Monday, November 18, 2019


November already, eh? Guess I have some catching up to do. Shall we start with some proper outfit photos? Good! Let's get started.

When I found this polyester crepe dress on the rail at Goodwill, I didn't have a clue how I'd style it, but it was so absurdly twee, I couldn't say no for .99 cents. At worst, I figured it would be easy enough to pass along. When something looks a bit too sweet, my fist reaction is to throw a bunch of black at it, and that's exactly what happened here...
This frock coat/dress zips from both top and bottom providing a variety of looks.
Here's a close-up of the hem details. It is such a lovely piece, but ever so difficult to photograph. You'll have to trust me that in person, the effect is stunning.
The belt buckle felt very Etruscan Revival to me, and honestly, what goes better with a frock coat? I found this stunning buckle on a ratty 80s vinyl belt. I disposed of the belt and was left with this gorgeous piece.
I have to share the lace edging on this Dior slip. It is such a beautiful thing, and was probably expensive retail.

Outfit Particulars:
1980s dress-Goodwill
Dior slip-Thrift World
Frock coat-Goodwill
Boots-K Mart
Tano of Madrid handbag-Goodwill
Belt buckle-Hand-Me-Ups
Jet brooch at neck-can't remember
French Jet (glass) beads-Goodwill
Fragrance-Maroussia (heavy on the civet, but still wearable. I'm indifferent though. Probably wouldn't buy more).

My little photobomber in the back seat. He's camera shy these days (like most teenage boys). Shame really, because his hair could have an Instagram account. Clearly, he doesn't get the good hair from me. Anyway, car selfie that makes me look much better than I do! What is it about light filtering through tempered glass that makes me look so good? I should take all my photos in the car..
...because most days, I look like this­čśĆ.
This outfit was easy to style as it was full-on 70s. A Gitano denim skirt, Cyn-Les novelty sweater, and a wooden box bag only needed a pair of clog boots to complete the look. Basically, that's me circa 1978, except the sweater would say, "Hug Me" because the adults in my life were trying to torture me. Thank god no one actually tried hugging me. 
 How cute is that bag?!
 I would have killed for boots like these in the 70s.
The detail on the sweater is remarkable. 

Outfit Particulars:
Cyn-Less 70s sweater-Hand-Me-Ups
Gitano denim 70s skirt-Goodwill
Boots-New Life Thrift
Fragrance-Avon Charisma (I have a lifetime supply stockpiled)

This was snapped in the basement of the Swanson  Library in Omaha. I live across the street. On Thursdays and  the first Saturday of each month the Friends of the Omaha Public Library have a  used books sale that is spread over three rooms in the downstairs area. Some books are withdrawn library editions but many are donations. For a very small sum you can find all sorts of wonderful books, which we took full advantage of over 10 years of homeschooling. The volunteers run it like a bookstore, and it easy easy to search by subject for titles that might interest you. There's a rare book room as well. If a trip to Omaha is in your future, I encourage you to visit the sale. In addition  to books there's vinyl records, ephemera, movies, DVDs and more. 
Built in 1966 on an oddly shaped parcel of land, the beautiful building more than makes up for the impossible to navigate parking lots. That the architect had the vision to plunk this brutalist style building into a tightly settled residential neighbourhood on one side, and the thoroughfare of Dodge Street on the other is something to appreciate. In 1966 this area of Omaha was still emerging from being farmland, but the city was expanding west. Originally, the library was planned for the even more residential neighbourhood of 87th and Pacific. When this land became available the plans changed. Inside, the building is flooded with natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows. The library wasn't the only reason we moved to this part of Omaha, but it was certainly a consideration. 
Later that day, I stopped by another favourite piece of Omaha architecture to grab some photos before it is gone. The building has recently sold, and I wanted to capture the iconic sign for the Shorthorn Association before the new owners take it down. I hope they don't raze the building, but that's always a possibility. Let me tell you, standing in front of the Shorthorn Association building in Western wear gets some laughs from passersby. Thankfully, I didn't cause any accidents. It was heartening to see how many people wanted to wait until we finished before turning and ruining our shot. In this photo, I'm waving someone by. At the time this building went up in the 60s, this was considered, "The country." Anyone that's been stuck in traffic at 84th and Center lately could be forgiven for not believing it. 
Outfit Particulars:
vintage skirt-Goodwill
Vintage ultrasuede jacket (part of a suit)-Goodwill
Sweater-K Mart
Vintage tooled bag-New Life Thrift
Square-toed tall boots-Goodwill
Fragrance-I'm pretty sure I wore Bandit that day because I have a sense of humour

