Saturday, December 24, 2022

Act II


 Sitting on the toilet in the powder room I examine my life choices, the usual ones, the cliche ones. Where things went wrong, what I could have done differently, would it be unethical to call in a plumber when 2 out of 3 people in the household have covid?  My inner amateur ethicist pondering things in the powder room concludes it would be extraordinarily wrong, so I grab a plastic shopping bag saved for some purpose if not exactly this one, thank god that I don't have loose stools, and wrap up the excrement as though I'd been cleaning up after a dog. I am the dog. The upstairs toilet is fine, but we're leaving that one for Dan in isolation who I'm sure lacks the skill required to shit in a plastic bag. Teenage boys aren't the tidiest at the best of times.

I had tested clear of covid for two days before it came roaring back with a positive test again. Oh well, no chance of salvaging a family dinner for Christmas now, so we're going to Zoom from our respective isolation rooms. After a week spent at home I was really looking forward to getting outside for a bit, but obviously I'm not going to do that as I'm contagious again and need to quarantine for another 5 days. Not that anyone's doing that, but yeah, I'm not going to willingly subject someone else to this. Did a completely worthless telehealth that ended with the helpful advice to go to the hospital if I feel worse. The nurse didn't think it was a rebound infection, but she has a script to follow. It is a LOT less rare than initially thought. I feel worse. So. Much. Worse. I thought the point of telehealth is to help you avoid the hospital? I'm not keen to sit in a waiting room for hours and pick up flu along with the covid. Fingers crossed the antivirals do their job.

Well enough of that. I can't even remember where I left off because the month has been a blur since the oral surgery, covid, etc. So I'm going to do a photo heavy post if I can. For some reason half my outfit posts went missing when I tried uploading them to the computer from my phone. 

I had Dan come downstairs masked up for a photo-op with his Birthday cake before sending him back to his room with a slice. Yes, that's another Birthday Onion. Last year's onion lasted 8 months, and the onion from his half birthday is still alive though sprouted, so I suppose that makes this a tradition. What did you think I was going to do, buy him, a car?

Jokes aside, when he's well we have a date to buy him some proper shoes that he can take care of and with the occasional re-heeling should last him years. He can't go out into the world in a pair of Nikes. I thought a good pair of shoes and a belt would be ideal for an 18th birthday, and he agreed. 

The cake is decorated with cookies to represent all the novelty cakes over the years. Tractors, Monopoly, a Million Pound Shit Hammer (Hunter Thompson's phrase, not mine), a mug of root beer, Mask of Agamemnon etc. Edible food markers made decorating a breeze. 

These are kichels, a sort of puffy egg cookie. They're somewhat plain, but delicious with a cup of tea. Our neighbourhood bakery when I was a child always had these, and very occasionally my mother would let us buy the ones with sugar on top. I made both so the diabetic could have some. Speaking of diabetic...
A diabetic friendly stollen made with stevia sugar. They both said they couldn't tell a difference, so that's a success. Still bread with fruit though, but OK in moderation. Stevia has a mild licorice taste that some people find unpleasant but no issues with it here. The flavour fit right in with the rest. 
I cooked exactly one potato for Hanukkah. I'm glad the pancakes turned out well even if there were only a few. Definitely not diabetic friendly, so we went with moderation. Also, I was too sick to be standing and frying things.

Better look at the cake.

Mr. Monopoly and Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still.

At some point earlier in the month I made a cabbage stuffed with mushrooms.

Bit of work getting the whole cabbage steamed first, but otherwise a straightforward thing to make.

Sliced view. I'd definitely do that again.

Staying with the theme of vegetables cooked whole, this was a curried cauliflower.
That was fun as everyone just served themselves from the platter. I'd make that one again as well. 

 Tofu with mushrooms, spinach, and yellow potatoes

Pulla buns. I have 2 dozen in the freezer for future breakfasts. Bake once, eat all winter.

There was a roasted lamb loin in there for Dan's birthday which he enjoyed even if it was eaten alone in his room. I neglected to get photos. 

Wonky mincemeat tarts made with my homemade mincemeat. It had been soaking up brandy since early autumn so it was time to bake. I only made a dozen mini tarts. 

There's nothing you haven't seen before, but I'll just post a few quick outfits I thought turned out well. 

Iliad print

The scarf

Teenage drivers, lol.

This was made for me in the 80s by an elderly neighbour. I cherish it.

Arthritis by the light of the laptop

Those could be tighter on the leg. Might try moving the buttons. Still need to be able to sit down though. Think they should be higher to the knee?

I probably wouldn't have been much help in the Women's Land Army, but I've got the wardrobe.

An unusual Lily Pulitzer skirt from the 90s in velvet.

Possibly my favourite tee shirt.

Whew, I think that brings us up to date! Most of these outfits never left the house, but I still like to get dressed everyday. Congratulations for making it through that post (or skipping to the end-I don't blame you a bit). I know there's some fun pieces here but my heart just wasn't in it this year. Hopefully that isn't too obvious. 

I wish everyone a happy holiday/day off/new year/etc. Wishing you the best in the new year.