid. I have seen them in charity shops, but beautiful as they are (the gold decoration on black is so gorgeous, isn't it?) I'm not tempted. I wouldn't use it, and it would just gather dust. I am drawn to things which remind me of my childhood, but am trying VERY hard not to buy for that reason alone - I have to love it and want to use or display it NOW, otherwise it stays put. Tough though! xxx

Northern mum down South said...

I haven't bought much of late as I needed to get on top of what I already own so I haven't been looking as its hard to pass things up sometimes. Especially when they are very cheap or remind you of your childhood. Love the skirt and specs and I am also drawn to those lovely ear-rings.

Asparagus Pea said...

I looove those glasses ( but i would just look daft in them). Anither classic 'leg up on the vanity' shoe shot - has a slight CSI evidence photo quality to it! x

Goody said...

@Asparagus Pea
(Your moniker is the best ever!)
I'm not sure I don't look daft in them, but that's never stopped me ;)

@Jayne-I think they were Liz Claiborne, so maybe they'll show up on ebay (I mean, they must have made millions of them).

I really almost lost it when Danny started playing with it because that would have been the justification for the purchase, "Look, he's going to learn to sew!" but I know my child better, so I left it at the store.

Sue said...

Why thanks for the mention!! Those glasses are pretty gorgeous. I only wear ready readers and I usually grab colourful ones at a chemist shop so I am lucky that prescription glasses are not a need for me. You always seem to find plenty of good bargains when you go out and about, proof that you have a good eye!!