Thursday, January 20, 2022

I Wanna Be Jackie Onassis, I Want to Wear a Pair of Dark Sunglasses

Thanks everyone for letting me get all of that out of my system in my last post. I try to keep this space focused on clothes, cooking, etc. but given the current situation I'm glad to know you'll forgive a frustrated rant now and then. 

There's nothing here you haven't seen before, but it is hard to go wrong with a good skirt and blouse. This one was always a little snug on me, and I tended to wear it open but that's currently not an issue. Most clothes can be made to fit a range of sizes, you just have to wear them differently. 
It was a bit chill in the house and rather than reach for the usual cardigan, out came this lined leather vest. It is surprisingly warm. 
oooh looking tough😀

Would have been good with a black leather skirt as well. I need to give that a try. 

Everything in this outfit was thrifted, including the Brighton belt. It is oh so heavy, but I do love it. Belts are just for photos these days as they tend to stab me under the ribcage the minute I sit down. Sort of like being Heimlich'd . I'm over sharing, huh? 

I thought about steaming or ironing that wrinkle across my corduroy skirt, but didn't guessing it would either fall out naturally or get worse as the day wore on. Neither happened with it remaining more or less the same all day, but I stand by my decision to leave it alone. Life is too short for ironing corduroy FFS.
This pair of new, old stock Snowland Boots from the 70s haven't been outside yet. I wear my black pair all winter, but I'm hesitant to take these pristine boots out in the salt and sand and snow. I'm sure I will eventually, but I've been saying that for a few winters now. House boots can be a thing. Isn't that what Uggs are supposed to be (before people started wearing them out)?

Another of my 80s cashmeres from Marshall Field's. I will never regret buying them. The cashmere for sale now is such poor quality even if the prices remain high. These are two-ply knits. 
Is a beige belt the world's ugliest, useful thing? After trying every brown and yellow belt in the closet, beige was the winner. It gets the job done. Just.

Everything except the yellow poloneck and the locket necklace are thrifted. I accidentally shrunk the beige sweater a few years ago. It was nice wool and I kept it thinking I would find someone it would fit-just didn't expect it to be me. I'm sure that won't be forever. In an effort to make myself feel better I've started giving my weight in stones when required. It sounds less upsetting to me likely because as everyone knows, Americans aren't very good at maths (too much multiplication to do quickly in the head) 😃." Seven stones, yeah whatever". It just sounds less depressing. Because I'm American. And bad at maths. Anyway, my shrunken sweaters fit for the moment.

My love of Ultrasuede is well established here.
What's not to love? Launderable, always looks great, timeless.
And those old labels are just the best.
Lilli Ann is a sought after designer now, but the Ultrasuede pieces don't seem to be as desirable.  That means they can still be had at bargain prices. I have other Lilli Ann pieces from the more collectible era which I am planning to show soon. Meanwhile, it really is hard to go wrong with a classic tailored blazer in brown.

A cashmere that wasn't from Marshall Field's? It is true! This one dates from the 80s and is from Lands End. It is also two ply, and beautifully made. Land's End used to have a lifetime Guarantee on their items, but I never needed to take them up on the offer-after close to forty years it is still perfect.  
This velvet skirt was something I bought in the 90s but I am pretty sure it is a 70s piece. The wool socks were purchased years ago when we still had a K Mart. Never guessed the socks would outlive the store. I miss K Mart, they were good for essentials like underwear and stockings. They were fantastic for children's clothing too. Oh well, times and tastes change I guess. The belt is a thrifted Michael Kors that had a bunch of branded logo crap hanging off it. I removed that as I just wanted the belt. It also lightened it up considerably. This belt is worn low enough that it doesn't make me feel like I'm being injured. 

And you thought MLM marketing scheme Longaberger only made baskets. Or they did, I guess the original company is no more though the name and brand have been re-launched. I thrifted one of the baskets and it holds some bangle bracelets, but I mean, it is just a basket. I don't understand the fanaticism people have for them. 
The handbag is nicer than any of the baskets I've seen. It set me back a couple of bucks and I'm happy to have it. 
Contrast lining is always a plus. It is a very nice bag. 

Pardon the terrible photos, it was that kind of a day.
I don't think the Mexican tourist jacket from the 50s has ever been worn with the Paganne skirt from the 70s but I like them together. I wasn't going anywhere, but if I had someplace to go this would be a nice outfit.
The embroidery is beautiful and oh so hard to photograph. 

The skirt began life as a maxi dress before someone with more ambition than skill (Not I) took scissors and sewing machine to it, badly. I've thought about trying to fix it, especially as it now needs to be safety pinned in the waist for me to wear it, but there's better uses of my time. I've accepted it will always be a damaged yet still wearable piece. I do wish people would at least think about what they're doing before cutting. I don't sew well-you'd never see me cutting up designer vintage. I know my limitations.

The cotton sweater was a recent purchase and isn't it a feel-good colour?! 

