Friday, March 31, 2017

Early Garden

Most of my early garden is planted. I'm late this year, but the weather has been uncooperative. The sorrel from the previous three years is back in full swing. Seriously, you cannot kill sorrel. We took a trip to the garden centre for seed potatoes and decided on Yukon Gold. I've never grown Yukons, but they're Mr. ETB's favourites so it seemed worth a try. They mature early. I have a large bag bed to grow them in.

One thing I love about Mulhall's is the longevity of the employees. Many have been there for years, and they not only remember customers by name, but by garden as well. They ask after your perennials the way some people ask about your children. I could buy less expensive plants at a big-box home store, but they wouldn't know about the strange micro-zones in my garden. They also wouldn't replace plants that die. Mulhall's is my, "Happy Place" where I go to escape life-you don't get that at Home Depot. Well, I don't.

This year's early garden so far:

Peas-Little Marvel Dwarf, Little Marvel, Lincoln, and Cascadia Sugar Snap
Purple Sprouting Broccoli-Summer Purple
Spinach-Teton Hybrid, Bloomsdale Long Standing
Radish-Cherry Belle
Viola-King Henry
Poppy Seed-Hungarian Blue
Mache-Big Seeded Corn Salad
Mesclun Lettuce mix
Yukon Gold Potatoes

The Nebraska Statewide Arboretum has their plant sale at the end of April, so we'll pick up herbs like sage, basil and thyme there. I like to support the programme.
Signing it, "Thank you, the mean old lady in 747" might be encouragement for them to remember. Last year one of the kids they hired stood and picked all the morning glories off the trellis as he'd confused it for a flowering, vining weed! I heard them out with mowers early this morning, so I raced outside to plant the sign in the front garden. So far, so good.

As for the heat of summer-I'm undecided. Probably some tomatoes, beans, possibly corn. Definitely more lettuce. We have such radically different growing conditions from the front and back of the house due to the large maple tree's shade that we can grow a wide variety of items. Last summer I planted loads of red salvia and it brought out several hummingbirds, so we'll probably try that again. The sweet woodruff didn't do well, so we'll give up on that.
Eventually, the tiered stand will have pots of herbs. We can still get freezing temperatures until around the middle of May, so I keep the fleeces ready in a corner of the garden for cool nights. This weekend, I'll tackle the back garden.
All that's left to do is wait for the rain. The wee owl needs the raincoat and umbrella or he'd turn into a moist owlette.

Have a lovely weekend.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Nautical But Nice

I'm back in stripes, this time of the horizontal sort. I don't know why navy and white scream spring to me, but year after year I find myself reaching for a way to ease some white into my wardrobe before summer arrives. Might have something to do with the buckets of cold rain currently pouring down.
the terrible weather does mean taking photos indoors, which is challenging on a bright day. I appreciate the dark house in summer when the tree keeps us shaded and cool, but it is frustrating when it comes to photography. Truth be told, I'd rather have the shade as a lower energy bill will always be more important than good photos. I'm a bad blogger. Where are my priorities?!
Here's the kitchen view-florescent light ain't no friend to the pale.

Outfit Particulars:
1970's polyester skirt-Goodwill
Knit Pendleton jacket-Goodwill
Tee-K Mart
Vintage Naturalizer bag-Goodwill (I think)
Wedge heel sneakers-Goodwill
Lucite brooch-Hand-Me-Ups
Thermoset necklace-Sequels
Quartz bangle-Goodwill
No lippy because I had my teeth cleaned. I swear, I'd feel less naked going bare-assed.
Still no perfume, but I was delighted to see K Mart is now selling Florida Water cologne. I bought a bottle and I'll be dousing myself in it as soon as the weather warms up. For five dollars, you can't beat the stuff for refreshing cologne-unless of course if you don't like the medicinal anise scent. I love it.
 I don't want to jinx it but I am shocked this bracelet hasn't shattered yet. I'm not a graceful person, and I'm unfortunately a bit hard on my vintage.
That lucite ring is as heavy as it looks. I'm probably burning calories typing with it on my finger.
Probably not. I'm off to find some lipstick. Hope you're enjoying Spring where you're at.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Small Items

