Sunday, February 27, 2022

Things No One Wants


I've been thinking quite a lot about my grandmother, given the war in Ukraine. I miss her, and I wish Danny could have known her. She was small (well under five feet) but mighty as any of my friends that were ever hugged and kissed by her will tell you. "Your grandma gives hard kisses." She did. She wanted to hang onto the people she liked because she lost so, so, many.  I'm sitting in the United States largely unaffected by this (unless god help us this goes nuclear or NATO gets involved). So now, I'm going to shut up, because I'm American. There are people much closer to this that have more informed things to say about it than a housewife in the American Midwest. I will say that wars are usually the work of powerful people getting masses of civilians killed on both sides. No sane person wants war. 

In other news, 

I'm taking an Instagram break. This felt like the right time given the state of the world, but it also felt right because I can no longer dress to disguise what's happening to my body. I suppose it was an arbitrary number, but I said if I dropped below 7st I would take a posting break, and that's what I'm doing. I worry about people, especially the young ones that have or are vulnerable to eating disorders. I wouldn't like to see people that look like me on runways or in fashion magazines because it is dangerous to the impressionable, so I won't contribute to that either. No, I'm not a model, but in showing the daily outfits, it IS a form of modelling. I feel like I have a responsibility as an adult on that site (and on tumblr too) not to do anything that might encourage anyone that's needing help. Eating disorders are deadly. My illness isn't an eating disorder of course, but no one knows that watching the images scroll by on the internet. I've been very public about my illness here, which is why I've taken a zero-tolerance approach to blocking people that don't respect that. So far, I've only had to block one person, and it made me sad, but after being corrected several times I can only assume that person is either sick or hostile. Either way, I can no longer permit them to participate on the blog. 

I don't know if I will post photos here, where people understand what's going on. I think it is long past being pleasant to see me actually wearing the outfits and I could still show what I wore laid out on the bed before getting dressed. I'll see how it goes. I don't want to upset people, even if they understand what's happening that doesn't mean they necessarily wish to see it. I'm running out of clothes that fit anyway. Might be a good time to photograph my accessories.  I've been tired, and getting dressed up posting takes a certain amount of energy too. So we'll see. 

Take care, and if you're the praying sort of person praying for peace wouldn't be out of place at this point. It couldn't hurt.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Your Phone's Off The Hook, But You're Not

 Phone? Hook? What's THAT?! Oh you kids.

Hello 80s vintage lovers. Have I ever unearthed a treat for you. Leo by Shelli Segal, the precursor to her taking over Laundry. This is peak shoulder pad as far as I know. I don't think they could have gone much larger. I don't know why the jacket looks darker in the photo, I didn't notice it in person. Then again, my house is very dark so it is possible it escaped me. No matter, it is a set.

Interesting hemline alone, but with the jacket it really creates an interesting overall silhouette. 
The corset lacing in back is cute, but awful if you're driving a car of sitting in a chair with a back. 
Seriously large shoulder pads. I'm not sure if I am horrified, or secretly impressed. On the right sort of person this suit would have been killer. Sadly, I'm not really that sort of woman. Also, the high waist was bothering me, so I gave up and changed clothes, but I did want to snap a few photos before packing the outfit away. A good collection piece though. 

It wouldn't be an 80s outfit without an eelskin bag. We sure did fall in love with all things eelskin back then. 

The outfit I changed into was a wool skirt and a velvet jacket that I thought could take one more wear before cleaning. The velvet burnout scarf is something my mother in law brought back from a trip to China in the early 2000s. 
Earrings are modern, brooch opens into a locket that came with (I am not making this up) a photograph of Bob Hope. Yeah, just what every gal wants😝. I removed Bob, though I haven't replaced the photo. Maybe I can get one of Dorothy Lamour or Bing Crosby. Vintage collecting is never dull, that's for sure.
This 60s jacket from Casual Corner is part of a suit, but here I wore it with a green lace skirt I've been neglecting. The lining has become somewhat stiff with time-a sort of taffeta material that feels like it would split if I sat carelessly, but aside from that, the lace has maintained structural integrity. It is rare to find these pieces without tears needing repair. 
The necklace is reverse painted plastic. I believe it was an Avon piece but now as I write the post, I couldn't swear to it. There was so much of that sort of thing available in the 70s. 
Bracelet was a recently thrifted piece.
An underappreciated brown handbag by Spilene. I like bags with compartments. Nothing worse than fishing about in a dark bag looking for something. 

 The sweater is modern, and I thrifted it new and unworn. The penny loafers are old. Probably from the 80s. They're Bass because really, is there any other penny loafer worth buying? These are indestructible. I have a pair in Oxblood as well. 

I had to go for blood work last week, and the poor young woman trying to draw my blood just couldn't get it. Try after try. Finally she found a vein on the other arm, but we were laughing because most of the time my veins are popping out all over like a bodybuilder! No idea why they do that, but if I want it to go away, all I need to do is walk into a medical office and suddenly I go back to normal. Like the Incredible Hulk

See what I mean? Whatever you do, you don't want to make me angry. I did recently come close to having it out with a maskless idiot but I didn't think telling him to, "Eat a bag of dicks" would have accomplished much, no matter how satisfying it would have been. For everyone that says I have a temper, they have NO CLUE how much I'm suppressing. 

Enough of that. I finally wore the M Missoni sweater I thrifted. Looking at the prices they get for these new (and this is the "cheaper" Missoni?!) would it be too much to ask for seams that aren't itchy? It was so badly finished. I would be mad if I hadn't thrifted it for next to nothing.
Also a pain in the behind to photograph, but you get the idea.
Cool belt though, eh?  
The tote bag is rather fabulous as well. 
Reminds me a bit of my sofa. What can I say, I have an established love of tapestry.

