Sunday, November 28, 2021

101 Pounds of Fun, That's My Little Honey Bun

Helloooooooo! Been a while, I know. I expected November to be busy and it didn't disappoint. I hope your month has been going well. The easiest way to deal with posting the outfits will be to generally work in reverse, so that's how I'll go. I haven't done proper outfit posts on here for some time, so let's do that for a change.  

Everything here is thrifted, and at great bargains too. That leather skirt was on the dollar rail as it had sat an entire year in the thrift store. Why? No idea. It has a Made in Italy tag and looks to be from the 80s. Giant pocket across the front as well, which is nice. So I bought it, and then it languished in my collection waiting for someone I could pass it along to that could fit it. Well, that ended up being me, for the moment, but I do still plan to move it along. It really was too good to leave. Later in the post I'll show you a suede skirt that was acquired similarly. Thrift stores that discount items based on how long it has been on the rail are great. I always check the sale first, even in a thrift store. 
This sweater is angora and lambs wool and it started pilling after the first wear. Predictable, and I own a sweater comb, but I was secretly hoping it wouldn't. The rhinestones are a fun touch. 
This handbag was something I purchased when we moved to Omaha. I've never seen another like it, nor been able to find out much online, but I really love the bag. It is nicely made.
Photos don't really capture how nice the beading is on both the bag and the handle. 
Also hard to see is the skirt is a patchwork and there's two different textures of leather. 

With the exception of one cold day, our weather has been beautiful and I still have flowers and vegetables growing in the garden. I know that's a terrible sign, but this year with energy costs through the roof and with so many people struggling, I'll take the unseasonably warm weather. Most Novembers, I wouldn't consider wearing this sheer, flimsy Laura Ashley dress, much less without a coat. There's a slip beneath it to keep the material from clinging, but it isn't one of my heavy flannel backed ones. 

Everything here is also thrifted, some recently, some long ago. I've had the handmade bag for several years, but never get tired of it. It worked beautifully here. 
The antique cameo was a thrift find at Goodwill. I'm pretty sure it was less than a fiver. Finding a brooch like that with the seed pearls all still intact was exciting. 
The Italian glass earrings I've had about forty years. They were not thrifted, but rather a somewhat extravagant purchase on my student budget. I think I've probably worn my money out of them by now. 
The bodysuit is not thrifted, but everything else is including this vintage Valentino skirt. 
I do get excited over nice pockets. I was however a little disappointed the skirt was unlined and not that nicely sewn. For the sort of prices Valentino commands new, I'd have expected something of better quality. Still happy enough to have it. A grey skirt is indispensable. 

Still with me? This designer skirt and blouse are very well made. 1980s Ungaro, complete with crazy thick shoulder pads and buttons down the back of the blouse. 

Everything is thrifted. The necklaces were a recent bargain find. They go so well with this sort of outfit. 
Excuse the scuffed bag-it needs a good polishing. 
From the side the thickness of the shoulder pads shows through. Now that I'm older and my shoulders have all but disappeared leaving a couple of bony protuberances in their place, I rather like the look of the pads. Who knows, maybe I'll have to go back and put the padding back into all the clothing I removed them from over the years. 

Everything except the shirt and bodysuit is thrifted. The shirt was something I bought for low-self esteem days (of which there are many. So now I have shirts that read, "Inconvenience" and "Legend". Yeah well, we're in the midst of a global pandemic, I'm entitled to mood swings here and there. 

I'd have preferred, "Fucking Legend" but it is a children's tee shirt and at least so far they don't make things that vulgar for kiddies. 
The velvet skirt has been in my wardrobe for years and has plenty of room to accommodate a number of sizes. I'm glad I can still wear it because it wouldn't be winter without my ribbon trimmed velvet skirt. The 80s boots are recently thrifted and I've been wearing them quite a lot. Didn't expect them to be so comfortable, which is of course a delightful surprise. 

When I saw this denim embroidered waistcoat in the thrift shop I posted a photo to Instagram and was inundated with messages telling me to go back and grab it. So I did. It is hideous. It will likely be raffled off online in a giveaway since so many people loved it, but it is not for me. 

The velour sweater is something I purchased in the 90s when those looks were so popular. The vintage Sassoon skirt was a lucky find. New and unworn it replaces the larger version I've had for years and loved wearing. I am thrilled to have another though being unworn it is still quite stiff. The handbag is cheap and unlabeled but trying quite hard to look designer.  

