Sunday, May 31, 2015

Chicwish Review

I am not being compensated in any way by Chicwish. This purchase was paid for by myself, and the opinions here are based on my experience with the company. I purchased two novelty print skirts.

This was after an hour of ironing. I'm afraid the wrinkles may never come out. That's what happens when items are shoved haphazardly into plastic bags, and shipped across the globe.

I rarely purchase new clothing, and I'm not a fan of, "fast fashion." That said, I'd heard great things about Chicwish, and thought I'd give it a try. At over $45.00 each these aren't exactly inexpensive, free shipping or not. I know we're not talking about designer couture here, but I have some expectations, really minimal ones I must say.
 Expectation #1-there won't be threads hanging all through the seams. I was nervous trimming them for fear the whole skirt might come undone, put together as it was with little more than an overlocker. That's OK on a tee shirt, but not on a skirt.
 Expectation #2-The pockets won't be shredding where the poorly done stitching missed the edge.
 Expectation #3-The seam should not pucker-and with a scenic print, it really ought to match up. Oh, and more threads were left hanging.
 Expectation #4-The waistband should be sewn on better, and not already be coming un-stitched. We won't even discuss how crappy the fasteners are (quite crappy).

 How cheap is the fabric? Well, you know those wind-sock things people hang in their gardens made from nylon? The skirts are like that...but not nearly as nice. I'd stick them on a pole in the garden and call it a day, but the neighbours would think I was too cheap to buy a quality wind sock.

Sometimes I need to remind myself why I wear vintage. I understand that the quality just isn't what it used to be, but this is nothing more than garbage. Over-priced garbage. I shop at discount stores like K Mart fairly regularly, and I can tell you that the quality of the clothing is far superior to what I got from Chicwish, for much, much less money. I bought a beautiful floral jumpsuit at K Mart today for a whopping $12.00 There were no hanging threads, the pattern matched, and the hems were even all around. As a bonus, I didn't have to wait three weeks for it to arrive-in a crumpled state that washing, steaming, and ironing couldn't manage to correct. I've also had great experiences buying from ASOS, which is doing essentially the same thing as Chicwish-they just do it better. Junk like I was sent from Chicwish is inexcusable, even if it cost a dollar.

Mostly, I'm annoyed with myself because I should have known better. I know some bloggers have been happy with the items they've received, and written glowing reviews but I'm sorry to say, my experience was terrible. Sure, I could snap some passable photos of the skirt, but I still need to wear it-and it is unpleasant to wear.  At the very least, the zipper should not be sewn to the pocket! As it is such a faulty zipper, I know it will soon need replacing, and I can put it in correctly. I don't mind fixing vintage clothes I buy at the thrift store, but retail shouldn't require major overhauls before wearing.

On a positive note, I now have a skirt to match a beer stein, and matching skirt. Doesn't everyone have a beer stein of Neuschwanstein?
 Any beer in there?

 Nein. Just a postcard, and a receipt from Mader's . "Come for the spaetzle, stay for the gift shop!"
Mr. ETB lived in Germany for a few years when he was young (his Dad was an army doctor, and they were stationed there for a bit). He's visited Neuschwanstein, but was bored with it. He really didn't enjoy his time in Germany. They lived off base in a small village to get the immersive experience, and he still didn't manage to learn any German. I grew up close to the Illinois/Wisconsin border. I think I got exposed to more German culture there, than my husband did in Germany. I'm a little sad I can't make it to Milwaukee for Germanfest, because I could really go for a beer and some dancing. I've got the right skirt, that's for sure. 
Roll out the barrel, we'll have a barrel of fun...
Yes, I look like a barrel of something in this pleated monstrosity of a skirt. The pleats aren't stitched down, and the skirt lining is little more than a bunched-up, foofy, puffy mess. I'm tempted to remove it and wear it with a proper crinoline instead-it would at the very least make me look less like a barrel (of fun, of course). My hips are large enough-I don't need to add several inches to them. 

