Saturday, May 17, 2014

Do You Mind if I Ask What Your Costume Is?

She caught me so off guard I just blurted out, "I always dress this way!" The poor woman looked so aghast, I tried to put her at ease by letting her know I'm pleased with my status as the neighbourhood oddball. No need to apologise, really.
Funnily enough, this is one of the least, "Costume-y" getups I've worn. Maybe a little dated, but hardly a costume.
I've been waiting for a bright, sunny day to wear this Chessa Davis skirt. This is the sort of vintage piece you only wear in good weather (and neither eat nor drink whilst wearing it). The previous owner kept it in perfect condition, and I figure it deserves the same respect from me. You can read more about Chessa Davis here:
You can see the thought that went into making this skirt, right down to the  lace on the underskirt. This is so well-made I could spend hours studying and admiring the work.
The lace panel is sturdy, and the floral panel has a flocked material on the petals.
There's quite a bit of material here, but the belt helped hold it all in place. I wasn't sure it would fit when I made the purchase, but it has room, and then some.
Outfit Particulars:

Chessa Davis skirt-Thrift World, Millard
Peasant Top-K Mart (a couple years ago)
1970's jacket by, Nitwear of Miami-Goodwill
Necklace and earrings-K Mart
Vintage bamboo bracelets-Hand-Me-Ups
Bakelite bracelets-thrifted here and there
Hair flowers-Tiff and Tam
Wooden handbag-Hand-Me-Ups
Lippy- Maybellene Fuchsia Flash (I am currently purchasing and stockpiling as much of this new shade as possible in case they kill it. This is my, "Forever" shad of lipstick. I love it that much)
Pink lipstick doesn't get better than this.
 Oh look, another yellow jacket (thank goodness I'm not allergic to yellowjackets 'caus I'd be dead by now!) Har, har.
 Costume, eh? If I ever did put on a costume, you'd know it. Why do things halfway?
After the Saturday puppet show at the library (excellent, as always) we went over to Standing Bear Lake for a bit. Across the lake, there was a massive fire billowing smoke that could be seen miles away. I think it was a grass fire as the smoke was light coloured, but if that was my massive million dollar home in the foreground, I'd be out there spraying water on my roof, just in case. Would you look at the size of that house?

On the way home, we stopped at the butcher to get Mr. ETB some ground lamb for sausages. The store slogan is, "You Can't Beat Our Meat." I had to explain it to Danny, who of course now finds it hysterical. Slogans aside, it is the last of the old-time butcher shops in Omaha, and they have everything. They also have an assortment of quality cheeses, and they do inexpensive takeaway meals.
This week's Saturday family movie is 1984. Danny was reading the book last year just as the Snowden story was breaking. You couldn't ask for a more, "teachable" moment. Hope your weekend is doubleplusgood.


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Fantastic polka dot jacket! Thank you so much for the chai concentrate recipe. Chai lattes are a favorite of mine that I only indulge in every now and then. And the only recipes I've come across have called for instant tea. Well, maybe in the civilized world but not here in rural Nova Scotia. I'm gonna try your recipe tomorrow.

Happy long weekend!

pastcaring said...

Costume? That's hilarious. "I've come as someone with taste, individuality and a love of colourful, well-made clothes from years gone by - what have you come as?"
The skirt is a work of art, so pretty, and since I am a fan of yellow, I am especially smitten with the whole outfit. In fact, I was wearing yellow and white myself yesterday, so snap. And there is that wooden box bag, looking wonderful too.
I chuckled at the butcher's slogan! That type of "old-fashioned" butcher, and proper fishmongers, are getting rarer here too, unless you live somewhere swanky. xxxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Ugh, the costume questions! Here in Oz I get people stammering out a half-assed compliment or "what have you come as?" which is a pretty rude thing to say here. Which is fine, coz then I get to be twice as rude back coz, hey they started it!!! Your yellow necklace just hit me in the face - thank you, I needed that, it's gorgeous!! xoxo

Sue said...

I agree with Curtise, great reply she came up with. I just don't get why people have the audacity to ask such utterly stoopid questions. Oh thats right, because they are STOOPID!! I would rather be one of us original not scared to wear what we like peeps rather than one of those Stoopid clones of boring!!

Autumn said...

Amazing skirt, I really like this whole look.
I sent my daughter to buy the brightest pink lipstick for me for an 80's party a while back. Turned out to be this perfect fuchsia and she is beyond embarrassed that it has become my daily go-to. Love it!

Goody said...


That's the best part of having kids-embarrassing them.

In the 80's I was fond of a bright pink called Sea Fleur. I think it was Revlon (Loreal, maybe?)and it was BRIGHT. If they made that again, I'd buy it in bulk.

Helga said...

Such a gorgeous outfit!!!
Peoples reactions are SO odd at times! I often just get asked if it's a special occasion, to which I always answer YES. Everyday is a special occasion, such a shame not everyone gets that!

Eliza Brown said...

I love your style, it's amazing and individual! Individuality scares some people, it's a shame.