 Though there isn't a rule, I don't start wearing the satin/velvet/sparkles until mid-November. Of course a piece or two gets worn, but the really loud/festive stuff I leave for the Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday season. Pre-holiday, I tend to go with nice, mid-weight woolens unlike the heavy woolens I'll be needing through January and February. Midwestern winters are long, so I try to pace my wardrobe.
This 70s wool skirt has several colour matching opportunities. The herringbone texture adds some interest. I didn't need another wool skirt, but it was nicely lined and although no one sees it, the skirt hangs nicer for it. 
Outfit Particulars:
vintage wool skirt-Hand-Me-Ups
L.L.Bean lambswool cardigan-Goodwill
60s purple acrylic mock-neck sweater-Thrift World
Boots (I think) Goodwill
Fragrance:Vintage L'Origan
I paid .99 cents for that bottle at Goodwill. It was unopened. I just adore it on an autumn day. 

So, I have some good news/bad news/don't know yet news I'll slip in here since some of my Instagram followers already know I had a breast biopsy last week. The good news is that it is benign. I am relieved most of all because I don't know how on earth I would have paid for surgery/treatment/etc. I have insurance-very good insurance actually, but in the US that doesn't mean much if you still have co-pays, deductibles, and your 20% of god knows how many thousands of dollars. Just the diagnostics alone are putting a serious dent in my savings. So yes, it is a giant relief.  

I also had an abnormal Pap test. That happens, but once they ruled out infection and sexually transmitted disease, it started looking like I might have a problem. I have another biopsy scheduled for that at the start of next month. I'm not terribly worried, and should it come to a hysterectomy, that's fine-I am long through with having babies. 

The really scary problem, which we know is a problem is cardiac. Oh, I hear you all going, "Well duh! You've known about this for ages." That's true. Imagine my surprise when everyone suddenly decided it was a very serious problem that needs to be addressed now! Look, I've lived though a direct hit from a tornado. If I didn't panic then, I'm not going to panic now. I did realise that part of the reason I was ignoring it was because I loathed my GP. I've only seen him twice in several years and once was for a concussion. I knew with all this potential medical stuff ahead of me that I didn't want to be dealing with him, so I called the hospital and asked to be referred to a woman doctor, preferably younger. They sent me to an osteopath instead of an M.D. I didn't notice that until they sent an appointment confirmation but I went, and I like her! I really detest the medical nonsense (and arrogance) so this was a happy accident. She can still prescribe medicine and order tests, do hospital admissions, etc. If I'm looking at a bunch of crap from illness, the less time  I spend dealing with Mr. Lab Coat's ego, the better. But hey, there's more good news-I'm not diabetic. I didn't think I was, but if you are a fat woman walking into a doctor's office the first thing they want to check is your blood sugar. I am not even remotely diabetic. At all. What's more, my "Good" cholesterol is very, very good (because I am a distance runner, duh) but the bad is very, very bad. I've been a vegetarian since 1983 and that's probably a very good thing. So no Christmas cheese for Goody this year, unless they make one laced with statins. I did buy some vegan Parmesan which isn't the same but also isn't terrible.

Then Danny got sick. He's been dealing with this particular issue for over a year, but it has escalated and well, yeah. I won't go into detail out of respect for his privacy but will say contracting e coli in addition hasn't been fun. If you ever need to find a toilet in Omaha-just ask, he knows where they are. All of them. 

Okay, enough about all that! I just wanted to post an update to no one starts thinking the worst. It was funny that all this started happening after we wrote wills and set up power of attorney in the event of illness. Talk about being Nerfed by the universe! In the process of pre-planning my funeral arrangements I found out Launer will make bespoke handbags. I think that would be an awesome final resting place for my ashes unless they can make me a bespoke bodybag to be buried in. It would probably still be cheaper than a casket-and better constructed. I'm guessing they wouldn't do a body bag (LV would do it for sure, but where's the cachet in that?!) because it would "dilute the brand image". I mean, maybe if the Queen requested it, but not for someone like me. If I croak I'm counting on you guys to help crowdfund my Launer final resting place!

More outfits to get our minds off all that? 
Dress like a 70s geography teacher day, 2019. 
just add a corduroy blazer...
...with elbow patches. That's it! Sorry, that's
 a blurry photo! 

This time of year the indoor light at our place is terrible, but I try to work the shadows to an advantage by taking "atmospheric" photos on the stairs. 
This early 80s polyester dress is brown with pink/mauve details. The boots are brown as well though they look somewhat purple in the photo. I have purple boots-perhaps I'll try that next time. 
Can't go wrong with vintage plastic on your arms
Outfit Particulars:
80s dress-New Life Thrift
80s cardigan with Korea label-Goodwill
vintage bracelets-mostly Goodwill/Thrift World
Fragrance-Ralph Lauren, Romance (I used to loathe this but now suddenly appreciate the rose/oakmoss/ginger thing. Found a large bottle for a buck in the thrifts and have completely come around on this one. Sometimes I like bright scents, and there's no denying it is that). 