 A close-up of the print, and a look at my borage starting to bloom.
 Rear view of the print.
I'm afraid I won't be ordering from Chicwish again. Be warned, should you decide to do so (and I really advise against it) the sizes run absurdly small. This is a 2X.

Building an obscenely expensive castle in Bavaria for your composer buddy to stage his performances can get you labelled, "insane." Forking over perfectly good money for clothes that look like they were sewn by a grade six home economics class on their first project is equally nuts, castle print or not. Save your money for a dinner at Mader's, and something nice from the gift shop.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Super Readers (and Super Shoppers)

The summer reading programme started at the library today. We're already super readers so we didn't sign up, leaving more prizes of pizza and video games for the kids who need it. I know some children need motivation, and if bribing them to read over summer works, then I'm all for it.
For once, I wasn't the most outrageously dressed at the library, as the staff were dressed as super-heroes. You know me, I adore capes. And librarians. This Super-Readers photo board was set up in the spot where I typically take my outfit photos. I took that as a sign they've designated this an official photo-location. As there were throngs of young people milling about, I skipped the er...hand gestures.
Look, they even set out a library step-stool for my photo shoot. Swanson branch is a full service library, that's for certain.

I have to admit, it is a wonderful sight to see the library filled with children. We picked up a schedule of summer programmes and it is filled with fun activities for young people. Puppet shows, craft projects, sewing, paper plane constructions, science experiments, magic shows-and more. Our mayor seems hell-bent on shuttering libraries, and cutting the budgets of those that remain-obviously I think that is a mistake. There's something for everyone there from children to the over-60 reading club (though I would appreciate not being asked if I'd like to join because I behave as though I'm 90). I really do wish the mayor would pop her head inside now and then to see just how important our libraries are to the community. Omaha has one of the best library systems of any city I've lived in, and every effort should be made to preserve it. We want to be a, "World Class City", but you don't achieve that by getting rid of the things that make a city worth living in. We have a real gem in our library system, I just hope that is understood before it is too late. 
I'll get off my soapbox now (for now), and we can talk about this wild print on my skirt. Neat, eh? I bought two similarly made skirts at Goodwill, though I can't tell if they are home-sewn, or just fast fashion. The sewing isn't perfect, but for .99 cents, I can live with it, and build an outfit around it. You'll note I'm still wearing a poloneck and jacket because it is freezing here. I went for sheer black tights, which I haven't worn since the 80's when they were last in fashion. I'm undecided. 
 Outfit Particulars:

Tights-K Mart
Jacket-Filene's (upstairs) 90's
Small silver Sara Coventry bracelet-Hand-Me-Ups
Large Mexican silver bracelet-Goodwill
Earrings-K Mart
Afghan necklace-The Mexican Shop, Evanston, Illinois 80's
Fragrance-Bal a Versailles
Patent 50's handbag-Salvation Army, Lincoln, Nebraska

 The necklace came with metal disks hanging from the bottom that made quite a lot of noise. Once I removed them, the piece became more wearable. I had the same problem with a similar lapis necklace. I can't believe I let them sit in a box all these years when all I needed to do was remove some charms. Duh! And double duh!

Mr. ETB dragged me to New Life Thrift today. They have a great selection of books and movies, and he was in the mood to look about. I always strike gold there, and today was no exception. They were having a .99 cent sale on blazers and jackets, so I went a bit overboard with it. Waistcoats were buy one get one, and I'm pleased to say I did well in that department as well. I have a tonne of laundry to get done this weekend, but it is worth it. It got to the point where I had to walk away from vintage Pendelton kilts and suits for a dollar because I already have more than I will ever wear. Sure, I could sell them, but I already have quite a supply. At some point, you have to know when to walk away. It wasn't easy I'll say that.

My, "fast fashion" internet skirts arrived today, and I must say they look terribly cheap compared to what I can purchase for a practically nothing at the thrifts. Some places do a better job of the internet retail better than others. I've had great luck with ASOS, and there haven't been any quality issues. This time, I used Chicwish, and there will be a review soon, but I'll just say, it wasn't that inexpensive that there should be threads hanging, uneven hem stitching, and a zipper that I'm not sure will survive the first wear. I'm rather disappointed, but hardly surprised

Why, that's enough to give me a headache. Say, do you know what's good for a headache? Neither do I...but I'll bet the reference librarian does! They know everything-and if they don't, they know where to look it up. Why not stop by your library and find out? 