Next up is a knit set from the 80s that I would have thought was older had I not seen a vintage ad for it on Tumblr. 
A bit nana-ish, and I joked on Instagram that my nana would have called this a "Nice outfit". And it is. A little plain, but sometimes that's just fine. Not every day has to be "wow". 
Vintage shoes that are more useful than they appear at first glance. Black and taupe accommodate a good swath of my wardrobe. They're comfortable too. 
That day was a bit brisk so the vintage swing coat made a first appearance for the season. The vintage Gaymode handbag (the house brand of JC Penny's in the 60s) was the obvious choice. Now, to find a luncheon in a church basement to crash. 

You've seen everything in this outfit before, but no shame repeating favourites. When I bought that sleeveless coat I never expected to get quite so much use from it. 

A crochet skirt and vintage acrylic poloneck are what the cool mums wore when I was a child. So fifty years on, I guess that makes me cool? Maybe? Probably not. 
Wasting no time wearing that Gucci bag. 

And this is what the "square" mums wore when I was a child. 

 Found the bag years ago needing a small repair. Five minutes of sweing fixed it back up in useable condition. Had a hard time photographing the lucite handle, but it is always interesting to see how things like this can survive so well. 

Didn't adore this jersey jumpsuit, but the colour is so good I'm keeping it. 
Sure, do the Hustle or whatever.

This is another, "Never thought I'd wear it" piece from my collection. The skirt was a Scott McClintock sample dated 1991 (tags are still in). It was too small, but yeah that's not an issue now, so I dug it out to wear. Thr colours are faded or some sort of ombre-I can't quite tell but along with the moire fabric it is a strange piece and difficult to build an outfit around. There's a built-in crinoline as well. I knew I didn't want to treat it like formalwear, so this sheer blouse with a tank top beneath it did the trick. The belt is a recently thrifted piece and it weighs a tonne! I seem to have a thing for big belts these days. I like big belts and I cannot lie...

Such good sleeves
as our last president would say, "That's a really bad ombre" . Yeah, I know it was "Hombre" I'm making a joke. Relax. 
These brass earrings are quickly becoming favourites. They go so well with so much. The brooch is a plastic cameo, is was made to be cheap but somehow over the years looks better made. Our standards have dropped that low I guess. 

Now for a leap from Scott McClintock to his mother, Jessica with this Gunne Sax dress. 
My baby Dragan the Dragon (yeah, I know) matched the dress so here we are. At some point, not very well executed alterations were done on the dress, but it isn't obvious when worn. 
It is a pretty dress, though perhaps just on the edge of being too youthful for me. I do believe people should wear what they like regardless of age, so I suppose the issue might be that I don't like looking like I did at twenty. Twenty year old Goody would have been all over this though. I have a few other Gunnes I need to try, but most likely they will be sold along to someone that can appreciate them. It was fun for a day though.

Goldstone necklace. 

Hey, who's this?! A rare appearance from the rarely spotted Northern Twitcher. It was such a beautiful day we headed over to Heron Haven to look for birds. 
I can't believe he's going to be 17 in a few weeks. 

There were some geese and a few ducks but sadly, no heron. 

Such a beautiful nature reserve. It doesn't get much use from the general public as there's no boating, fishing, etc. Unless you want to look at nature it isn't much of a draw. That tends to keep the badly behaved people away, so that's nice. In the summer there's a magnificent pollinator garden. 

Though it hardly feels like the right season, we've been putting up holiday decorations. We have an artificial tree, so no worries about creating a fire hazard. Dan ran some lights through it this year and I have to say, it turned out very pretty. He did all the decorating. The plastic bags have gingerbread people inside which makes the room smell lovely. 

Might as well light the house plants too

Back to a few last outfits...
This is the suede skirt I mentioned earlier that sat in the shop for months until it was discounted to almost nothing and then I took it. The skirt was new with the original tags. Made in Montana. 

I wore western boots with it, but resisted the urge to go completely cowgirl including a hat. I thought about it, but then went with this. 

I've had these Bonwitt Teller Gaucho pants/culottes for a very long time, but this was a first wear. 

I'm posed completely normal so you can see the wide legs and my boots.
Wool/silk blend. The fabric has a slight sheen to it and is just so beautiful to the touch. 

Those were enjoyable to wear.

Almost forgot about these culottes with the deer applique
They're fun, no?

I'll leave you with what I wore on Thanksgiving.

Home sewn by someone (not me). 
The handsome turkey brooch on the bottom is from the lovely Beth Waltz who made sure I had one to wear with my Owl and the Pussycat story dress. I don't remember when I bought the top brooch, but it was years ago, probably for Danny. 

And that's about it from here. No good news to share unfortunately, but hey, there's always clothes to lighten the gloom. Tonight was the first night of Hanukkah and a happy holiday to all who celebrate. I made some potato pancakes from sweet potatoes and served it with gefilte fish. They both seemed to enjoy it. 

See you next time.