Tuesday, December 31, 2019


Okay, so the much longer post that was only half finished posted and then... whoosh, is gone? Kinda like my 2019 so perhaps that’s appropriate. Really, I haven’t much to say that’s worth worrying over it being lost but that’s an hour of my time I could have spent doing laundry. 
Eh, whatever. I wore a sparkly skirt for the last day of 2019. 
I did the year of colour thing on my Instagram posts. I wear much more beige than I realised unless it is picking up my hallway. That doesn’t really explain all the other brown unless my hair counts? I did sneak in a bit more red this year. It feels like all I’ve been wearing is black of late. 
The holidays were subdued this year with illnesses, family crisis, and a car that’s been in and out of the shop for the better part of the last two months. We are a one car family so as you can imagine this is a colossal pain in the ass. I dunno, call me crazy but a five year old car shouldn’t need a thousand dollars worth of repairs that aren’t covered by the warranty. I mean, 50,000 miles and it is falling apart?! Never again . I will NEVER buy another Ford. So yeah, 2019 was a bit shit. 
Enough of that. Let’s spend some time admiring this 1970s men’s suit I bought for less than a tenner. It has a matching waistcoat as well. It is rare for me to find a men’s suit that’s short enough but this one was perfect. Thank you small statured man for donating your old suit to New Life Thrift. I promise to take as good care of it as you did. It still had the ancient dry cleaning tags and pocket square. 
I look like my dad ( but taller- He was a tiny guy ) All I need is a cigarette hanging out the corner of my mouth to complete the look. 
Except when I wear my hair off my face. Then I get told I look like RBG😁which is totally a compliment! Danny finds it hilarious. Really though, I’ve heard worse. 
This was Christmas day when it was something like 60 degrees outside. We have been having a very mild winter in Omaha. 
Definitely don’t want to venture out on the ice covered lake in these temperatures . 
The belt and crazy buckle were my gift this year. Brace yourself-you’re in for something strange...
Yep. I love the football players and pioneers representing our state😆. I mean, that’s actually pretty accurate! 
I bought Dan a tin of Quality Street that he didn’t have to share. They still skimped on the green and purple which are the only ones anyone really want. Ah well, at least he enjoyed them. It was about the only thing he could eat without being in pain. The day after new years is “Getting scoped up and down day” ( sorry tmi) so you probably know how he’s spending New Year’s Day . Poor kid- but at least we can get some answers. He’s really been through it this year. We are going to have a do-over holiday in February. Instead of Christmas we’ll celebrate the Iowa caucus. I mean, our goose is kinda cooked so...appropriate , right?!
The New Year craziness has already started and it isn’t ever close to midnight. The police are asking people not to shoot guns in the air to celebrate. To those who are outside America that might look like a typo but sadly it isn’t. They are also asking people not to bang pots and pans either. Damn, if you can’t randomly shoot guns or bang pots and pans might as well turn in early.🙄
I won’t be sorry to see the last of 2019. I hope 2020 brings everyone nothing but health and happiness! 

Sunday, December 22, 2019


https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1E081HjhiiYI-kqDWuDq4luyw6sdFfyjlOh shit, another month spun by without my posting! I have an excuse though. After my last computer died I bought a new one that unfortunately cannot read the images on my phone. What’s a blog without photos?! So now I have downloaded an app for the phone. I am trying it out to see how this works. It isn’t perfect but maybe it will do for now. 
Danny had his 15th birthday. I baked him a Chicago Cubs cake with the MLB trophy on top. It is a bit lopsided but I’m so pleased with how the fondant ivy came out. This was my first attempt working with the stuff. 
Buying him a giant inflatable hammer seemed like a good idea at the moment but I didn’t think about all the glass on the Christmas tree! So far there haven’t been any casualties. 
How about a few holiday outfit snaps?
And that’s about it for seasonally festive attire. 

I want to thank everyone for your lovely cards, email, and texts. This has been a hell of a difficult run the past couple months and knowing I have great friends to see me through it has been a great comfort. 

Let’s see how posting from the phone works out and with any luck maybe I can get back to a regular schedule here. Seasons Greetings to everyone!