This beautiful brooch was a bit of a mystery. I'd tried searching out the markings but couldn't find much. After mentioning it in Instagram, Mim of Crinolinerobot came to the rescue and identified it as Premier Designs a company that was around from the mid-80s to 2020. It is one of the more striking brooches in my collection. 

This necklace is a Camrose-Kross JBK piece and wow, is it ever nicely made. You can read a bit more about the Jackie Kennedy collection at the link, and it is fascinating. I didn't know what it was when I bought it (I'm indifferent to the late Jackie O, but I understand her appeal) but for fans of that era, these are very good pieces. 
Here's a better photo (not mine)

I saved the best for last. Or my favourite anyway.

I'm willing to itch a little for vintage mohair. I'm not allergic to it, just annoyed by it. If I got rid of everything that annoyed me...let's not go there.

Some baubles from the Victorian to modern era
In the lower right are my monogramed button covers.

Aren't they beautiful?
Ow, my brains!

And there's the button covers in action. No makeup except lipstick which we've already established does just fine. The blouse is by 70s/80s brand Lucky Winner. Well, that sure sounds optimistic but I'll go with it. Couldn't hurt. 

I'm going to leave you with one of the best bands to come out of Boston in the 80s doing their Jackie O tribute:
See you later



Emily said...

Lovely brooch! Mim, I'm impressed that you were able to identify the maker. : )

I didn't know that button covers were a thing, but what a great idea that is.

Those are beautiful outfits, every one of them. I especially liked the long-sleeved green blouse you wore under the green sweater.

Vix said...

Loving that Mexican tourist jacket, the green blouse with those snazzy button covers, the mohair cardi, those snow boots and that gorgeous velvet skirt - St Michael did skirts & blazers in a near-identical print & colour in the late 1970s, yours has got to be the same age.
Shopping your wardrobe, you can't beat it! xxx

Unknown said...

Just read last week's rant.
The American healthcare system and US politics have always been a shitshow. However, mix healthcare & politics and you get politics. Same for mixing science & politics, you just get politics. Unfortunately, when politics are involved the plan is always... there is no plan! Still don't understand the American aversion to masking?
Gorgeous winter ensembles, my fave is still the Snowland boots!
Most cashmere comes from China and is crap nowadays, treasure your vintage cashmere!
Speaking of the glories of ultrasuede, we had our sofa recovered in it! Actually, it is some sort od microfiber version of ultrasuede but ut looks fab & wears fabulously.
See you on the other side of the shitstorm,

bahnwärterin said...

wonderful looks!
the last outfit remembers me of my paternal grandma - but in a very good way of cause! in my corduroy and sportswear clad 70s childhood she was still wearing midcentury elegance and that ensemble ticks all the boxes: colours, textures, cut and jewelry.... LOVE!
i´m thinking that the snowland boots ARE house shoes - imaging a draughty farmhouse or cabin.... and yes - uggs were made for homewear - in australia most (older) houses have no heating and stone floors and in the southern states it can get really cold in june. 5°C in the evening is frosty for a mostly tropical climate....(an old friend lives there since 25 years) btw: i do wear fake uggs at home since i live in a 19.cent. house without central heating :-D
stay warm and fabulous! xxxxx

Polyester Princess said...

Lots of gorgeousness here! Loving that 1970s velvet skirt, the Mexican tourist jacket worn with the Paganne skirt - even if it is a shame someone took their scissors to the original dress, and badly too - the monogrammed button covers and that fabulous sunbursts brooch. Your favourite is mine too: that final outfit is all kinds of fabulous, and I'd gladly suffer some mild irritation for that mohair cardigan too! xxx

Anonymous said...

Your Mexican tourist jacket is lovely. It rang a bell in my head . Years ago in the the 1970's I found one at the Goodwill. The one I bought was red. I keep it for awhile but like everything back then it was easy come easy go. Also, I am really not a red person, but the then vintage jacket was lovely and so is yours. Your radiant star burst pin is so cheerful it jumps out of the photograph.

Best Wishes,
Gail from Pa.

Beth Waltz said...

A cousin of your Mexican tourist jacket passed through my wardrobe some years ago. Had I acquired the Paganne skirt, it would still be there! This is a masterpiece in your collection of wearable art! (I'm also gleaming green eyes at those handsome heels with the nifty strap.)

The cotton sweater is exactly the right shade of peach/orange-vanilla/? to wear as a base -- but I'd dive into the depths of my stash for a crystal blue polo I wear with black cottons and turquoise jewelry. Alas, there's nothing as spectacular in my box as that brooch: a modern Scandinavian sunburst worked in ancient South American gold. Wow, just wow!

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

I adore the Mexican tourist jacket. What a great match the skirt was for it. I loved your green mohair ensemble and the fabulous velvet skirt ensemble. You have some amazing clothes, Goody, and some astonishing jewellery. How clever was Mim to identify your brooch - what a beauty!

The boots look so warm and comfy - I need a pair like that...

Hope you have a good week.

Sheila said...

Oh, I just want to dive into your closet - all that "label porn"! I so agree about the cheapass tissue that passes for cashmere these days. I've thrifted a few pieces of Scottish cashmere over the years, and it's stunning the difference.

