Friday, August 29, 2014

See That Glow? That's A Proud Mama Beaming

The State Fair results have been posted
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Will you indulge me a second to brag about the youngster's accomplishment?

My baby boy's first prize-winning jams and nectar. It was, apparently a sweep with him taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place ribbons. The nectar took a blue ribbon, and it isn't clear which jams came in where, but we'll know that on Monday when we go to Grand Island. I have to admit, the apricot nectar was really good. I'm so proud of him (would have been even if he hadn't placed) for all the planning, and hard work developing recipes, testing, and finally bottling them up. He's already planning next year's entries.

In other news, I finally (after five weeks) got my second pair of specs back from the lab. First, they forgot to tint them. Then, instead of green, they tinted them yellow. Finally I ended up with sky blue and decided to call it a day. The line-less trifocal is insanely difficult to get used to, and even though they adjusted the frames, they are still sliding down my nose (because they're heavy) so I think at some point I need to find a new place to do my eyewear. They used to be good, but whatever happened, they aren't now.

We used to tease my mother that these were rapper specs, but I feel more like Elvis, if I'm honest. I have a polyester jumpsuit with rhinestones that may need a wearing soon.
I frightened the gardener today. He was attempting to sweep soaking wet mulch from the sidewalk after a rain when he saw me and said hello...then he saw the eyewear and kinda froze. Can't blame the kid. Last I saw of him he's given up sweeping in favour of one of those leaf-blower things, but it wasn't really helping. We've had very heavy rainfall of late, and wet mulch isn't going anywhere until it dries out. I hope I don't find him out there with a hairdryer next. So yeah, I've had a lousy couple of weeks but at least I'm not charged with sweeping wet mulch. Life could be worse.
Yesterday was full of excitement though. I was in the kitchen chopping the hell out of what must have been the world's hardest squash (I mean, the chef's knife wouldn't budge through it) when Danny came in to tell me he had a loose tooth. OK, no big deal, then he yells from the powder room, "I got it out." Great, I kept chopping away at the squash figuring the problem was solved, when he came into the kitchen with a soaked gauze pad and a worried look.
"I don't think I got it all."

I'm not the panic sort of parent, so I looked in his blood filled mouth, saw the piece of tooth that broke coming out and figured I'd grasp it with a tea towel and get back to my squash duties. It wouldn't budge. 4:30 in the afternoon, and I need to find a dentist. I found one-three minutes from the house. She cut away a bit of gum, pulled the tooth, and said if it ever happens again, just keep wiggling it, and it will come out eventually. There might be tons of blood though, depending how it breaks. I'll pass this vital bit of information along in case it ever comes up. I got home, covered the squash, put it in the fridge and dealt with it today. See? No big deal. Blood, teeth, broken bones-no problem. Asthma? Anaphylaxis? I will freak the hell out. Inwardly, of course.
Are these the best chartreuse earrings, or what? I wanted them at $3.99 but figured they'd go on sale-and they did. I wish all my earrings looked like lemon candy.
The Guardian had an article today in the fashion section about how opaque tights are back in style. When I stopped laughing, I realised they were serious. Well they never went out of style for me. Our winters are much too harsh for bare legs. Besides, this skirt would have been obscene with bare legs, where now it is just, "kind of short."

Outfit Particulars:

Ann Taylor skirt-Goodwill
Blouse-Sears (I think?)
Green 70's jacket (part of a suit)-Thrifted Salvation Army
Gaymode 60's shoes-thrifted
60's handbag-Thrift World, Millard
Cazal Eyewear-Mum's
Floral pin-Goodwill 108th and Blondo
Scent-Tabu (Still can't decide if I like it or not (on me). Probably won't buy another bottle).

Now, to select my clothes for Grand Island, and the visit to Red Cloud I guess it comes down to, Laura Ashley, or Gunne Sax? Either would work, just not with these specs.

Do take a peek at the Cather Foundation website-you can do a virtual tour of Willa's childhood home. Last time I went, it was 104 degrees F. and I nearly passed out climbing up to that hot attic to look at her floral wallpaper. A virtual tour would have been nice. Monday looks to be better weather. Thank god.


Joanna said...

Now you totally have to rock a jumpsuit:) I really quite like the color of your lens. Congratulations to your son! What a great accomplishment…yum, yum!! Wish I had the patience to can or is it bottle?

Goody said...


I think the canning/bottling distinction is regional. In Nebraska, they say, canning but with that flat, nasal, "a" that sounds like, "If you need me, I'll be in the can." In Boston, I heard more "bottling." I prefer, "Shoving shit in jars" but people would just ask, "Do you mean canning?"

It isn't any more difficult than cooking really. The first few times you set up the water bath it is confusing, but once you get the swing of it, you're only talking about another 10-15 minutes of time. Some things go quicker than others (apple butter is slow, strawberry jam is fast)but I do remember being frightened of it the first few times.

Thanks for the congratulations. He's so incredibly excited.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Bravo Danny!
Cooking is so overlooked as a method of teaching kids basic science also (& it is darned useful).
Do they still have the 4-H program in the US?
I used to compete in the the Sierra chapter of 4-H as well as California state & county fairs in everything from beekeeping, baking, candy making, even cheese making.
Love the super 70's glam glasses, although I can see where they could go hip hop with the right accessories.
Saw this & thought of you-
"More is More and Less is a Bore"

Sue said...

Well done Danny, and I saw the glow of the proud mama here, I thought it was the sun setting!! Are your ears pierced or do you wear clip on earrings? Those ones are brilliant, love the colour. Good luck with getting used to your trifocals.

Goody said...


4H is still a big thing around here (outside the city) but he never wanted to join (which was fine because I didn't want to get stuck raising a calf or something when we were on the farm).

I loved that link, and am flattered you thought of me.

Goody said...


My ears are pierced, but the earrings I adore tend to be clips, so I end up with both.

I don't want to follow him around announcing, "There's the prize winning jam maker!" but he knows I'm pretty impressed with him.

Jayne H said...

Well done Danny, that's a great achievement!

Raymond said...

Awesome, Danny! I only ever got an "Honorable Mention" in a COUNTY fair (for a photo). You got 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th in a STATE Fair. A sweep! You're a better man than I!

And BTW Ms Goody: Gawd, I haven't been keeping up here and I feel awful for it. Busy, and unfortunately, I realize I'm spending all my social internet time on Facebook or Instagram; the latter taking up a lot of time because I love doing photography, and it's a cool new way to socialize around it. Whatever... I've GOTTA remember that I've got you bookmarked!

- RF

Unknown said...

Yes opaque tights are back in style and Bright Opaque Tights will Perk up Every day this Fall

Goody said...


It is so nice to hear from you.

Goody said...


Thank you. He's feeling the pride of hard work paying off.

Mim said...

Wow, well done to Danny, he did amazingly well.

I still wear opaque tights. I was 16-26 in the 1990s, and the stuff you wear at that age seems to stick with you for life, even if you don't realise it. That's why 1970s old-lady-wear is great if you're after a cheap 40s look... all the nans were still wearing it!

Autumn said...

Congrats Danny! You're a star!

You, my dear Goody, are looking altogether spiffy here.

I have been avoiding the eye doctor for much too long for the sole reason that I KNOW I need at least bi-focals if not tri-focals, and it seriously affects my ability to pretend I'm not getting old.

Goody said...

The trifocals without the line are much harder to get used to-old looking or not, next time I'm getting the line.

Go for a crazy pair of frames that you'll enjoy wearing. It won't make you feel younger, but you might not resent the vision loss when you look forward to getting dressed.