Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Look What the Postman Brought From Bibi

Not only am I going to be dining on fancy dates from the UAE, I'm going to smell delicious as well. There's a third bag of dates not shown because we've already devoured a good portion. Lugging all this from Nepal must have been a hassle, and just wanted to say how much I appreciate it. Blogging has introduced me to the most wonderful people.

Thank you again, Bibi!

In other news, Goodylands will be going live sometime in the next few weeks. I'm still building the site, but hopefully you'll soon be able to dress like Goody because she'll be selling you vintage clothing. I'm focusing on plus sizes to start, though eventually I'll include straight sizes as well. I might do that as a sister site, or on ebay. I've never liked being forced to scroll through listings that won't fit my big ass, and I'm guessing other fat people feel the same. I'm going to be offering larger accessories as well. As it gets closer to launch, I'll keep you updated. Right now I'm focused on learning to use a steamer, taking decent photos, and trying to make the Shopify store not look like someone in their 50s made it (yes, I'm aware of the running jokes about baby boomers that can't use tech).

I know this blog has been neglected of late, and I do appreciate everyone taking the time to come here. If you're primarily interested in outfit photos, I post those most days on Instagram. I'm @goodymcgoodface. You can view the posts without joining though you won't be able to comment. I'm also on Tumblr as @goodymcgoodface, though who knows how long Tumblr has left as a site. I really use that one to re-post things that amuse me.

That's about it for now. Thank you with your patience as I switch gears yet again. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

You are sooo welcome Jen!
I think a vintage shop catering to plus sizes is a fabulous idea! I do not even bother looking at vintage clothes as there’s RARELY anything that will accommodate my 50 inch bust.
Look forward to purchasing and perusing your new online store!
<3 Bibi

Emily from Etsy said...

What lovely bottles you have! How nice of Bibi!

Looking forward to seeing the new web store!

Vix said...

What a lovely, thoughtful gift! I love dates!
Good luck with your venture.
I can't comment or like anything on IG any more unless I borrow Jon's phone, it won't support me using my PC any more so please don't think I'm ignoring you! xxx

bahnwärterin said...

exiting news!!!
and how sweet bibi is to give you such wonderful pressies!

Polyester Princess said...

What a wonderful gift! Can't blame you for already having devoured a good portion of those dates. Looking forward to visit Goodylands, and what a great idea to cater for plus sizes. I'm so glad I signed up on Instagram, as I love seeing your daily outfits. xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Gorgeous gifts from Bibi!

How exciting, a new venture! If I'd been able to keep up with everyone's blogs on holiday I'd know all about this, of course. It sounds like a marvellous idea and I shall be there admiring the goodys...see what I did there?

Mim said...

OMG I am so there for Goodylands. I'll tell all my pals about it once I've cherrypicked the best stuff ;-)

I bet those perfumes smell wonderful.

Beth Waltz said...

That will be me, up there in the cherry picker basket alongside Mim, picking cherries...especially if the Goodylands inventory includes items from your jewelry boxes/trunks.

Goody said...

I have been enjoying those fragrances so much.

I hope to have it up soon. Those Arthes fragrances are shockingly good.

Instagram is such a pain!

Hope to have the shop open soon. Doing all the photography is challenging. Bibi knows my tastes in perfume and food ;)

Thank you. I love seeing your daily outfit posts as well.

Ha, good one!
I haven't been posting much, so you didn't miss anything exciting from me. I've been mulling this over for some time.

If you do end up finding stuff let me know and we can figure out some sort of postage arrangement. American shipping rates are insane, so I'm not planning to do much outside the US.

I definitely want to include accessories!