Finally, the best thing I bought recently! We had several different meals from it including a lovely curry made from the greens. I've never been a meal-planner. Instead, when I go to the market, I buy what's inexpensive and looks nice, then build meals around what's available. For a few dollars this cauliflower kept us well fed, and on budget. The eagle eyed might have spotted several canisters of Pringles on the counter behind me. Those are not mine. Pringles are disgusting. If I'm going to eat crisps, they're going to be worth eating. I do not understand teenage tastes­čśÇ.

Whew, that was quite the update! Here's hoping your November is going well. 


Polyester Princess said...

You've managed to look like a proper Goth by combining that polyester crepe dress with that awesomely frilly black coat. The 70s one with the denim skirt and novely jumper is another favourite. I'm especially swooning over that bag! Oh, and that library building is just fabulous. Sorry to hear about your medical issues, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for next month's

Emily from Etsy said...

Your frock coat is enviably gorgeous and versatile! The thrift stores in Omaha must be some of the best in the country.

Finding a likable doctor who's a good listener can make all the difference in the world. I am optimistic that things will go well, now that you are making headway on diagnosis and treatment with this new doctor. And here's hoping Danny will get well soon too. You both share a great head of hair, and yes, I can see the hair being worthy of its own Instagram account.

I never knew that cauliflower greens were edible. I'll have to give that a try some time.

If you ever want to make your own dairy-free cheeses at home, here's a great recipe for vegan mozzarella. It tastes just like the soft, creamy globs of Italian mozzarella that you can get at the deli counter and at specialty stores. It's good for caprese salad or sandwiches. The lady who came up with this recipe has written an entire book on how to make vegan cheeses from scratch, and this remains one of her most popular recipes.

Melissa said...

I'm so sorry you're having a shitful time healthwise!! It's one of those somewhat scary things that until it happens to you it's easy to say "don't worry about it". At least knowing about the problem will be a step in the right direction for treatment. I was a classic doctor avoider but now I have a cardiologist, a respiratory physician, a physiotherapist and of course the cardiac surgeons at my work looking out for me!! I hope Danny is also on the mend (as someone who had c-diff I understand the whole bathroom thing!!)

bahnw├Ąrterin said...

Gorgeous style with that white dress! And i love the wool skirt and the Plissee dress and your stylings with them...... Thank you for showing some of your neighborhood - Omaha is a very exotic place for me.
I feel sorry for that health rollercoaster you are in at the moment. My fingers and toes are crossed - wishing you all the best!!! And of cause for Danny to!!
Sign me in for the bespoke bag fund raising.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

All your outfits were wonderful; but I am seriously in love with your black Goth like coat over the white dress. Amazing accessories as always and yes I love 'Romance' by Ralph Lauren, too! I haven't had a bottle for ages. Good score on your part.

I am so sorry to hear about your health issues. I've had the breast cancer scare thing and it was a nightmare waiting for the results and such a relief to find all was clear. I hope the same for you for second biopsy. I hope the cardiac problems are addressed and I'm so glad you changed doctor. It makes such a difference to have a good GP.

I hope Danny is getting over his health issues, too. The not wanting to be photographed thing continues with boys. My son is nearly 40 and still won't let me take photos of him...

Your library sounds wonderful and I wonder what they planned to do with the Shorthorn building?

Stay warm.

Beth Waltz said...

The geography teacher outfit is what I wore to church Sunday. (Quaker meeting, actually, so I was a tad overdressed.) The multi-color woolen skirt is an item I'd gladly add to my fall-winter wear-w/boots-and sweater rack. Truly timeless!

As for the white with black ensemble... Alas, there are no Etruscan Revival items in my accessory cache (one might be classified as Late Saxon, but it has an ox on it) and no occasions grand enough on my holiday calendar worthy of such elegance. If we ever meet in Chicago in winter, and you know of a tea room with real crystal chandeliers and a gigantic samovar, please wear it. I'll don my faux fur toque and carry my muff.

Trusting one's GP is ESSENTIAL for coping with the American health system. This individual is your interpreter and guide, advisor and advocate, in a scary environment: glad you like her!

Vix said...

Good to see you!
Sorry to hear about Danny being ill and your ongoing health scares. I'm glad you've found a decent doctor, that makes such a difference. I'm keeping everything crossed for a positive outcome.
I don't eat as much cheese as I used to. The vegan Parmesan isn't bad at all though.
I'd still kill for your clog boots now. I love the folksy maxi skirt and that fabulously blingy belt buckle. The 1980s was the era of the great belt.
You know Launer were a Walsall company (since decamped to London)? I've yet to find one in a chazza - nobody in our town could afford them! xxx

Se├▒ora Allnut said...

