Saturday, March 14, 2020

It’s Such a Sad Sad Song Mother Nature Ain’t Never Wrong
Me and my severely compromised immune system are blocking people on Instagram who say things like, “It only impacts the old or sick.” Thanks for letting the old and sick know how much value you put on our lives. Anyway, touch wood I am doing ok.
Is everyone keeping up on their first aid preparedness? If you’re stuck at home, it isn’t a bad idea. Most serious accidents happen in the home.
I’ve been cooking! This was puy lentils with greens, yellow peppers, and preserved lemon. Quick, easy, and inexpensive.
This was chicken thighs for the meat eaters, with orzo, white wine, capers, and garlic. One pan meal.
That’s hard cooked eggs in a curry with fried onions.
Spinach rice.
Whole meal loaves.
Apricot filled pastry for Purim ( Hamentaschen).
And even a spinach soufflé. So no one is going hungry and I haven’t need to touch the tinned food or emergency rations. I shopped pre-panic.
I’m getting dressed anyway, at least for the presents. School is out and no reason to leave the house but it still feels like I ought to be getting dressed. Maybe I didn’t need to be quite THIS dressed 😁.
Why do things halfway?
I can’t tell you I know what’s ahead, but I do know that spring is coming soon. For whatever that’s worth,  as we had 4 inches of snow this morning. Hang in there, stay safe, and maybe don’t panic over toilet paper. The trees will be leafing out soon enough and you can wipe your arse with that.

Check in on your old, sick neighbours. 


Polyester Princess said...

Trying to stay positive and doing our best to stay healthy is about all we can do, I think. What I have a problem with is the media, social and other, bombarding us with their scaremongering, and all the conflicting information we are getting that way. I try to avoid things like Facebook and only read a trusted news site, or it would make me ill. Belgium has made some sound decisions yesterday, closing all schools, restaurants and pubs for three weeks, and cancelling all events, as well as closing all shops except those selling food, during the weekends. I still have to go into work next week, but I'm virtually on my own there. I'll be avoiding public transport during rush hour. Hopefully that will be enough. But can you believe that people have been driving to Holland today because shops are still open there? It's unbelievable they are putting everybody at risk just because they can't live without their shopping fix! But yes, Spring is coming soon, and we should look forward to that. Stay safe! xxx P.S. Isn't that toilet paper thing ludicrous? So strange that it is a universal thing too!

Beth Waltz said...

Bless you for posting the pix of the daffs, and the owl pussycat pins on that delightful dress pattern! Your remark about the useful potential of tree leaves also earned a smile: Hereabouts the campers favor those of the sycamore.

Took groceries to an octogenarian friend this morning who felt unable to cope with the local Walmart (which I won't enter on the best of days). Her elder sister shopped there yesterday. She placed a prized packet of toilet paper in her cart, turned to pick another item, and turned back to the cart to discover her TP had been pinched! Left her purse, took the TP. We live in interesting times.

Emily said...

It's amazing that you shared those pages from your first-aid book! I dreamed last night that both of my hands were severed, but new ones grew from the bloody stumps right away, so there was nothing to panic about. So I held my two severed hands in my two new hands and wondered what should I do: throw the old hands away, keep them as souvenirs of my former life, or donate them to a hospital?

Your dishes look incredible, especially the puy lentil stew. As disheartening it is to be living in coronavirus times, it does make scratch cooking all the more cozy and delicious. I'll be baking some zucchini bread shortly and looking up at the sky to see if more snow is on the way. We had an inch or two fall overnight, to everyone's surprise.

The owl and the pussycat outfit is adorable. I love the brooches that go with it too.

Goody said...

Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy staying in as much as possible at Dove Cottage-I can't think of a nicer placed to be holed up if need be.

I guess it isn't technically stealing if it hasn't been paid for but what sort of lowlife does something like that?!

Whoah, someone that interprets dreams could have a great time with that one! Zucchini bread sounds lovely. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Not sure if I ever posted here but I read your blog all the time. Thanks for having a great sense of humor. You always cheer me up! It's great that you are still posting photos of your outfits and getting dressed up every day. I think it really helps put us in a better frame of mind when we take care of ourselves and do what we always do every day regardless if we are going out or staying in. Glad you are safe and your family is ok. Your food photos make me hungry! Take care and be safe. Arlene from NJ

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Your food posts always make me salivate! Delicious all of them. It's a long while since I've made an egg curry...

I love all your outfits and have commented via IG. I'm the same, Goody, up and dressed and make up on otherwise I don't feel like me.

I do hope you'll be ok. My brother in London has had a few friends with the virus and they've all made recoveries and all are in their 60s and 70s. As far as I can see we should keep ourselves as informed as possible; follow advice and keep calm. I haven't stockpiled anything; although loo rolls were in short supply in Lidl last week when I did the weekly shop. However, it has made me reconsider travelling to London this week; which I hate to have to do; but using the underground and buses? I think I should. Oh, well...

Bibi Maizoon said...

Wow! You've made a lot of yummy treats!
Love your late Winter /early Spring outfits too.
Spring has sprung here, unfortunately that meant 18 new cases of dengue admitted to the hospital here. So isolation at night from mosquitoes & all day from people. It has been very windy here too- absolute hell for allergies. No need for toilet paper as we have South Asian style buttsprayers.
Stay safe & take care!

Vix said...

If I wear a full-on face mask and a haz-mat suit can I come round for tea? Your food looks so good.
That telephone operator outfit might be my most favourite thing ever. I think we're all going to be parading round indoors in ballgowns and fancy hats to keep ourselves amused- it's going to be a crazy few months. xxx

Cee said...

I'm hoping everyone is feeling better much sooner than later.

Goody said...

Thank you! I don't know how much longer I will feel like getting dressed, but glad it helps. Stay safe.

I would personally avoid London if I had the choice ,but that's me. Stay safe and well.

I suppose this all seems like madness to you in Nepal. The toilet tissue thing is hard to understand, but people want to feel like they are doing something. I'm trying to keep meals interesting as it is something to look forward to under lockdown. We've been asked to stay in, and with school out now for at least a month, it is going to get boring rather quickly.
Hope you can keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Too late-you'd never get a flight in now ;)
I'm tackling some home projects and planting vegetables. Otherwise, the hours are going to stretch pretty long. Stay safe and healthy over there.

I hope so too! Stay safe.

bahnwärterin said...

still no pictures for me - whats wrong?
i miss your fabulous outfits and really want to see you yummy sounding dishes!

thankfully we always do buy the stuff that no one else use to eat anyway.... only toi-pap is a real problem - its not cholera, people! but if its get worse, i have to do the shopping, by bike. the driver stays better at home then. or maybe just in the car ;-D
the garden is a real bliss in this time - and i´m again very happy about all the forest around us. as long as the trains passing by i do not panic.
stay safe and dressed up! xxxxx

Mim said...

I love seeing your outfits, they always brighten each day.

I've dropped someone on social media for that sort of nonsense, basically saying as older people were more likely to vote Tory they deserved it. Can't be doing with that nonsense; my mum's still not over pneumonia from a couple of years ago.

Your food looks amazing!

Señora Allnut said...

Firstly, it has been lovely to see you rocking your fabulousness in the shiny outfit and best bag ever, this made my day totally!. And such a lot of stunning prints, colors and bracelets and brooches!. You're brilliant in every sense of the word!