Go show your librarians some love this weekend-they really are superheroes.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


I hoard blue shoes and handbags. They're hard to come by, and I wear more blue than black.

I have nothing against reproductions, particularly with shoes, as good condition vintage is hard to find (and expensive to maintain-just ask our cobbler). When I saw these sitting on a rack at Goodwill, they were covered at least half an inch thick in dust. Examining the shoes, I noticed they were unworn. I handed over my $3.99 and gave them a good cleaning with a damp rag when I got home.
I have a difficult time understanding people who keep unworn shoes. Obviously these were sitting around long enough to get dusty. Buying something for some unspecified date in the future has never been my style. If I buy it, I wear it. My shoes rarely gather dust, even the formal ones.

Oh dear, the tights have ladders, and I varnished more skin than toenails. Oops.

As far as I can tell, these were donated because, like many cheap shoes that are mass produced, the holes to fasten the straps hadn't been punched all the way through. Ten seconds with a needle solved that issue. Are people really so lazy that they can't punch a hole in a shoe strap? I've seen clothing donated that only needed a hem tacked back in place. Madness, but great for me.

So how are these shoes? They're comfortable. I don't imagine they sold for much new as they came from Old Navy. Unlike a vintage pair I don't need to be overly cautious with them as they aren't likely to come unglued, or lose a heel. Still, a vintage pair will be better made with respect to the uppers, and I fully expect the vinyl to begin cracking and peeling at some point. Good reproductions can cost as much as original vintage (I adore Remix shoes, but can't bear to part with the money to buy them new), but it is worth considering if you're looking for something wearable that will last. I like these shoes a great deal, but I know they won't look like this next summer-if they make it that far.

 The bracelets are a mix of vintage bakelite (the green one) and reproduction bamboo bangles. A purist might balk, but I'm pleased with the overall effect.
 The glass ring isn't original 60's vintage but rather a reproduction I bought at a craft store for .50 cents.
I'll just stand here in the funny mix of shade and sun for a photo. 

The bag and skirt are original vintage-the tee shirt is contemporary retail. A 50's bag, a 70's skirt, a 60's necklace-I mix eras most days, as I mix vintage and reproduction pieces. I do admire some of the reproduction clothing I see online. Still, it is quite expensive, and I wouldn't want to see the same dress making the rounds across the blogs. That said, I recently ordered two novelty skirts that could easily pass for vintage with the right accessories. They weren't being sold as repro, though it wouldn't take much imagination to see them as such. I'm loathe to purchase clothing new, but these were such a bargain (with free shipping and returns) that I felt it was worth it. We'll see if I feel the same when they arrive. 

I was out and about today when someone stopped me to ask if I sell vintage, or if I just enjoy wearing it. I was surprised, as I wasn't really dressed in anything I'd consider, "Vintage" unless that now extends to 90's twin sets and a home-sewn silk skirt. I wonder if, "Looking vintage" is less to do with authentic pieces than how what you have is styled. A mid-calf skirt and twin set can reflect an era, and the bangles on my arms might have completed the impression. I didn't get any photos today (sorry) but believe me, it isn't the sort of pinup girl fashion we typically see offered as "Vintage". From what I can tell looking at family photos, suburban housewives didn't wear pencil skirts and Bardot tops. Well, not the women in my family anyway. I still like pinup fashions, but there's always more than one way to do an era though I don't think, "Non-descript office worker" has the same effect on sales as, "Pinup." 