This vintage hankie box was the start of what ended up being a couple weeks of lucky accessories purchases. The box still had the two original hankies it came with inside-they're currently in the wash.
I remember these drawer organisers being rather commonplace-then suddenly they disappeared. No wonder my dresser drawers are a mess! I do have some dividers in the lingerie, but they're nothing as nice as this. Anyway, a good reminder to pay attention to the useful items we take for granted-and then stock-up accordingly.
These aren't a set, but I purchased them together. I might wear them as such since they look so nice together.
I love the intricate detail on the earrings.
The Bakelite Gods kindly bestowed two similar swirled bangles (purchased hundreds of m miles apart) in a single week. Thanks, Bakelite Gods!
The Gods tossed in the cherries brooch as well. The 40's circular brooch was a nice find for .50 cents.
these earrings were too nice to leave for half a buck. I think they're some sort of shell (don't think they're coral).
The bracelet had a matching necklace that was damaged. I was permitted to just but the one piece-for a dollar. I think it was a nice purchase. The ring is modern, and the pretty cameo is vintage Avon. I must admit, Avon made some very pretty pieces back in the 60's and 70's. They're typically inexpensive, and in my opinion worth buying when you see them. Will they ever be collectible? Who knows, but they are attractive pieces to wear and enjoy.

 I've left the best for last. This very large Celluloid flapper comb was still intact (no broken pieces, all the rhinestones) and very reasonably priced by superb Etsy seller, Cheap Frills.
Deb sells wonderful vintage accessories at mind-blowing prices. Fast, friendly, and honest, what you see on the page is what arrives at your house. I have my eye on a few other items currently in the shop as well. Now I just need a vintage mantilla to wear with the comb! I'm not being compensated by Deb-just a happy customer. I'd been searching for a comb like this for years, but couldn't afford the ones I saw.

I'll try to do more of these posts devoted to items you wouldn't otherwise get a good look at in an outfit post. One of these days I need to devote some time to the handbag collection threatening to overtake the house.

Would you look at that? Monday is nearly over. Well done.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


I was excited to score an original Paganne be By Gene Berk skirt at Goodwill for .99 cents until I got it home and realised it had once been a maxi, and was butchered in the re-fashioning. I suppose for a buck, I really can't be that disappointed. I will wear it as it is still a beautiful print but I do need to take it apart and try to fix the badly sewn waistband pieced together from a hem pattern. Sigh. I understand wanting to make something more fashionable, but if you must alter vintage-ask for help if you can't sew! What was done to this Paganne was a crime against fabric.

 My Home Economics teacher would have a stroke if she saw that waistband. I won't show you the worst of it-it is too upsetting.
Never underestimate my determination to make something work! I did manage to put together an outfit that showcased the print of the skirt without causing anyone's eye to notice the uneven seams. 
Personally, when in doubt, I go for big necklaces. 

Outfit Particulars:
Paganne skirt (probably originally a maxi dress)-Goodwill
Polo neck-K Mart
Vintage tapestry jacket-Hand-Me-Ups
Egyptian necklace-New Life Thrift
Metallic bronze boots-Goodwill
1970's metal mesh bag with lucite handles-Hand-Me-Ups
Earrings-K Mart
Bracelet-garage sale

I adore these boots. I wasn't sure I'd be able to walk in them, but they're as comfortable as can be, and as fate would have it-very on-trend. Boots go in and out of fashion, and I generally wear what I like, but it was kind of a thrill to get something that ticks two trends (metallic and low boot) at once. Paying $3.99 was even better. 
Saw this tea at the Family Fare supermarket. I love the idea of a tea made just for nanas! Unfortunately, it turns out, Nana is a type of mint. Boo. Ah well, my nana drank Swee Touch Nee tea anyway, 
We made it to Gibbon, Nebraska to see the crane migration. there are no cranes in this photo, but there's an egret.
We all have our egrets...
 Danny has better photos that I'll share when he's done with them-he saw a pair of whooping cranes, as well as what he thinks was a common crane among the Sandhill cranes. They're just big birds to me, but he's shared the photos with people that know about that sort of thing, so it is all very exciting for him. On the way home, the thermostat in the car gave up, and we just made it to our driveway when the light came on saying, "Stop now or your car will fall apart" or something like that. We knew something was wrong when the de-fogger wouldn't work and we had to keep wiping down the windows. No matter, I'm just pleased it didn't happen in the middle of the Crane Trust (would have been a two and a half hour tow home). Upon arrival in Gibbon, I broke out in hives! They went away as soon as we headed a few miles to the east. But hey, Whooping Cranes!
As I've been awake since 4 AM, I'm going to fly away to bed now. Hope you're having a nice weekend.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

90's Stripes

I know it looks 80's, and I styled it in that vein, but the maker, Chetta B was only founded in '95. If it had been true 80's there undoubtedly would have been gigantic shoulder pads. I'm not yet ready to call mid-90's clothes, "Vintage", so let's just call it a thrifted old dress, and move on. I'm not that committed to vintage that I'll refuse a dress I like, no matter the decade it hails from.