Nothing here you haven't seen before though I'm not sure I've ever worn it all together.
Mexican tourist necklace. I have so many of these, but I absolutely love them. My mother had a really beautiful one shaped like the Pyramid of the Sun, but it broke. I'm always on the lookout for a similar shape. Mine are all round or teardrop. I have to laugh at the people trying to sell these online as "Rare vintage." They're vintage true enough, but there's no shortage of mid-century tourist tat from Mexico. $65USD for one of these? Absurd. I don't think I've ever paid more than five. Unless you're in Australia or somewhere very far from Mexico it is hard to imagine spending that sort of money. Save your dough-I'll sell you one for what they're worth. 

This skirt was a bit of a surprise. I thought I was buying a rolled-up remnant of vintage rayon, but at home when I opened it up, it was a skirt. I can't remember anything like that ever happening to me. 
Giant handbag

Another bodysuit. They're not the most imaginative way to layer an outfit, but so much easier to deal with than a blouse. Things that stay tucked-in will always have a home in my wardrobe.
This jacket is part of a vintage Pendleton suit bought close to thirty years ago. No idea what happened to the skirt, but I'm sure I still have it somewhere.

The beautiful brooch was a gift from Beth Waltz. It goes so perfectly with this jacket. There's matching earrings but with masks, etc. I was afraid of losing one so I wore less precious ones. 

Tomatoes for Valentine's? Why not?!
Vintage coat getting the first wear in a while.
Yes, it is absolutely bonkers.

A dress like this is great as it doesn't matter if it is a bit too large. The belt takes care of that. 
This outfit is a nice mix of modern and vintage. The cardigan was originally from Target and for a cheap thing is rather nicely constructed. The skirt is vintage polyester knit made to look like black denim. The turtleneck/poloneck is from Sears sometime in the 70s and has a zip up neck.

My turtle brooch hardly gets worn, so I needed to remedy that.

Elastic waists are great. I don't know why I resisted them so much when I was younger. The ugly shoes are Josef Seibel and while they're great when my circulation is bad, they are frankly, ugly as fuck. I suppose with the right bit of attitude they can be a statement, but stylish might be close to impossible. 

No pain waistband!

Wore my lightweight winter coat because the weather has been so flaky. One day it is summerlike, the next freezing rain and snow. Worryingly, it has been dry and having brush fires across the state in February is almost unheard of. 
I love this coat so much. It was an absolute bargain and every time I wear it a stranger will stop to compliment it. It will be a useful thing to have in spring when I still require a coat, but nothing too heavy. It has been nice getting a bit of a weather break so that we don't need to run the furnace as high as usual with prices skyrocketing. 

Know what will warm you up? A nice bowl of soup. This one is Navy Bean but made with turkey bacon instead of a ham hock. More cabbage than beans, but that's what I had. No one starved. 
And there were the rye waffles. I don't have the energy to bake these days, but these are quick and easy and sort of healthy made with all rye flour and some oat milk. Dan's waffle iron is getting plenty of use. 
I grind up the caraway seeds which seems to work better. A batch only takes 1 egg, but I've also made them with 3 egg whites instead. Much like bread, waffles are adaptable to what you have. I use a good quality corn oil instead of butter.

This one was a recipe from the Guardian for chickpea and chard soup that I did with spinach, and vegan whipping cream in place of the yoghurt. The bread is a low carb sort the Diabetic favours but after being toasted hard was just perfect for this soup. The recipe is HERE
Now that everyone's warmed up with some soup. we can return to the clothes.
I managed to stain the shirt with 1). blood from a cut finger and 2). coffee. The coffee stains are proving harder to remove though they get lighter with each treatment. It is a vintage 80s made in Korea piece that I rather like and would hopefully still be able to wear even with subtle staining. I'm such a slob and can't have nice things.

Also the first wear of my first ever padded bra. I never imagined I'd require one, but here we are. This one is comfortable and unwired and made by Hanes. They're great and do a range of sizes. Website is HERE. Frequent coupon offers as well so definitely sign up for the emails. Not a sponsored post, just like the product.
I bought this handbag about 10 years ago and never used it. The tag from the thrift shop inside said, $2.98 I'm sure their prices for handbags have gone up from that. No idea why it wasn't used as it holds quite a lot and is comfortable to carry. Oh well, better late than never I guess. 

Speaking of better late than never, I finally wore this silver 60s coat dress. The photos don't really show how metallic it is. On a sunny day it could be a hazard.
A long-gone department store

I'm a little uncomfortable wearing short sleeves or anything that exposes my arms as they're looking a bit scary. My legs are too, but I can disguise that in tights. I don't know what I'll do in warmer weather but I'll be looking for lightweight clothes with long sleeves and hems. I try not to look at myself getting dressed/undressed but sometimes that's unavoidable in the bathroom mirror. Like most things I try not to think too much about it, and just get on with it but sometimes that's really hard. Anyway, this is a rare short-sleeved outfit that after seeing the photos I probably wouldn't wear again. I'm going to move it along to a better home where it can be worn by someone less self conscious. I don't know guys-pray for a long winter?!

Finally, there's this combination of modern clothing and vintage accessories. 
And a silly pose...That's a thumb-hole in the sleeve, not a tear.
At least my face hasn't thinned out (Thanks, Prednisone!). The lapis necklace was purchased online last year. I've barely had the opportunity to wear it.
Last April. around the time I started getting ill. I had no idea what was ahead. Anyway, on a lighter note I should dig out those earrings and wear them. They're antique Czech glass in modern settings.  I did have the glasses remade into different frames though they wouldn't refund the cost of the frames. I still have them in case Mr. ETB needs new ones. They look better on him.

Now to the Guilty Pleasure Playlist
Your Phone's Off The Hook But You're Not by LA New Wave band, X

See you next time