Plaid Tidings

A tour through the plaids and tartans in my wardrobe.

Day One
        19 November 2015
I'm starting a bit before Advent as I own a LOT of plaid and tartan. I could probably go until Easter. This kilt came from a resale shop in Illinois about 30 years ago. It has a Made in UK label, and I would guess it is from the late 60's/early 70's. There are leather buckle fastenings. The kilt is 100% wool. I do not know this particular tartan's lineage, but if you do, feel free to let me know. 

Day Two    19 November 2015
Vintage pure wool kilt by Cobra Kilts, made in Ireland. 

Day Three     20 November 2015
Vintage all wool, by Corbin Ltd. Made in USA label. I think this is from the 80's.

Day Four    21 November 2015
Vintage Pendleton, all wool made in USA.

Day Five     22 November
 I bought this tie years ago for Mr. ETB, and now Danny has started wearing it. Purchased at some Scottish kilt shop in Cambridge Mass about 20 years ago. All wool.

Day Six             23 November
 Liz Claiborne 1990's wool pea coat, made in China. Purchased Goodwill.

Day Seven    24 November 2015
 Mid-1970's vintage polyester knit blazer by Amy Adams. Made in USA.

Day Seven    25 November 2015
Whew, we made it through the first week! To celebrate, here's a used-car salesman wearing a vintage plaid sportcoat by Cricketeer. 
"You need wheels? I'll get you into a car for nothing down and just $129. a month (with a huge balloon payment at the end of six years). Come on, let's take this thing out on Dodge Street at five o'clock and watch it handle traffic." 

Day Eight       26 November 2015
 Polyester 1970's knit skirt by Donnkenny.
Today was Thanksgiving in the US, so I didn't want to wear a good wool kilt to spend the day cooking. Wash and wear polyester-perfect for domestic drudgery, and holidays! 

Day Nine      27 November 2015
True vintage Pendleton 49'er jacket. Pure wool, made in USA.

               Day Ten         28 November 2015
 Vintage Pendleton skirt, wool, fully lined, made in USA.
 That's a vintage size fourteen and no, it won't go over my hips. Still a nice example of what Pendleton does so well, and one for my collection.

Day Eleven      29 November 2015
 Cloth bag by, Real Bags. Given all the pockets I think it is intended as a knitting bag. Looks a little wrinkled as it has been in storage. I have no idea when it was made, but it is well made.

Day Twelve    30 November 2015

Heavy cotton flannel jumper/pinafore. 

Day Thirteen     1 December 201

(Pardon the older photo)
1990's rayon and velvet two-piece outfit. Made for Jordan Marsh.

Day Fourteen       2 December 2015

1980's plaid mohair oversized sweater, made in British Crown Colony of Hong Kong. Sorry again for the old photos, but trust me, the sweater looks the same. I still have the Mighty Ford Tempo, but I haven't driven it in a while. 

Day Fifteen          3 December 2015
Hair bow, purchased new, Marshall Field's, 1988. Made in France.

Day Sixteen                4 December 2015
Wool skirt, Pendleton 2000's. 

Day Seventeen    5 December 2015
Woll/Acrylic jacket by Bedford Fair, Made in USA 90's

Day Eighteen               6 December 2015
Wool skirt by Panther. 1970's, made in USA. Lined. 

Day Nineteen       7 December 2015

1980's wool tartan, Land's End, fully lined, made in USA.

Day Twenty    8 December 2015
 1960's wool suit by Casual Corner. Made in USA. Union Label. Lined,

Day Twenty-One     9 December 2015
 Pendleton wool skirt, unlined, made in USA.

Day Twenty-Two         10 December 2015

 Pendleton wool skirt, unlined, 1980's, made in USA. Old photo, but I am wearing the skirt today! I didn't set my hair in pincurls though.

Day Twenty-Three                11 December 2015

 Jones New York plaid skirt. All Wool. Lined. 1990's. Drop-waist with button loops to essentially guarantee nothing I own will look good with it.
Day Twenty-Four            12 December 2015
 Cotton and rayon skirt with gold thread accents. K-Mart, circa 2009

Day Twenty-Five           13 December 2015
Plaid linen suit. 1980's. Fully lined. 

Day Twenty-Six     14 December 2015

Polyester 1970's by Russ Togs 

Day Twenty-Seven    15 December 2015

Polyester double-knit trousers, 1970's.

Day Twenty-Eight        16 December 2015
 Shoes, Anne Klein, 2000's.
Day Twenty-Nine      17 December 2015
Skirt (part of suit) synthetic material, 1980's. 

Day Thirty 18 December 2015
 Wool suit, late 1980's, Marshall Field's Country Shop, made in UK.
Day Thirty-One         19 December 2015
1970's skirt. Wool, unlined, made in USA.

Day Thirty-Two          20 December 2015
Woven wool cape, made in Ireland. 1990's

Day Thirty-Three     21 December 2015

1970's polyester skirt by Cricketeer

Day Thirty-Four      22 December
 1970's Koret of California polyester skirt.
Day Thirty-Five        23 December 2015
1970's polyester maxi by Pikettes
Day Thirty-Six     24 December 2015
1970's polyester plaid jacket.

Day Thirty-Seven Christmas 2015
Pendleton wool pinafore, 1960's
Well, we've made it to Christmas-but there's still more plaid to go. I could keep this going until Easter, but I think I'll draw it to a close on Epiphany unless there's outcry to continue. I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas/Day off. 

Day Thirty-Eight  Boxing Day 2015
 Kilt, Bonda, Made in Canada. The blue in the top photo is more accurate.
26 December 2015           Day Thirty-Nine
Vintage Pendleton, all wool unlined.Made in USA.
29 December    Day Forty
Vintage Pendleton, all wool, made in USA. 

Day Forty-One               30 December 2015
 1970's polyester suit with sewn-in pocket-square and conveniently labelled skirt.
Day Forty-Two  Last of December 2015
 1970's polyester jacket.
Day Forty-Three         New Year's Day 2016
1970's polyester houndstooth jacket. 


Beth Waltz said...

Aha! I thought I remembered seeing you in a biker babe jacket! Is this the one you dared to wear with the Halston? Well and boldly done!

And while I'm here, I'll note my eyes gleam greenly at the French hairbow with the metallic detail and those exquisite low-heeled pumps. Favoring dark separates as a base, I'd certainly consider buying tops and bottoms to feature these accessories!

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...


I have finally been able to access this 'project'. When I've tried before the link wasn't highlighted and therefore didn't work.

What an amazing collection of plaids and tartans! You have put together some gorgeous outfits. I particularly liked the polyester trousers and all the kilts and skirts and suits....

I only have plaid tights at the moment. I did see a nice yellow plaid kilt last week in the charity shops but it was very expensive and not my time, maybe?


bahnwärterin said...

you own a lot of fabulous plaid, tartan and such.... and you know to wear it!
love plaid too - "karo" here.