I do love a good statement sleeve. Unfortunately, it is still cold here, and my arms are shockingly pale-so I improvised arm warmers from a pair of old knee socks. Gotta do what you gotta do. 
 It might have made sense to add in another colour or two (green, yellow, red, etc) but today I was in a mood to keep things simple. The possibilities are certainly numerous with a dress like this. Spotted tights could have worked as well for a busy look.
Outfit Particulars:
90's Chetta B dress-Goodwill
Earrings-Hobby Lobby
Vintage 80's boots-Goodwill
Vintage Naturalizer handbag-Can't remember, probably Goodwill or New Life Thrift
 I thought for sure with all this extra blousing on top it was an 80's dress. My mum loved this style as she was very tall, but had a round middle-all you'd notice were her endlessly long legs. Being short, it doesn't quite have the same effect, and to be honest, I could do with a bit less fabric on top. Still, the overall effect isn't bad, though it does seem to be trying a *bit* too hard at Fashion!
Note to self-get out the suede brush before taking photos.
I couldn't leave without mentioning the wonderful children's book, A Bad Case of Stripes
For my part, I'd rather have a bad case of the stripes than spots!
Somewhere in the world it is already Friday-have a great weekend. 
P.S. Dig the heavy eyeliner flick. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

In Like a Lion

I have some new art gracing the powder room. There's a pair, and they're very much like a drawing I had in my bedroom as a child. I was terrified it would come to life in the dark, something that bewildered my older sister. "He's a friendly lion" she'd tell me, but never just taking it down so I could sleep without fear. I now have hideous lion drawings and figures around the house so I suppose it did me some good being traumatised at a young age. That's what's wrong with this generation-no childhood trauma to stand them in the declining years.
I have a trio of these gilt plastic charmers. I'm always seeking more as I hope to fill an entire wall with them eventually.
A man walks intro a bar with a giraffe. After a bit, the giraffe falls over drunk and the man starts to leave. The bartender says, pointing to the giraffe, "You can't just leave that lyin' there." The man replies, "That's not a lion, that's a giraffe."

I now own this skirt in four different colourways. It must have been popular at some point, though I don't know when. It isn't as nice as my genuine Mexican tourist skirt, but it has a similar vibe with the additional fun of sequins. I'd have bought it in any colour but finding it in green was great luck. I've yet to meet a shade of green I didn't love, and this bright acid hue is perfection.
Outfit Particulars:
Poloneck-K mart
Belt-Von Maur about 15 years ago
Bangles-both Goodwill
Sheer nylon tights-K Mart
Handbag-antique mall
Earrings-Thrift World
Fragrance-None as we're still dealing with allergies/asthma. Had I worn something, it probably would have been Coriandre.

I know not to pack the winter coats just yet. Mornings and evenings are still cool and the wind can be strong out on the prairie. Layering is the best approach, when I think of it. 

 Continuing with the green theme, I got the Ultrasuede suit out of mothballs for St. Patrick's day.

There's a matching jacket as well, but even I know that's too much. Sadly, you CAN overdo Ultra Suede. Speaking of Ultrasuede, I was lucky enough to snag a vintage Halston men's jacket at the Goodwill. Danny can't quite wear it as the sleeves are a bit long, but by next year it should be a perfect fit. Being Ultrasuede, it laundered beautifully and looks as good as it would have in the 70's when new. I'm amazed at the things that end up in our thrift stores. 

Outfit Particulars:
Green Ultrasuede skirt and waistcoat-Goodwill
Vntage polyester blouse-Hand-Me-Ups
Shoes-K Mart
Vintage suede shoulder bag-Goodwill
Earrings-Hobby Lobby
Green enamel clamper bracelets-Both Target, early 2000's
Vintage leather coat-Goodwill
Old Lady over-shades-Walgreens (don't laugh, they're the best sunnies I own, and they block light from the sides as well).
I hope to finish planting the spring garden this week. There will be peas, purple sprouting broccoli, spinach ,rocket, and of course the sorrel that comes back every year. I'm going to try growing potatoes in our large bag bed this year, which should be an interesting experiment. I haven't planned ahead to summer yet, but I suppose there will be tomatoes, lettuces, and herbs. I won't be growing okra again as the boys didn't care for it, and it grew like crazy. I couldn't give the stuff away before there were dozens more ready to harvest. 
Have a great week.