I also squint in the sun, but that's not fashion-that's reflex

Outfit Particulars:
1970's wrap skirt-Goodwill, a couple decades ago
Tee Shirt-K Mart
Old Navy shoes-Goodwill
Bangles-all over
Silk cardigan-bought new, early 90's
Turtle brooch-Thrift World
70's Earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Ring-Hobby Lobby
Fragrance-Guerlain Guet Apens

The rain started again in earnest as we were about to leave the department store where we'd spent an hour sampling fragrances (so we could go to TJMax and buy them for 1/2 price). A sweet employee packaged up Danny's fragrance cards in a bag so they wouldn't get wet walking to the parking lot.
"Thank you." he told her, before asking, "Can we get a bag for my mother's purse so the rhinestones don't come unglued?" He was right. and it was a good thing he asked because I don't think my Collins bag would have made it. I was tempted to go back in and have him ask for bags for my shoes, but thought that might be too much. The elements are the enemy of true vintage, something to keep in mind when trying to justify the cost of repro.

Do you do repro from shops, or just when you happen upon it second hand? What about era mixing? Yea, nay, or "Whatever?"

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Boucheron Place Vendome-Review

Boucheron Place Vendome is the sweetest perfume I own. If I pulled a cake from the oven and my kitchen smelled like this, I'd be rather pleased. On my person, I'm conflicted about Place Vendome-do I really want to smell like a vanilla cake with a side of candy floss? Intellectually I don't think so yet there's something about this fragrance that works, in very small amounts.

I should say from the outset I'm not a Boucheron perfume devotee, though my son is in love (the serious, "buy the largest bottle they have" sort of love) with Jaipur Homme. This was a blind buy for no other reason than I thought the bottle was attractive, and there was a gift of a companion body lotion. Interestingly, the body lotion is magnificent. The effect is just slightly less sweet, and it has a beautiful shimmer on the body without looking like glitter. It is a good product, and has been working miracles on my dry skin. That said, I tend to use it at home, at night when I don't need to inflict it on anyone else (Mr. ETB has little if any sense of smell). Would I layer the lotion with the perfume? Not unless I was conducting an experiment to see if you could cause olfactory diabetes. If a fragrance could make your teeth hurt, Boucheron Place Vendome is it. Honey and praline are listed notes, if that gives you a better idea where it is heading. Throw in some benzoin and rose and it gets a bit sickly.

The silage is moderate with Place Vendome, but it dissipates quickly. In fact, go ahead and give it a good spray because a couple minutes later it will be so close to the skin you'll need to keep sniffing your wrist to see if it is there. I can't imagine anyone taking offence to Place Vendome in an office environment as it isn't immediately recognisable as perfume. People might however, start looking for doughnuts. Place Vendome lasts reasonably well, but I wanted to reapply after a few hours as the best part of the fragrance is in the top and middle notes.

Still, there's something else in there beneath all the sweetness. The citrus? The cedar? Pepper? I have no idea, but something starts developing about twenty minutes in that has me continuing to sniff my arm, even if I'm resisting the desire to lick it as well. After a bit, I recognise it.

When I was but a wee nipper, "knee high to a grasshopper" as we say in the midwest, I lived in a diabetic household. This was tragic for a small child because saccharine candy tastes horrible, and it is hard, and sticks to your teeth funny with that weird citric acid aftertaste of grapefruit. Maybe that would satisfy a forty year old diabetic, but as a child it was terrible. The one place where I knew there was sugar to be had was at the grocery store. Dominick's supermarket had lollipops at all the departments and at the check out for children. They were small, flat, and had Dominick's printed in blue food colouring on them. It was a popular game with children to place the pop quickly print side down on your tongue to make a sort of food colour tattoo when you stuck out your tongue. Anyway, they were all the same flavour, but I adored the green ones and Vic the butcher saved them for me. Each week he'd present me with a bouquet of green lollipops. Years later when I was a university student working at Dominick's I had a cup of pops sitting by my register that I happily bestowed on other children. Dominick's is now defunct, but if you want to know what those vaguely vanilla/fruity lollipops smelled like, you can purchase a bottle of Boucheron Place Vendome. For a more authentic experience, ask an old, Italian fella with a bloodstained butcher's apron to lean over a refrigerated case and hand them to you.  He was a very nice man- I think he knew my mother couldn't cook and was ruining every steak he sold her. I seem to remember him giving her recipes. I want to know what this perfume smells like with burnt lamb chops and mint sauce because I can *almost* capture it in my mind. If I really focus, I can *almost* remember what the pops felt like clanking against my teeth, and the sound they made.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I should note that I also had the store manager at the A&P trained at the ready with candy. At that store, it was a blue raspberry Charms pop, though the best part of shopping there was being permitted to help sort the bottle return up front whilst my mother shopped. For the youngsters-soda used to come in returnable glass bottles that you brought back in a carton to the store for your deposit. Nice people rinsed the bottles, but most people weren't nice, and I was often  covered in soda by the time we left the store, but as I was going to eat a Charms pop anyway,  I suppose my mother decided  "To hell with it" and just gave me a bath when we got home. I don't recall the Charms pop smelling of anything.

