Saturday, February 20, 2021

Let's Go (Virtual) Shopping!

 Haven't done one of these in ages, so without further ado...

This adorable handbag from Rue23 Vintage  is a steal at $55.00USD 

Someone please go buy this set from Thrifts and Finery HERE. $68.00 USD

This souvenir bracelet from the 1933 Chicago World's Fair is available from  Veza Ve for $40.50 USD

Cherriielle makes beautiful art. These pins are available for $11.00 USD You can get all three for $28.00

Ever wanted a custom cityscape ring? CaitlynMinimalist has you covered-$23.62 USD

Fans of False Knees will be happy to see his designs available on tee shirts. $27.00 USD

The wonderful Ms. Tips has the cutest hard-to-find Vested Gentress skirt for $58.00 It would be mine if I could wear an XS. Sadly, I can't, but if you can, go for it. You don't find VG at this price too often. 

Spring will come eventually, and you'll be wanting a new hat. This is unfortunately beyond my means, but if you have $250.00 USD to spend on a hat, this Jack McConnell hat is worth every penny. Available from Dandelion Vintage

This beautiful vintage skirt has a few minor flaws that can be easily repaired and for $28.00 USD I don't understand why it hasn't sold. Available from Attic Flowers. Really, someone needs to buy this skirt. 

Stewart at When I Was a Lad always has the best antique  brooches and this Georgian era fob brooch is no exception. He's a wonderful seller, and I've lost count of how many items I've bought from him over the years. He makes certain that everything is well packaged for a trip across the Atlantic to me, and everything always arrives in perfect condition. This beautiful piece is $29.24 USD which is an absolute steal. 

Finally, this adorable skirt from Lady Lair Vintage is $44.00 USD and absolutely screams spring. 

Hope you enjoyed going shopping with me. We'll have to do it again soon. 


bahnwärterin said...

totally enjoyed!!
and it was inspirational - for my clothing sewing and to rewear some of my jewels.....
stay fab and safe! xxxx

Bibi Maizoon said...

I will take the Jack McDonnell hat and pretty much everything in Dandelion Vintage's shop!
Hey Goody, are there any online shops specializing in glamourous caftans, vintage or otherwise?

ThriftyParka said...

Oooh! Thank you for the virtual shopping trip! Some really nice things available indeed!

Are you offering curated online shopping expeditions now? Because you had me at the poodle purse!

Stay safe and happy ;)

Emily said...

I like the cityscape ring. So many tiny, intricate details!

Polyester Princess said...

I loved joining you on your virtually shopping trip, and fully approve of your fabulous selection of goodies (yeah, I know). The bag is adorable, as is the skirt at the end of your post. I'm swooning over the suit, but my absolute favourite is the Chicago World Fair souvenir bracelet, closely followed by the Georgian era fob brooch! xxx

Vix said...

I loved seeing your picks! It's great to go virtual shopping with you! xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Wonderful items and I'm surprised at how reasonable the prices are!

Goody said...

If anyone could make a version of that hat, it is you!

My Instagram friend EsmeAcidDrop has an etsy shop that isn't only caftans, but frequently has them. She does a fab selection of plus sizes and does frequent sales through her instagram account. Great prices too, though I don't know what shipping to Nepal from the UK is like. Anyway, she's the first person that came to mind.

@Thrifty Parka
Maybe I should do that-I always thought I'd be a good tour guide!

So do I. She makes some really beautiful stuff with names, fingerprints, etc.

That bangle has been calling to me. I never wanted the World's Fair items when I was young and living in Chicago, but I guess time changes perspective. There was also an 1898 Columbian Exposition in Chicago which also produced a number of souvenirs (as well as architecture still standing in the city).


Thank you. Except for the hat, though I guess for what it is the price is fair.

Señora Allnut said...

woww, thank you for this virtual shopping trip!.

Beth Waltz said...

Thank you, Goody, for introducing me to these sellers. That Georgian fob brooch is calling to me...