Friday, November 05, 2021


 Oh, America.

I would have thought it was a joke if I didn't see it with my own eyes. 
Nothing could better illustrate the United States than candy cane flavoured antacids to treat holiday meal overindulgence. 
Imagine the excitement when little Johnny looks beneath the tree Christmas morning and finds a gaily wrapped box of Tums. Thanks, Santa! $7.99 for a bottle of heartburn relief?! That feels a bit on the expensive side, for antacids anyway.

We have a country where there's very little space between having too much, or nothing at all and though I laughed when I saw the display, it did strike me as grotesque. I guess if you're in need of a hostess gift and don't want to go with flowers or a bottle of wine, the Tums will probably get used. 

Well, enough about that. November rolled in quickly but so far we've been spared any snow in the city. The garden is more or less done, though a few hardy greens like chard and kale are trying their best to keep going. I'm slowly getting the garden cleaned up so it will be ready for spring, but I won't be planting anything to overwinter this year. I'm sure the squirrel that feasted on my garlic bulbs last year will be disappointed. The cut back lemongrass has been generously mulched and hopefully it will survive. I'm using this year's harvest in everything (I ground some up and froze as well) which smells lovely as I'm cooking. Gardening is such an enjoyable activity, and it costs almost nothing to do. Now my attention will shift to the indoor garden on my windowsills though I admit to being generally terrible with house plants. Today is Booster Shot day for me. I was going to do it earlier, but decided to wait the full 6 months between doses. I'm going to the Health Department clinic rather than my local pharmacy because the pharmacies have been understaffed and generally chaotic. I get to see a different part of town I wouldn't otherwise have reason to visit, so that's interesting. I don't expect much beyond a sore arm, but if there is, the weekend will give me time to rest. The boys are getting sausages for dinner because they're easy and quick to cook, and it is Bonfire Night. I've been buying these lovely uncured/nitrate free sausages at the health food store. They're no more expensive than the mass produced ones at the regular grocer, and I've heard of all the things in them! Anyway, that's the treat for the 5th but no Parkin because there's no way to make that diabetic friendly. I did get some gorgeous turnips so I'll mash them up and serve them like potatoes. Under enough onion gravy, I doubt they will mind. 
What a fun outfit this was to wear. The coat is an old dress that I never liked as a dress but works fine open. The dress beneath is something I thrifted recently thinking a sweater dress will always be useful, and will likely stretch as my weight (hopefully) restores. The tights I've had forever, and I was so happy with how well they matched the dress. That's not something that happens too often with coloured or patterned tights. I'm getting my money out of those boots, wearing them yet again. 

I love when my accessories all work together. It took a bit of trial and error to get the balance correct. Wearing such a big belt made it a little tricky, but I think in the end it turned out okay. 
I'll do a quick review of a couple interesting things I wore this week. 

This is a two piece rayon set by Carole Little. Towards the end of the company's life the clothes became sort of matronly and uninteresting, but this set seems to only flirt with what was to come. Big, blousy, and held up with shoulder pads, this isn't my usual kind of thing, but I liked it enough to bring it home, so might as well wear it.
I felt a little like a middle school art teacher, but overall I enjoyed wearing the set. The bag is from a museum gift shop and really ought to get more use. I always admire tapestry bags on people's blogs and then remember I have one. 

This is more my style. The skirt has been an autumn wardrobe staple for years. I had to pin the waistband, but it isn't visible worn with the heavy waistband on this blouse. 
 90s blouses often had these annoying thick elastic bands at the bottom. I'm guessing it was intended to look sporty, but then they'd go ahead and put it on a dressy blouse like this one? I suppose it allows for a bloused look without having to tuck it in which might be appealing to the over 80 set, but as I'm merely old, not OLD, I find it annoying. 
Honestly, everything's a bit annoying at the moment including myself. I need to work on that. The scarf is a silk beauty that has a stain I only noticed after wearing it most of the day. I suppose if I didn't see it, no one else likely did either as the pattern does a good job of camouflage. 
I joked on Instagram that this was me waiting for the school bus in 1978, but that's not too far off. I didn't have a cool Ecology lunch pail though. 
I've had the polo neck since 1978. I remember buying it with money I earned babysitting. 
The vintage polyester high-waisted trousers are a definite, "No." I don't know anyone that ever looked good in them, or why you'd opt to wear something like this if other clothes were available. Sure, they're easy to launder but is ease of care worth looking like this? They're perfectly roomy, but still manage to look lumpy. Anyway, that's a warning to the kids out there-you don't want high-waisted trousers like these. Not all vintage styles are worth reviving.
I've saved the best for last. Somehow the giant interlocking GG's escaped me in the store, but I liked the vintage suede bag and it looked very well made.
Only saw this as I went to clean it up at home. It was dusty, but in otherwise very good condition. That's the second Gucci I've found in the wild, though the platform sandals don't get much wear. This will be on my arm all autumn. 

And that's about it. I continue trying to force down liquid supplements, have a meeting with a nutritionist on Monday, and two of the three diagnostic tests are scheduled for early December. 

Have a great weekend!



Emily said...

That button-down dress makes for a beautiful coat, and you've accessorized the entire outfit perfectly!

I enjoyed seeing all the great handbags, especially the tapestry bag, which is bound to be a conversation starter.

As long as you'll be in a different part of town for your booster shot, maybe you can find something fun to do on your way home. More thrifting, perhaps? Lady Luck is definitely smiling down on you. You’ve managed to get appointments for your diagnostic tests and your dietary consultation, so I say you’re on a roll and more good things are happening!

