Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nut-Free Passover Dishes

This list is by no means comprehensive, but things have a way of getting buried in the depths of this blog to be forgotten. Let me know if I've forgotten something. I'll update the list from time to time as I make/remember things. I will Do an Easter List next.

Nut-free Haroset/Charosset
Mixed Vegetable Bake-Passover/Nut Free
Cream Puffs/Soup "No Mandel" Passover/Nut Free
Carrot and Potato Patties-Passover/Nut-Free
Passover Poutine ("Jewtine")
Vegetable Passover "Lasagne"
Passover Nut Free Crispy Sticks
Passover Nut-Free Veggie Knishes
No Bake Passover Nut-Free Chocolate Matzo Roll
Passover-Nut Free Bagels
Gefilte Fish
Passover Nut-Free Potato Crust Pizzas
Passover Nut-Free Brownies II
Passover Nut-Free Manicotti/Blintzes/Crepes
Passover Nut-Free Macaroons
Meatless/Nut Free/Passover Cabbage Rolls
Nut-Free Passover Sponge Cake
Matzo Balls
Passover Eggplant Parmesan
Iced Curry Soup
Passover Adaptable to Nut-Free Chocolate Cake(You can omit the almonds with no harm done)
Passover Potato Kugel With Carrots


Anonymous said...

This list is perfect, thanks so much!

Goody said...

You're so very welcome. I hope you find something that you enjoy. Pesach can be a minefield when it comes to nuts (the kind that grow on trees, not the family;)