It didn't surprise me to read that the nose behind Boucheron Place Vendome was the same person that did that abomination of a perfume, Angel. I understand that I am alone in my hatred for that fragrance, and that it is widely accepted as being a masterpiece. Place Vendome isn't a crime against perfume, but it is awfully sweet, like Angel. Unlike Angel, there's something else there making it feel like a perfume with a bit more to experience than honey. It is fleeting, but nonetheless there. It feels a little sad, and tricky to pin down for more than a second or two. I suppose most of the fragrances I'm drawn to remind me of something, whether it was the newsagent's, or the butcher's counter at the supermarket. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but perfume for me is more than something that smells nice. Plenty of things smell nice-hell, the cheap Yardley soap I use smells nice, but what drives me to part with money is rarely what would be called, "nice." I need perfume to take me somewhere, evoke something, give me something to experience with my nose and my brain. I'm not in love with the overall effect of Place Vendome, but at home, at night, I find it to be a happy, calming fragrance. I would absolutely scent my sheets with this, or spray it into my shoe storage cupboard which gets musty (thankfully without smelling too horribly of feet). Wear it out and about in town? Maybe, but only on a cool day-it would be suffocating in heat and humidity.

I'm starting to appreciate the sweeter, more floral/powdery perfumes of late, which is a major departure from my standard chypre, and fougere preferences. Blame it on the cool spring that refused to give sunshine, but I'm reaching for things like White Shoulders, Laura Ashley #1, and L'Air du Temps. A few years ago, I wouldn't go near, much less own any of those. I jokingly told Danny I need a bottle of Chantilly to see if I've lost my mind (and sense of smell) but I don't think I'm ready to buy any.

Have you found your tastes in fragrance changing as you get older?

Nebraska Joins the Civilised World

Today, the Nebraska legislature voted to abolish the death penalty in our state, overriding the governor's veto of the legislation.

Predictably, the senator representing my district voted to keep it, but they were able to get the 30 votes (and only those 30) needed to override the veto. Ernie Chambers doesn't want to take credit for this, but he's spent the past forty years campaigning against the death penalty and certainly deserves recognition for sticking with it.

Nebraska is a conservative state, but it is also a very religious state. Calling yourself, "Pro-Life" sounds a bit hypocritical if you're clamouring for State sanctioned murder. I think people are finally recognising this. Regardless of the motivation, I'm pleased with the outcome.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Holiday Weekend in Review

I thought you might like to see more outrageously over priced patio furniture. This lovely aluminum and vinyl bar comes to you from Big Lots for a mere $599. UDS. We didn't purchase it. We did however play with it a bit, pretending to be a barkeep, and an unruly drunk. Guess which one I am. We had people stopping to watch our performance but no one threw us any money to put towards the purchase of patio furniture. Pity.

I have decided to wait until the end of the season and buy something worth the money from Mullhall's. We're not desperate to buy a set (It is starting to look like we may never get summer), and I'd really rather invest in something well made we can keep forever. I'm partial to brightly painted wrought iron, but wicker is nice too. What I refuse to do is plunk down perfectly good money for something that will fall apart after a couple seasons. Nothing you assemble yourself should cost over $100. For that sort of money, it should come assembled, and delivered. I don't know who buys this expensive disposable stuff. 

