Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Sunshine Superman

Long time no see. Sorry about that. Life, blah, blah, blah.
The lovely Veronica at Vronni's Style Meanderings graciously nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I'm flattered as I don't really view myself as being in possession of a sunny disposition, so I will do my best to keep this on a positive note. Veronica is one of my favourite bloggers as she has built an incredible wardrobe through charity shop purchases, and has a wonderful way of putting together an outfit. She's inspired me to try everything from bright trousers and tunics to gigantic necklaces and head scarves. An avid walker, volunteer, and all around lovely human being, I am so grateful for the blogging community that introduced us. As part of the award, I am tasked with answering a set of questions and then tagging others with questions of my own. I won't tag anyone as some people don't enjoy this sort of thing, but will offer my own questions at the end of the post and encourage anyone that cares to participate to do so. 

Question #1-Why did you start blogging?
High point of rural life is a trip to the farm store to see the chicks in spring.

When I was expecting Danny, it seemed like a nice way to document motherhood, homeschooling, and rural life along with my learning to cook.  In 2001 we moved from Boston, Massachusetts to a very small town in rural Nebraska where we lived on a farm for the next dozen years. I had to learn a completely different way of life as there wasn't any popping down to the corner store, or going out for a meal. Trips to the city were planned, and as a result I had to get creative with budgeting and cooking.
Our home library/classroom on the farm.Those were double-sided bookcases in the front!
Question #2-Has your blog changed since you started it?
Absolutely! In 15 years I've grown older (sadly, true) and my interests have shifted from cooking and life on a farm to showcasing my vintage clothing collection, living in the city, and my love of thrift shopping. I don't blog much about running (boring!), but it is a large part of my life since 2015. 
I can't remember the last time I made candied citrus slices.

Question #3-Blogging is time consuming-What are the challenges you find in finding the time?
It isn't easy! These days I spend most of my online time on Instagram @Goodymcgoodface or on Tumblr ( I try to keep the blog for longer, more thought out posts or storytelling. 

Question #4-When do you write a post, morning or evening?
This has changed over the years. Initially, I wrote in the evenings after Danny went to bed. As he grew older, that became later, so I shifted to mornings. These days I am not up at 5 am as I am no longer on the farm, so I tend to write my posts in bits throughout the day, stringing it together when I get a block of uninterrupted time. 

Question #5-What is your favourite topic?
Perfume! As a devoted fume-head, I will happily speak at length on the subject. I try to limit the fragrance posts on the blog as I know not everyone shares my interest. I consider my daily fragrance choice as carefully as my outfit. 

Question #6-What's the thing you love most about blogging?
The people I've met! Rural life can be terribly isolating. Even when I did get to know people, we rarely shared the same interests. Through blogging I've met people from all walks of life, around the world, brought together by common interests. I've learned so much from my readers!
Having friends outside the US is helpful when you need a poster of the Canadian Prime Ministers for school!
Question #7-What is the thing you like least?
Looking back over 15 years of blogging and seeing some of the terrifying food I've fed my family. There's a learning curve with cooking and mine was steep! Without a blog as evidence, I could deny ever having fed them Jell-O salads. 

Gala pie made with venison. Learn from my mistakes and DO NOT DO THIS!

Question #8-Where do you see yourself and blog in five years?

That's an interesting question as we are living in such an unsettled time. I hope I'm still blogging. By that time Danny will be out on his own, and I'm not certain what I'll be doing. Whatever it is, I hope to be sharing it with you if you'll permit me. 

Now my questions for you if you care to participate:
1) How did you discover blogging?
2) Tell us a bit about where you're from
3) Your life's theme song
4) favourite childhood memory

If you choose to answer, link back to the blog that nominated you (this one). Answer the questions. Nominate others if you feel comfortable doing so. Provide questions for others to answer. 

Thank you again for this lovely award, Veronica.


bahnwärterin said...

congrats to you!
and thanks to vronni for giving you that award and asking those questions - i learned something new about your blog and your life. fabulous outfits!

Vix said...

What a cracking read! I can;'t imagine living somewhere remote, the very idea fill me - a non-driver- with absolute dread!
You look fantastic in those leather trousers and those pictures of Danny are adorable. XXX

Polyester Princess said...

Congratulations on your award. Vronni really knew how to pick her nominees, didn't she? Three out of four are not nominating anyone ... I loved reading your answers, especially on why you started blogging, and how your blog has changed - significantly! - over the years. I adore your first outfit (almost picked up a very similar blouse/jacket today!) and you're really rocking those leather trousers. And I think your natural curls are absolutely fabulous! xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Goody, you are too kind!

I loved reading your answers; I find the different ways people have got into blogging absolutely fascinating and yours is no different. The pictures of Danny are gorgeous especially the one of him with the chicks; he's scarcely more than a chick himself!

I am loving your curly hair you look so fabulous. All the photos are great but the one of you in the leather trousers and black and chartreuse top are just stunning - you look like a Rock Chick!

I am lusting after your perfume collection - I bet you have more stashed away somewhere....

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Woohoo!! She's rocking that naturally curly hair without a care!
I recall discovering your blog by googling a recipe for lemon & mace cookies. There were few comments on your blog back then. I binge read your blog for like 2 days - loved your writing style & tales of Danny growing up on a farm. Through your blog I found many links to other interesting blogs on the blogger platform - all quite unique ith all sorts of different hobbies.
That navy & white dotted shirt in the first ppic- my mom had a Fire Islander Woman pantsuit in the 70s just like that. She styled it with a red tank underneath too!

Beth Waltz said...

I was trying to wrap my imagination around an image of you on a farm -- without success -- and then up popped the image of the home library and ta dah!

Love the floofy hair! This is the coiffeur of spring, unfettered by wooly hats and knotted scarves!

Mim said...

Aaah, the 'fumes. That's a nice arrangement there. Like you I pick the right one for each day, a careful matching to outfit and mood. I love seeing your photos on Instagram; they always cheer me up.

Goody said...

Thank you!

Rural life is near impossible without a car which is why old people in their 90s are still driving there long after they should have stopped. I understand it though, and I lived in fear of breaking a leg or being unable to drive.

Yeah, I just don't feel like I know anyone well enough to tag. I didn't mind being nominated though. I loved reading your post as well.

Thank you. And thank you again for nominating me-it was great fun. If I'm a rock chick, where are my groupies? Could you see me with a group of toyboys following me around:)

Thank you. I've really enjoyed your blog as well. I had Haloscan for comments erly on and of course they're all gone now as the company folded. I'm sad about that as there were people who no longer blog that I miss. Ah well, what can you do? Google plus is taking all the comments down after the 31st.

I did indeed survive 12 years (and a tornado) on the farm. I don't miss the flies though! I've been thinking about you, and I hope you're doing ok. That's a LOT to deal with at once.

Thank you-I enjoy your photos as well. I've been wearing Bracken and Diorissimo in rotation since the warmer weather came. I'm ploughing through Bracken at a terrifying rate which I need to stop doing as it costs more than my monthly grocery shop. I'm sure I won't want to wear it in the heat of summer though.