Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Always Fall Asleep Reading, So I Wore My Nightie to the Library

Maxi dress, nightie, what the hell's the difference? I was nice and cool swooping about in my flow-y gown. I should have looked at these photos before leaving because as fate would have it, the one time I fail to wear a slip...
I discover after the fact that the dress is basically transparent. Whoops!
Somehow I failed to notice this. I suppose it explains the strange little man winking at me. It wasn't creepy or anything, just one of those reactions I get going about dressed as I do.
Yeah, that's definitely a nightly. I wasn't completely sure when I wore it, but editing photos does give you a better chance to examine the brushed polyester. Can I just point out that Empire waists don't look good on anyone, much less someone with an ample bosom. Didn't stop me wearing it, but really, enough with the crazy high waists already!
Outfit Particulars:

1970's maxi dress/nightie-Thrift World
Hair flowers-Tiff and Tam
Slip (whoops! I forgot.)
Necklace-Can't remember, I have two nearly identical, the other is rhinestone
Earrings-50's clips purchased somewhere in Wisconsin
Ring- K Mart last weekend for a whopping .49 cents (they had a great clearance sale)
1950's handbag-Hand-Me-Ups

So I still can't manage bracelets, but look at this set I bought for when my arm rash quiets down
Come on arms, heal already!

Remember kids, if you think your dress is a nightie, it probably is-and it will need a slip. All right, see you on the flip-side.


Sue said...

Thumbs up for a nighty that to me doesn't look like a nighty but looks like a fabulous maxi dress, see through or not it looked great. That would have been a wink of appreciation I would say, nothing like a hint of something under a full length nighty/maxi!!

Curtise said...

I've got a couple of maxi length nighties I wear as dresses too - doesn't everyone? I love yours, it's all swirly and girly and romantic. And not actually that see through, there's just a hint of the Lady Diana leg outline, not full on see-it-all porn! I trust you had your granny knickers on anyway?
Ooh, pretty bracelet, yes I hope you can wear that beauty very soon. Gorgeous birdy bag too. xxx

Joanna said...

You could just pretend you were sleep walking:)? This looks like a very comfortable outfit. With the buttons at the top of the waist, maybe it just is a dress? A very lovely outfit and so cool that you got your bag to match so well.

Curtise said...

PS. You've inspired me to get my nightie out too - see the blog for details! xxx

Unknown said...

Look at you, you slipless, nightly wearing person you. Not everyone can pull off this look, but you do it with style and aplomb. Love the bag lots and new bracelet is nice too.

Connie said...

I really do think we should all wear nighties All The Time! I am inspired. You look dreamy.

Goody said...

Maybe we're onto something here. I'd prefer a Nightie Brigade to a Red Hat Club, and I'm in excellent company.

Thanks all, I have the world's best enablers!

Propagatrix said...

I think the nightie is quite spectacular. We need to buy up all the late '60s/early '70s Grecian-style ones, make daisy crowns, and stage an "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature" flash mob somewhere.

On Wednesday I thought of you when I found a lovely Enid Collins bag at the antique mall near my in-laws' retirement castle. You would have kvelled. (Did I say that right?)

Goody said...

Well gawd, I hope you bought the bag.

Love the flash mob idea, except only the over 40 crowd would get it.