Your badassery is evident in the first look. Love that big belt - I have a couple of massive ones like that too.

Those fluffy boots look very snuggly. Are they actually meant to be worn outdoors?

Ultrasuede had a moment back in the early 80s, didn't it? Halston was a big fan. I see it in the stores but I don't like the stiffness of it myself.

I'm a sucker for anything embroidered. That neon orange is a good colour on you! Ooh, that brooch is giving me a case of grabby-hands - good job identifying it, Mim!

OMG, button covers. I wore those in the early 90s!

Goody said...

Isn't Mim amazing?
I have a set of large, rhinestone button covers that are still on the original card from the 80s. I'm completely torn whether to wear them or leave the card pristine. Such a difficult decision.

Oh, what I would give for a suit in a matching patterned velvet. Something to look for now!
I have a lot of stuff, but most of it even if it fits isn't quite my style. I'm shocked at how conservative my fashion taste was in the 80s.

They've all drank the Kool Aid. The level of craziness, and bonkers beliefs is really making me feel like I'm trapped in a cult. Oh well, that's America.
A microfiber sofa sounds absolutely lush. Take care.

That's a wonderful compliment, thank you.
I think I will keep the brown boots for inside. Most nights I wear heavy alpaca socks made by a local farm along with the bunny slippers from Beth, but for standing and working in the kitchen the boots are much better. We have wall-to-wall carpeting but it still manages to be cold on the floors, and our place was only built in 1968!

Thank you.
I think irritation in one form or another comes with vintage. If we're not sewing something back together, we're lint rolling it for the hundredth time. You have to really love it to put up with it I guess.

Thank you!
They were really common at one point, but definitely not now. Would you like me to keep an eye out for one in a particular size? Eventually I'm going to get back out shopping. I'm pretty sure I had a Mexican red felt cape at one point, but no idea what I did with it.

Those fancy heels came from K Mart! Maybe ten years ago. They used to have these epic end-of season shoe sales so I'd go buy Danny his clothes and then treat myself to a few pair of shoes and still have money for groceries. I really Miss having K Mart and Sears. I wouldn't want an entire wardrobe from there, but a few classic pieces could really fill in the wardrobe gaps. Now I'm stuck with Penny's, which just isn't the same.

Mim is so smart! I go to search for something and come up empty every time. I'm lucky to have clever friends.
It took forever finding the right jacket to match the Paganne skirt but when I put them together it was like a lightbulb went off. I can't believe I never thought of it before.

The boots are made for outdoor wear and have a waterproof sole and good tread, but it seems so wrong to do it! They're too pretty. Also, my carpet is beige, so once they go outside they're never coming back in the house. I need to make up my mind.
I've accumulated a lot of strange stuff over the years, that's for sure. I don't envy the person tasked with going through it when I'm gone.

Mim said...

Seven stone is tiny! I went down to seven and a half in my student days when I was waitressing in the holidays, and that was plenty small enough.

I have started shopping from Lands End. Not all their stuff is my cup of tea, but I got a pair of velvet jeans from them and they are so comfy. Nice to know their stuff is (or, at least, was) so durable.

I was quite surprised to see that jewellery company was so modern, 'cos I'd have laid money on the brooch being late 50s/60s. It is splendid.

Anonymous said...

That is a sweet gesture . Being the die hard do it your selfer that I am, if I felt I could not live with out a Mexican Tourist Jacket I would probably choose to make a version of my own based on the jackets I have seen, There are sellers on etsy that offer PDF vintage patterns of the Mexican tourist jacket. These are good for the embroidery designs. It seems like the cut of the jackets are not far from the older Penleton jackets. But all that is on hold for now. So many other projects in the que.

Your fashion shows offer much inspiration.

Best Wishes,
Gail from Pa.

Señora Allnut said...

Lovely to see you well wrapped in your fab coat braving that cold snap. Great tips on washing and taking care of it, sometimes a good rinse makes a difference (I put wool clothes in the washing machine, no spin cycle, and let them dry flat). That Iliad Skirt is one of my favourite items ever, love the design, the quality and the Fun! (I'm reading a lot about Iliad and Archaic Greece these days!).
That 70's jumpsuit is magnificent, those are Fab Flares! (and so appropriate Rive Gauche!)
Love that you enjoy your Spanish cookbook, your recipes always look tasty, colourful and healthy, checking all the right boxes!. Sorry that the ingredients are not as unexpensive and good quality as all we like (prices are increasing here too, argh)
Lovely ensembles and lovely skirts!. Totally understand the 'fall apart in your hands' the moment you want to wear some vintage favourite pieces. Hope that skirt can be repaired. And totally in love with your fabulous jewellery. Wow!
Love the trench, the wool skirt and the 80's pendant, and love that your sweater can be worn to hold up a bank (in style). ;D
Sorry that you have had such a chaotic week, and sorry that Danny injured his ankle again (sprained ankles can be difficult to recover). Having both boys isolated looks like a logistical nightmare, no wonder you've been so busy!. Hope that medical appointments go well and pickles stop behaving so bad.