Monday, May 29, 2023

School's Out For Summer

 I am going to bore you with photos of Dan for a bit. I hope you don't mind. 21 May was the commencement ceremony. Isn't Dan handsome in his cap and gown? Ignore the mask hanging off my ear.

It was a beautifully sunny day
The ceremony was held at the university hockey stadium. I had a good cry in the stands with some other mums.
A day earlier they held senior honours night at the school where students were recognised for scholarships,adacdemic honours, etc. It was lovely.
I baked a cake. The concept was to edge it with rolled biscuits that look like diplomas.
I think it turned out well.
Chocolate genoise with non-dairy "buttercream" frosting.

Some blog old timers might remember Dan's first day of school. 9 August 2010
He's grown a bit.

Dan didn't have any trouble moving from nine years of homeschooling to public high school. He isn't a hermit, wasn't academically under-prepared, and managed to make friends with students, and enemies with school administrators. Well, that was the job of the student journalists. Having school disrupted by Covid and remote learning was a drag, but he handled it well. I'm proud of how hard he worked. I'm going to miss him going off to university, even if it is only a few minutes away down Dodge street. He has a key, and is free to drop by any time he pleases, if only to raid the pantry. 

Well done, kiddo.