 I wore my big circle skirt for the first time this season.

-but no petticoat as I don't have a puffy enough one to accommodate this skirt. The silver are sequins, which sometimes catch on one another, so I have to be careful they aren't gathered up in an embarrassing way (because standing in front of the neighbourhood posing like this isn't at all embarrassing).
 I may be a thousand miles from the seashore, but that's no reason to skip the shell necklace and bracelet.
 The bamboo bangles are getting some seasonal wear as well.
When I was a child I would look at my grandmother's hands and wonder what happened to make them so dry and rumply. Now I know. Life happened.
Outfit Particulars:

Circle skirt-Goodwill
1970's jacket-Thrift World
Blouse-K Mart
Caro-Nan vintage bag-Antique mall
BAmboo bangles-Hand-Me-Ups
Lucite bangles-Goodwill (both)
Shell necklace and bracelet-Hand-Me-Ups
Hair Flowers-Tiff and Tam
Fragrance-Elizabeth Taylor Gardenia (kinda meh)

So that was Sunday. But we woke this morning and realised we had yet another day free! I love that. But before we get to that, here's those Ferragamos from Saturday:
Are the middle pair crocodile? I can't tell. Whatever they are, they're my size though slightly narrow, so I'm off to have them stretched and have shoe savers put on the bottoms. The beige ones are a sort of textured suede.
That's my perfect heel height and width right there. If only all my shoes were so equipped. That was so lucky, I still can't believe it. I do OK at the thrifts for the most part, but finding three pair in my size and in good condition almost never happens.

Memorial Day weekend, ugh. Hate it. My mother died over the holiday weekend, and though she's been gone a very long time now, it is still unavoidable to spend some time thinking about it .For many years I felt bad that she didn't like me very much. Now that I'm older I understand that she didn't like anyone much, and I wasn't special. Well, that's not entirely true-she liked some people, but none that were relations.

All I remember from that time was my dad being furious she had the nerve to die on a holiday weekend as he'd have to pay holiday wages for the grave diggers. They make good money, the grave diggers. Anyway, as the years decades have gone on, I don't feel the same emotional upheaval when the holiday weekend rolls around, but I'm happy enough to see it over so I can get on with living. I hit the thrift stores bright and early! That's my idea of living.

The photo ain't the only thing overexposed. I really shouldn't wear tanks as I tend to fall out of them. I spent most of the day adjusting the straps on this thing, so needless to say, it is going away. I have enough clothing that I don't need to keep the fiddly stuff. That's the beauty of thrift shopping.
 There's a good white wall in the lobby of Office Max on Maple Street-if any locals are looking for a good, well-lit photo spot. Sure, the employees will laugh, but who cares?
Just don't park in the fire lane. You'll get a ticket.

Outfit Particulars:
70's skirt-Goodwill
Tank-Shop Ko
Bakelite bangles-all over
Bamboo bangles-Hand-Me-Ups
Enid Collins bag-Antique mall
Hair flowers-Tiff and Tam
Vintage Naturalizer shoes-Thrift World
Necklace-Goodwill, Lincoln, NE
Enamel Flower Brooch-Goodwill
60's earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance-Vintage Emeraude in perfume concentration (Whoo hoo, that shit rocks! Little goes a looong way though, so be warned).

We're back to school now until the end of May, then we go onto half days for June and July, with August off. I find that works best for us to avoid the Summer, "Brain Drain", but still feel like we had a bit of time to enjoy ourselves. I'll be furiously writing next year's curriculum over the next few weeks (it is due to the State by mid-July) and I know Danny's excited to be getting away from the 14th Century into the Renaissance.  We have about thirty pages remaining in Chaucer, and I don't think there are any more fart jokes. I've never seen this child so happy to start writing a paper, and be done with it.

My one *possibly* great find today was a pair of "sailor pants" complete with bell bottoms and button closures on the sides. For .99 cents I didn't bother trying them on, but at worst I get a pair of gardening trousers. At best, I get bell bottoms.

