Saturday, March 11, 2023

Marching Ahead

 Oh my goodness, is it March already?

I don't have an excuse (a good one anyway) for disappearing other than being busy, and not having much to say. There's enough crap out there in day-to-day life, I'm not about to drop a load of the same here. Like everyone else, I'm dealing with the various things, and at the end of a day there's little energy left to blog, or visit anyone else's. I'm sorry about that, because I do enjoy reading what everyone is doing. There's only so many hours in a day, and I'm already waking up at 3AM trying to eek out a few extra hours of getting stuff done. 

I appreciate the comments, and emails checking to see how I am. 

I am preparing to move at some point in the future because hauling my arthritis wracked body up and down three floors isn't how I wish to go into old age. Did a major cull of clothing, books (must have sold a couple thousand when all is said and done) and am working on convincing the family down the street that their young daughter needs a piano, That's time consuming, but better taken care of now, than expecting Dan to deal with it later. I've toured several places and the offerings aren't very good at the moment, but when they are I will be better prepared. 

Dan has decided to start school in the US rather than Belgium. The appeal of a full scholarship and starting life without being locked into what amounts to indentured servitude to the student loans was too good to reject. He now hopes to get a work visa to live and work in Brussels after graduation. We were willing to pay his way so he wouldn't have required loans, but in the end he decided against it. I think he was more impressed with the city than the offerings at the university. That's great though, now I can use that savings to spend my dotage dining on cheap tuna rather than own brand cat food.He's made it clear he doesn't intend to move back in after graduation, but I'm holding off on relocating to a senior living community just in case. There are a number of 55+ places where you have an apartment, and medical assistance available if you need it. That does sound appealing, as I would no doubt be the terror of a communal living arrangement. I like people, but I don't really want to live with them. 

I did look at one place with "Village" in the name, which would have gone unnoticed had the woman conducting the tour not been wearing a contrast piped blazer and referring to the community as, "The Village". I very much doubt she'd seen a single episode of The Prisoner. It was the week of the Chinese balloon which I'd joked to Dan was nothing but the Rover, so perhaps it was just front of mind. I will not be moving to The Village, another beautiful day or not. 

We've had a mild winter. Roland never did get a body. Only one snowstorm could be called significant, and it was melted in a few days. Still, winter in Nebraska is unpredictable so I haven't packed away any coats.  I suppose I might as well show you some coats as this is pretending to be a fashion blog.

So yeah, winter in Nebraska means outerwear. I culled the ones I never wear. Found some I'd forgotten. All in all, a worthwhile thing to do.

 This is a good  time to remind readers that weight/body talk isn't welcome here. I've had to put up with some outrageously inappropriate, thoughtless comments that I've not posted. For the record, I am not on a diet. Nor do I have cancer. Or an eating disorder. Please think before hitting send. My main issue is dysphagia. Google is free if you want to know more. When in doubt, and this applies across the board, don't comment on people's bodies no matter the size.

I will try, but not promise to post more often. I have a great deal of catching up to do reading everyone's  blogs, so please understand if I miss a few posts. 

I'll leave you with some photos from the annual automotive show in January. That's our mother-son tradition to go and sit in all the expensive cars. 

Sadly no one was permitted to sit in the classic car.

Smile kid (beneath the mask of course), we're spending quality time together. These are precious childhood memories in the making. Or something like that. Yes, we did get looks with Dan in a Cubs hat and his mama supporting the Sox. We've come to a place of understanding.

Thanks again for your patience.