Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sounds Like More Fun Than It Is

 Just like every other shag you've ever had...but with a twist!
Thought I'd momentarily lost my way and ended up at the sex shop instead of the grocer. I t has a place to stick your soap as well. I'll just leave it at that.

Moving along...

How about some yellow flares? Yeah, I thought you'd like those. How could you not love a pair of 70's bright yellow flares from Sears? The only thing that could make them better would be a matching jacket with crazy wide lapels...
Yes! Yes! Yes! (That's the suit talking, not the Shower Shag). But it wasn't really a bright yellow suit kind of day, so I stuck to an oversized gauzy shirt...
Yeah, that's how you wear yellow flares on a warm day.
I like these because they make my behind look almost miniscule (it isn't) and I feel strangely taller (I'm not).
 White necklace on a white shirt? Why not? Summertime is short-make the best of it.

We hit several thrifts today, and I found my share of hideous 70's polyester maxi's. Lots and lots of Indian clothing as well (I'm a sucker for beautiful sari silks). Danny found more Homco for the walls (bless his heart) and eventually we made our way to the grocer where I had a bit of an angry old lady moment. You would have too. After nicely asking the young girl packing the groceries not to throw tins on the delicate fruit, she continued to do so. I looked in the sacks before leaving, wheeled over to the service desk and flagged down the store manager.

I have worked in a supermarket. I have been young. I know young people don't pay for groceries and have no concept of what it takes to feed a family. This wasn't the first time, in fact week after week I arrive home to find the produce I spent time selecting damaged before I can unpack it. For the most part, I shop at Aldi as the produce is nicer, less expensive and I can pack it myself avoiding today's aggravation. I don't want to see anyone lose a job, but these kids who come in for the summer and are gone aren't working to support themselves-they're working to buy apps. I have no idea if it will do any good, or if they will start training these kids not to abuse the produce, but I couldn't hold it in another second. I didn't spend time picking out nice produce to have it smashed. Does this upset you as much as it does I, or am I just behaving like a fussy old woman?

And you damn kids can get off my lawn too!
Outfit Particulars:
1970's Sears Suit-New Life Thrift
Sarah Coventry white necklace-long gone antique mall
White gauze blouse-K Mart
White Sandals-K Mart
Earrings-K Mart
Handbag-New Life Thrift
Is it almost Friday?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pendelton Turnaround Skirt

 Not the original Turnaround skirt from the 50's, but a re-issue from 2013. I was lucky enough to snag this at Thrift World for .98 cents.
I would have preferred this a size larger. I'm wearing the size 8 and a 10 would be more comfortable. I can (sort of) breathe and all, but thrifting sometimes means making due with what you get. My weight fluctuates, so I'm sure at some point it will fit more comfortably. I'd like it longer as well (mid-calf would be great) but now I'm just being picky.
The skirt is reversible with similar tones on the reverse (more grey than blue). You can read a bit more about it here:

I should really stop posing with the sun in my eyes.

Outfit Particulars:

Pendelton Turnaround skirt-Thrift World
Black top-K Mart
Naturalizer 50's shoes-Thrifted
French 60's handbag-Goodwill, Council Bluffs

And on the cookery front-I cooked Herman. Danny shot video of the whole ordeal from frying Herman to making pasta. I'll see if we can get part of it uploaded for the entertainment value of my Chicago accent making a lasagna. This should feed them both for several days, so it was worth the Three hours it took to make. Fried aubergine, fresh pasta, cheese filling...thank god I had the smarts to make the sauce yesterday.
The plant has several more flowers on it, so hopefully there will be a Henry, Horace, and Horatio in our future.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

About Three Dozen Gweneth Paltrows in Expensive Cotton Shirts Sucking Fermented Compost Heaps Through Oversized Straws

I knew at that moment I couldn't deal with buying a phone if I had to queue in that environment. There's stuff I can do...and stuff I can't. Mall+West Omaha was too much. I'll keep the cheap phone I add minutes to every three months. It was enough to make a woman want to get as far away from here as possible to a slow boat to...
Midtown, where the only thing we'd use kale for is a garden ornamental. I have no problem with kale in landscaping, it is frost resistant and can add much needed colour to a garden. I just wouldn't want to drink it. Raw. It was all enough to make a woman want to run off and...

Join the Coast Guard. I tried convincing Danny to take my picture in front of the recruiting office, but he was too embarrassed. Clutching your guts on the Gastro's lawn for a photo is OK, but not the Coast Guard. I think he was secretly concerned I might sign on.
Frankly, I don't think they'd want me as I suffer from motion sickness, and I wouldn't be too enthusiastic about rescuing people who went out to sea in bad weather. I know they can't just tell people, "You made your bed, lie in it" but I'd sure be annoyed if I had to go risk life and limb to save someone that ignored warnings. I'm glad we have such dedicated people in the Coast Guard, but I wouldn't want to do their jobs. Anyway, I look more like Scuppers the Sailor Dog than a proper Captain.
 Or maybe Julie the Cruise Director...
Or if Curtise's theory that I'm unconsciously dressing as the entire Royal family is correct, maybe...
I could wear the hat better, I'm certain.