Today's bird is an oriole. This particular bird was spotted at Standing Bear Lake, Monday afternoon. It was beautiful this today, but the weather has turned and that blue sky has been replaced by storm clouds. We're under all sorts of weather watches tonight as well. For the most part, we've had a quiet spring weather wise, but I know we're nowhere near done with it.

I hope your week is going well.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Little Thrift Store in the Dairy Queen

I was excited to hear that Sequels has opened another shop-a sequel. Unfortunately, it doesn't share space with a Dairy Queen, but they were giving away free bibles if you needed one. This is clearly the better location, not just for the proximity to ice cream, but for the three pair of vintage Ferragamo shoes I picked up for $2.00 each. Because this side of the store was previously a service station, the soda coolers are used as shoe racks. That tickles me every time I see it. There are real treasures to be found in the place, but I did manage to resist the ceramic mushroom canisters as I already have a set.
Danny's sporting double seersucker. The jacket is mine (part of a suit) that he's claimed for his own. "Don't you care that the buttons are on the wrong side?" I asked him. "No one pays attention to that anymore." was his response. I suppose it depends on the crowd you hang with, but I'm glad that he's not concerned with what people will say/think. He has this great ability to meet things with a shrug, which is good to know, given how taunting and peer pressure can be awful at his age. I don't think he gives a toss if people like him, or not.
I can't imagine where he gets that from.
 The local garden club maintains the flowers at the library, and this week the flowers really took off blooming.
It is still too cold to sit outside and read, but it does bring a bit of cheer to see all the blooms as I walk to the building. By the main entrance there are dozens of rose bushes that have yet to bloom, but when they do it is the nicest place to sit in the sun, read, and enjoy the wonderful fragrance. I'm so glad we have people that volunteer the time and effort to create something nice for everyone to enjoy.
Even the parking area is planted nicely. A few more weeks, and this will be filled with blooms, butterflies, and hopefully some bees. I believe there was a bench where I'm standing-I hope that will be back soon.
Eagle-eyed readers might have noticed I changed shoes in the photos. I started in these vintage Town and Country spectator pumps, but the heel tip on one promptly broke, so off it goes to the cobbler next week for repairs. These were a lucky find at $3.99 so a few more dollars to fix a heel, and add shoe savers is worth it.
After all that excitement at Sequals, I stopped at the pharmacy to check my blood pressure. You can get a good look at my jaunty little straw and velvet hat, and you can also have a gawk at my curved spine. I almost never permit a photo from my right side as the curve is quite dramatic looking. I'm not self-conscious about it (I mean, after all these years I'm well aware of the scoliosis) but it does ruin the line of clothing in a profile photo. When I sewed I could make adjustments for it, but with off the rack thrift shopping, I tend to just live with it. Nice split flutter sleeves though, on a dress that is otherwise a drape-y fright.
Everything looks normal here. Touch wood, this isn't a problem for me, which is kind of a miracle. I attribute it to my short fuse temper. Like they say, burying your anger isn't good for you. If I kept my mouth shut, I could die.
We wouldn't want that, would we? Who would flip you off ?

Outfit Particulars:
 Dress-Rimini for Saks Fifth Avenue-Thrift World
Jacket-Donna Morgan for Maggy-Goodwill
Shoes-Vintage Town and Country pumps-Goodwill/Madden Girl black shoes, Goodwill
1960's vinyl handbag-Goodwill
Necklace-Thrifted somehwre in Western Mass, decades ago
Rovada watch-Gift, years ago
Religious icon bracelet-K Mart
Rings-all over
Ankle bracelet-K Mart
Hat-Thrift World
Fragrance-Cabotine (I'm trying to like it, and while I don't hate it, I don't think it is for me, which is a little sad).
Ta Da!

Photos of today's shoe score, coming soon. I know Sue will approve, as she loves shoes even more than I do! I swear, if we were neighbours I'd be over there borrowing from her beautiful collection all the time.