Love how you styled the White dress, adding this fabulously shaped coat, lots of textures too!. I totally agree that adding lots of black to a 'too sweet' dress is a great idea!.
Great pics of you in the car, wearing some fab bling!
Lovely 70's outfit too, particularly the cute basket and the boots and the giraffe!. And you look fab in your 'library outfit', those warm colors, the lovely skirt and the fab bag! and I totally love that they organise this kind of events!, actually love a public library!
Also fabulous plaid 70's skirt, those colors are gorgeous and it looks such a quality piece. For sure, lots of colour matching opportunities!
Sorry that you have to deal with another biopsy and go through more stress!. And it's good news that you like your new doctor, it's something so important. I'm glad that my family doctor has a great sense of humour (and is very competent!). I've never think on you as a fat woman, but I agree that most doctors fat-shame anybody. Stereotypes are harmful!
Anyway, I love your 70's outfits, you totally rock!, and love that pleated skirt of the 80's dress, it is one of my favourites!

Bibi Maizoon said...

YAY! Goody is back!
The black frock coat, Dior slip, & pink/brown/mauve polyester dress. Definitely have a 70s thing going on this Autumn1
I did not know Coty was a division of Pfizer as per the L'Origan bottle. Try Houbigant's Raffinee if you like L'Origan.
Sorry to hear about your health issues and Danny's too. Happy that you found a GP you don't have to dread. I'm going to have some surgical refurbishment in January for 3 collapsed discs in my neck. Fingers crossed for all of us.
I can't think of anything more Midwestern than the American Shorthorn Assoc. building!
LV? Nah, make my bodybag Gucci!
;) xox

Propagatrix said...

Oh, my. That is quite a lot to have thrown at you, and I’m sorry you’re going through this. I will say hysterectomies are quite manageable,,especially if you can get it done laparoscopically (mine was not, so I have a dainty “bikini scar”). Whatever happens, you will look fabulous and be deliciously snarky. I have faith in you.

Miss Magpie said...

I'm sorry to hear about your and Danny's health issues here's to a good prognosis the soonest. xx

Goody said...

Thank you for the well wishes. I do enjoy a bit of Gothiness here and there.

Thank you. Eventually we'll get this all sorted (I hope). The vegan cheesemaking is intriguing. So far we've tried a few from the store and it isn't terrible. It has come a long way since the Soyakaas of the 80s!

Thank you. I know you've had an awful year as well. For the most part, I don't feel sick, so there's that. Danny is another story though. He's a good patient though-unlike his mum!

Thank you. Danny and I appreciate the well wishes.
Omaha is an interesting place. I'll try to feature more posts in the future as I just take it for granted.

Thank you. Danny is scheduled for an upper/lower GI after New Year's so at least he gets to enjoy the holidays and his birthday before. We're trying to keep everything very normal in abnormal circumstances. I suspect the Shorthorn building will be razed for some unneeded thing like a gas station or convenience mart.

We're going to meet up one of these days, but please let's not go to Chicago! I hear Cleveland has cleaned up nicely ;)

I did LOL for real at a corduroy jacket being overdressed for meeting :)

Thank you. I appreciate it.
I imagine anyone lucky enough to have a Launer probably hands it down in the family.

Thank you. I like putting together unusual outfits. I wish I had your eye for colour because it is fab!
We have some great libraries, I'm going to try and feature more of them on the blog.

Oh hon, I'm sending you ALL the good vibes for your surgery! Imagine being able to have full range of motion in your neck and pain free! It will be wonderful.

I've never tried Raffinee. I remember it being around. Thanks for the tip.
Gucci would absolutely make a body bag.

Thank you. I wonder if they can just go in where my c-section was? That would be easy. Ugh, let me tell you, endometriosis AND menopause was no fun to begin with. Cancer would just be the icing. I'm way more concerned about Danny, honestly. That kid never seems to catch a break.

@Miss Magpie
Thank you! I appreciate the well wishes.

JanF said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Goody. I only checked your blog today when I suddenly thought of all the cooking which is going on right now. So sorry to hear of your health issues, Danny's too and hope all will be well soon.
I had a hysterectomy 22 years ago, I was lucky enough that they did it without an incision. Perhaps the dr. used a crochet hook? After the last check up,following the procedure , I was given the all clear to drive. I had the only and only crash I have ever had in all my driving years the following week. I ran a red light. I truly believe it was still reaction to the anesthetic, so be warned.