Outfit Particulars:

80's Nautical jacket-Goodwill
70's Act II Polyester skirt-Goodwill
Blue t-shirt-K Mart
50's Niello bracelet-Thrift World
50's brass bangle-Hand-Me-Ups
70's Handbag-Thrifted (can't remember)
Signet ring-Mum's (no idea where she got it as there's no one we know of with a "B" name. Another mystery!)
White granny shoes-Goodwill (I am in LOVE with these)
70's medallion necklace-Hand-Me-Ups

 But who was, "B"? I want to know why this was in my mum's things when she died, and no one can tell me. Ooooh, I'm sure it was a good story too!
 No foot-on-vanity pose today I'm afraid, will a step-stool do?
And now, the moment we've been waiting for...

Hummingbird I mean,
Herman. We harvested his friend Hermione too...
 Rockabye Herman, on the tree-top when the wind blows I'll...
...bake you in a lasagna. Don't argue with me Herman, you know you can't be a calzone. What are you going to do, run off and join the Coast Guard?
July isn't usually lasagna weather, but I'm taking advantage of this cold snap to get Herman baked into something luxurious. Hermione will go in a salad. No kale.

Monday, July 28, 2014


When asked why I was, "Dressed like that?" I blurted out the first thing that came to mind, which was the truth-today is Monday! I get asked that sort of question enough that I ought to have a response, but somehow saying, "Because this is how I like to dress" sounds defensive, or with a certain tone, confrontational. Most people are just curious when they ask, so I don't feel the need to cut them down with a snarky response. I keep thinking I'll get used to it, but I'm still caught off guard by questions about my appearance. I don't really know why I dress this way, but I know I'm happier when I do and if that isn't enough of a reason, then I don't know what is.
Tell me you can wear a hat like this, and be unhappy. Impossible. I dare you. The minute this thing hit my head, I started channeling my great auntie and started calling everyone I met, "Dollface", except it came out sounding like, "Dollfus" on account of the regional dialect. I didn't peek in anyone's cupboard though. My great auntie was known to sneak off to the powder room and go through your room on the way back. It drove my mother mad, not that she had anything terrible to hide, just the nosiness of the act. All she would have found were my mother's linens folded like a Benneton, and arranged by colour. But no Dollfus, I didn't peek into your things. Well I might have had a glance at your medicine cabinet, but that's all-I swear. I had a headache and I couldn't find the Bufferin so I borrowed a couple Valium. You don't mind, do you Dollface? *

This dress was another .98 cent prize from Thrift World, and it still had the original tags. I thought that was pretty great so I washed it, and didn't really look it over too closely as it was unworn. It was only as I lifted my arms to put up my hair that I noticed both sleeves were unfinished along part of the seam. Upon taking the dress off and examining it, it was clear there never was any stitching. Someone must have been slacking at the dress factory. I was able to fix it in a few minutes, but it does remind me that even unworn and deadstock items can have issues.
I've never seen the appeal of a peplum as it reminds me a bit of an apron, but this one isn't terribly noticeable, and seems to work well in this lightweight polyester fabric. I feel a little like I have a napkin tucked into my neckline, but careful placement of a large brooch helps to minimise the effect. This is a surprisingly difficult dress to wear. When in doubt, I add a hat and more polyester-this time in the form of a great jacket.
It has matching pull-on elastic waist pants with wicked flares. I like contrast stitching, it reminds me of the golden sunshine days of my youth. OK fine, it reminds me of being young in the 70's. I made up the golden sunshine bit. Happy now, are we?
"Dollfus, what are these funny tablets in the round plastic container with numbers on them for? Will they help a headache?"

Outfit Particulars:

Early 80's polyester dress-Thrift World
Red polyester 70's jacket-Thrift World
Belt-Sears, long ago
Earrings-Thrift World

In other news...

I bought a dress form today for photographing clothing, etc. I find so much stuff that is too good to leave, but not useful personally, so I'm setting up shop. Nothing large scale, but a place to pass along the wonderful things that I couldn't squeeze my bottom into if my life depended on it. I haven't taken it live yet, but I bought the domain, and have started a blog to showcase vintage specific items. I suppose that means I'll have to put a bit more effort into learning some photography hacks, but that's OK. There isn't much to see yet, but the vintage blog is here:

I thought it would be good to have a photo-heavy place where people don't have to struggle through my poorly punctuated blathering when they just want to see the polyester bell bottoms. We'll see how it goes.

"Oh Dollface, I couldn't help noticing your green suit hanging don't mind if I wear the jacket, do you? I get so cold..."

