Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Don’t Stand So Close to Me

Well here we are- another week of more or less the same routine. Experts say routine is good, so I should be doing well.
The cardoons have come back with one planting itself in an inconvenient spot. I’m leaving it but know it will be scraping everyone that comes up the  walk to our house.
The kale keeps coming!
And peas. So many flowers on the peas. We had  an extended cold season, which helps.
Baked a rhubarb/blueberry pie.
I don’t waste pastry scraps.
The boys enjoyed the pie ( I didn’t have any). This was a new pastry recipe for me that used vegetable shortening and egg. They both thought it was pleasant and flaky. I’d try it again as it rolled out easily. I’m happy to do things easier when possible.
Instead of serving cornbread or biscuits I put my Nordicware pan to use and made aebelskiver using a standard pancake recipe with half the flour replaced for cornmeal. It is all perception of course as there’s little difference from pancakes but this just looks fancier and special.
Clothes have been a little better than utilitarian but just. Obviously, inspiration is lacking as this drags on and endlessly on, but getting dressed is worthwhile even if no one sees it. This linen dress has a fun print, and good colours.
This outfit got lots of love on Instagram, and it is easy to see why. The nylon material gives it a nice flowing shape. The print is fun.
This 1970s linen dress was thrifted for change. I googled it and found a similar Rae Hepburn dress listed for $600 usd. Madness! I’m keeping it, but good heavens, for that kind of money you could buy a used car! I’ve actually bought usedcars  for less the Tempo was 500 bucks.
I like this embroidered dress. I don’t like that it makes me look like I have enormous pontoons strapped to my chest. I’m certain I already possess the natural buoyancy of fat women everywhere- I could do without having it so emphasized!
See? I wear a 36D . That’s hardly Dolly Parton territory. Anyway, this dress may become a skirt soon.
Brown for spring? Of course. What I like about this silk dress is the print is floral rather than autumnal leaves.
More thrifted clothes from ages ago. The necklace and earrings are not vintage but rather a set I purchased at K Mart about 20 years ago. 

I’ve been featuring pieces from my jewelry collection on Instagram and thought I would show a few here.
And that’s about it for interesting things. I am working on a fragrance review of a bottle of vintage Devin I scored for almost nothing online. I was worried that it would smell like Aliage. Mercifully, it did not. Anyway, review coming soon.
Hope everyone is well and staying clear of covidiots. See you next week. You 

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Stand in the Place Where You Live
If it is May, it must be apricot jam time.
I was pleased to find first crop California apricots at the organic grocery when I went last trip. In an attempt at something resembling normalcy ( yeah, I know), the yearly batch of jam was made. There’s not going to be a State Fair to enter it in this year, but it won’t dampen our enjoyment of it. 

Danny has always adored apricots. As a wee one, I knew he’d eat porridge oats if there was apricot jam. Apricot nectar, dried apricots, apricot chutney- I don’t think he’s ever met an apricot he didn’t love. I’d rather have a peach or nectarine myself, but that’s probably more a matter of texture and scent. No one ever sniffs an apricot and gets emotional ๐Ÿ˜., we have six pints now which will get us through the year.
The kale keeps chugging along! I’m glad I didn’t plant more- it grows like mad. My plans to eat it as baby leaves in salads is shot to hell because even the most earnest salad eater would have a difficult time keeping up!
Beth made good on her threat to get me in bunny slippers and I couldn’t be happier! They’re not only adorable, but truly comfortable as well. It was a positively lovely thing to do, and   I’m only sorry I don’t have a cat to torment with them! Thank you again, Beth. They’re brilliant!
The perfect accessory that goes with everything ๐Ÿ‘
The idea of smoked tea ( not smoking tea, which is something else entirely) isn’t terribly appealing to me, but cooking rice noodles in it creates an interesting effect. The recipe also used garlic, peanut butter, mint, and sesame oil so it probably wouldn’t be that strange in context. Worth trying if you’re looking to fancy up your noodles with minimal effort.
This is my idea of spring eating. Growing up in Chicago, where winter can feel endless, the first shoots of rhubarb breaking through the dirt in our front garden was a cause for celebration. My mother really didn’t bake, so instead of pie we would have it stewed with strawberries. I don’t even need the custard- just the rhubarb does me fine. I mentioned to my husband that kids would eat it raw, dipping the end in a bowl of sugar. He tried it to be polite, but I could tell he didn’t understand. Some things you just have to acquire a taste for when young.
Been putting my vintage lamp to use because... well, LOOK at it!  I’m certain there won’t be an annual Sarpy County Museum Yard Sale this year, which is sad but understandable. The volunteers are all quite elderly. The lamp was one of my favourite finds there.

How about a quick look at some of last week’s accessories?
Matching Coro Thermoset necklace and earrings also from the Sarpy Sale. Brooch doesn’t get much wear.
The tennis bracelets belonged to my mother. I always thought they were tacky, but the look has grown on me over the years.
Being at home I’ve run out of excuses for not cleaning my jewelry. Also have a habit of wearing the same things over and over so some variety was long overdue.
It isn’t nearly warm enough for shorts! Wore them anyway. This is a top and matching shorts. I have the identical set in three different prints. Now that there’s time, the shorts really ought to be hemmed shorter to cut down on the frumpiness.
When you can’t be arsed to get out of bed for photos! This is the same set in another print.
On my agenda for the rest of the week? Get Danny his learning permit so I can teach him to drive this summer๐Ÿ˜ฌ. He’s NOT going to be using MY car! Ah well, at least the streets are less busy now. Wish me luck.