Polyester Princess said...

Those candy-cane flavoured anticids are grotesque indeed. Not sure whether to laugh or shudder in horror.
I'm glad to hear you're getting your booster shot. I'm not eligible, unfortunately, and Jos is still waiting for his invite.
Your first outfit is absolutely stunning! I can't believe the size of that belt. The Autumnal shades in your third outfit are a delight!
And well done on finding the Gucci bag in the wild! xxx

bahnwärterin said...

we would say: "typical US-american" about the anticids......
but i´m glad i know minimum one citizen of the states that don´t fit into that category - dear goody.
all the gold, jewel and bordeaux tones you wore lately suit you so very well - looking very elegant. if the carol little 2-piece had cooler tones i would steal it - love blousy volume!
speaking of volume - check the lenght of the golden blouse without the waistband. sometimes they even only sewed on, but anyway its easy to remove and just do a small, undisturbing seam then - so you can tuck it in....
the gucci bag is a stunner! back in the days gucci was much more discret with the branding then now - but what a gorgeous quality!!
hope all the best for you! xxxxx

Señora Allnut said...

I would have thought it was a joke too, particularly because of the 'Sharing the Gift of Relief' written on the box. Grotesque!
Love the dress you wore as a coat (great tip) and the sweater dress and massive belt (wow) and fab jewellery!. Those autumnal shades are so fab. Lovely dress and tapestry bag, and lovely blouse and scarf (it's actually a beauty!).
Love your coat and rainbow bag, and your opinions about the high waisted pants ;DD
And I admire your lucky find of this Gucci bag!, wow!
Glad you got your jab!, hope you feel better soon!

Beth Waltz said...

Family gatherings around the Thanksgiving table can resemble a DMZ: a hostess gift of Tums ought to start the event off with a *bang*! Thanks for the chuckle.

That gorgeous tapestry bag definitely pulls the art teacher set safely out of the dowdies. Those golden cuffs carry it to the top of the class! Should I spot this ensemble shopping in a bakery, I'd probably prowl closer for a better look: so much detail to admire!

Please keep sipping the good stuff. Hope the nutritionist has some usable recommendations -- please don't be modest about your culinary skills.

Vix said...

Xmas flavoured anything turns my stomach, never mind indigestion tablets!
That two-piece looks fabulous on you and your hair is looking gorgeous, so lush and curly. Have you had a trim?
Like Beate says, that Gucci bag is far superior to the awful staff they started to churn out, covered in naff logos, it's proper classy!
Feel better soon! xxx

Bibi Maizoon said...

Amazingly enough, a lot of that Xmas crap (especially gift sets like perfume) ends up here in the 3rd world around summertime. Sometimes the Xmas packaging is razored off, sometimes not. I am just picturing landfills full of Xmas packaging.
Loving the plum colored ensemble and I do recall Carole Little pantsuits.
That elastic waist thing was advertised as a blouson waist in the 99s as I recall. For shortwaisted and large busted ladies like myself, it made many blouses unwearable.
!!! That suede Gucci bag is divine! I have heard horror stories as to the quality of more modern Gucci bags.
Looking good, stay safe!

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Glad to hear you're getting your booster and that's things are lined up re tests and consultations.

The TUMS made me laugh!

Fab outfits; I love a sweater dress and it looks fab with the brilliant accessories. The two piece suit was amazing and what a great bag. Loved the blouse and skirt too, but I hate tops with an elasticated waist like that; they always balloon out and make me look pregnant or pot bellied. The Gucci bag was a great find.

Have agreat week.

Mim said...

I hope you didn't feel any worse after your jab - my second one was way better than the first (both AstraZeneca) but workmates who had Pfizer found the second the worst.

Gucci in the wild! Impressive.

Goody said...

A sweater coat seems so much more useful than a sweater dress. The buttons were what sold me.
That neighbourhood was interesting. There were some junk and vintage shops but I wasn't in the mood to poke around. Maybe someday.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed you both get boosters soon. I feel so guilty because we have so much and can't get people to take it.
I haven't worn the Gucci yet as I want to take it to my cobbler to have it waterproofed.

Thank you, I appreciate that. This is such a strange country, and a big one at that. We're diverse but the worst of us seem to be the loudest and get noticed.
I never thought to chop the waistband off-that's brilliant! Thank you.

The very worst thing I ever saw as a "gift" was a basket with mini bottles of alcohol and bandages!!! I mean, why on earth would someone want that?! It had a sign reading, "Makes a Great Gift" and I thought I'm not living the sort of life where bandages and booze are a great gift.

I am so glad I don't need to host/attend family gatherings any longer. I can actually enjoy my holidays now. Maybe I should do a post of "Greatest Hits" from family holiday meals.
The nutritionist was helpful. She had some good insights from working exclusively with patients facing similar issues. I told her I was adding whipped cream to everything and she encouraged me to keep doing it. So now we know Reddi Whip is a nutritionist approved food!

I did get it cut, thank you. The woman that cut it put in loads of layers to make my thinning hair look fuller and it seems to be working. I'm pleased with it.

There's just so much stuff, and sadly it ends up in the places that least want it. I don't want to think about the landfills. I've been using the same tinsel on our tree since Danny was about three. It is still good. I can't imagine just chucking it out year after year.

The jab was quick and easy and no side effects!
I'm wondering who actually did like those tops? No one I know like them.

The jab was easy, and no side effects at all. This was my third though, so maybe my body is finally used to it.