*In fairness to my Great Aunt, she was a bit of a nosy-nose, but as far as I know she never helped herself to my mother's tranquilisers. We might have all been better off if she had.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Park Yourself

I needed the park worse than chores needed doing. Just after this photo was snapped, a large, red tailed hawk flew from the tree above us. I suppose we interrupted him. I'm thankful I wasn't shat upon, but really-I could do without the large, screaming raptor thing in a city park of all places! Imagine. Hrumph, what do they think this is, some sort of nature preserve? Wild birds up the park-what's next?!
We kept finding large feathers that could only have come from hawks scattered about. *shudder* there must be more of the bastards aloft.

In the end, we had a nice bit of exercise, came home to drink iced coffee, and drew the weekend to a close in a pleasant way. The weather is expected to be cooler this upcoming week, so perhaps there's more park time awaiting (I'm soooo wearing a helmet next time).

Outfit Particulars:

80's (I think) NR I dress by Ned Gould-Goodwill
Blue glass ring-Hobby Lobby
Cinnabar bracelet-Hand-Me-Ups
Milk Glass bracelet-Hand-Me-Ups
Dior Earrings-Thrifted
1950's KARU brooch-Hand-Me-Ups (.99 cents! That is insane!)
Shoes-Thrifted, Goodwill
Snood with bow-had it since the 80's
1960's French handbag-Goodwill, Council Bluffs, IA

I hope you have a lovely week, and that no screeching raptors try to shit on your head.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hey There's Ioway Pete Wearin' His Corn Belt

My favourite sort of Saturday where I load the family into the mighty Ford Tempo, and head for Council Bluffs-but first I had to stop at Penzy's for spices. I mixed up a batch of Madras style curry powder (so I could control the heat) and I *gasp* ran out of cardamom. I Know! Had to remedy that immediately, so Penzy's spice store it was.
We have a long relationship with Penzy's, going back to their days as a by-post only operation. I could buy less expensive spices, but with allergies in the family, being able to know it isn't being packaged in the same spot with nuts is worth it. Anytime I had questions they've been able to tell me what is packaged in which facility, and what not to buy. As I don't like spending time in hospital emergency rooms, this knowledge is worth paying a bit extra for. They're not any more expensive than grocery store spices (sometimes they're cheaper) and the quality is really a night and day difference. I'm not being compensated in any way for saying this-I simply like the company and am a happy customer.
Off to Iowa we went, and I had the opportunity to wear the gorgeous scarf from Curtise. This makes two weeks in a row where my scarf matched my dress with an almost eerie perfection. I mean, look at that.
It is so stinkin' hot outside-and humid too. Next week looks better, but that doesn't really help today, now does it? I wore the lightest dress I own, which is this parachute material number. Being a thin nylon, it *really* isn't for windy days, but today was calm-in the dead still sense. And hot. Did I mention how hot it is?
I wore a kimono over the dress because most places over-do the air conditioning. There's no middle ground I'm afraid, so as  I shift from freezing to sweltering, I find layers just as useful in summer as they are in winter.

We stopped at a new thrift store in Council Bluffs (next door to the Dairy Queen across from Mall of the Bluffs) called, Sequels. They had been in some earlier location I wasn't aware of, but I was happy to know they exist. The store is in an old gas station, and they've used the shelves that once held fizzy drinks behind glass doors to hold shoes. That's my kind of thrift store. The ladies that run it are just as sweet as can be, and the stock is small, but well-selected. Clothes run $1.00-$2.00 and shoes are about the same. I found a lovely flannel-lined slip from the 50's, and a wooden beaded handbag from about the same era. I spent $3.00 and left happy as could be.

We interrupt this trip to Iowa for an update from the Kitsch Museum:

Danny's taking the curator job quite seriously, I'm (sorta) pleased to report.
 Oh dear, you just know it is going to be awful if he dubbed them, Ginger and Mary Ann.
 Yep, they're awful. Still, the powder room needed something on the wall. I'm not sure I'd call them cherubs exactly, but they are "naked" which has a completely different connotation than, "nude."
This one looks like a cross between Charro and Bridget Bardot. Qooochie, Qooochie!
I can believe I bought them as a hideous example of 70's d├ęcor, but I don't know who the hell would have bought them in the contemporary. Anyway, here's a few other gallery labels I found added around the house:
 He's having fun with this, obviously.
Right. So that's the museum update.
Ha! Leg on vanity returns-take that rheumatoid arthritis!

The Goodwill in Council Bluffs did not disappoint either. There was California pottery (heaven help me, the museum is gonna need a new wing) a satin jumpsuit (I don't know why either, but I don't really need a reason to wear a 70's satin jumpsuit if I desire, do I?) more 70's Homco wall hangings for the museum, and polyester shirts galore. I adore that Goodwill location. We timed the trip-it took 27 minutes, which really isn't bad at all. It was a haul when we lived in the country, but now it is a quick trip on the Interstate.
 Outfit Praticulars:

Route 66 dress-K Mart last year
Scarf and mirrored ring- gift from the Made out of Awesome Curtise
Shoes-K Mart a few years ago
Vintage Kimono-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage handbag-Goodwill

Quoochie Quoochie!