Saturday, October 22, 2011

Baked Cheesecake Bars

I did not think these were anything special. Overall, I've been unimpressed by the recipes I've made from 201 Brownies and Bars by Gregg Gillespie. However, the boys were. In fact, they insisted I postit so I will remember to make it again. Mr. ETB felt it is the sort of thing, "people would like."

What really helped this pan of bars was the sour cherry topping. To me, it still tasted like a pound of cream cheese spread on a too-hard shortcake base, but I admit to not being much of a cheesecake lover. The other bars I've made from this book seem similarly uninspired. Granted, coming up with 201 recipes for anything would be a difficult task, so perhaps I've just hit on a handful of losers in an otherwise brilliant publication.

At least it was simple to make. I'm not going to post the recipe as the book went to great lengths indicating the publisher would be a complete asswipe if you reproduced the secret, guarded recipe for these ever-so-delicious, original,intellectual-copyrighted bar cookies. That said, I doubt the author was the first person to happen upon the idea of beating a couple eggs, some sugar and a pound of cream cheese together and baking it atop a pre-baked shortbread base. I think you could swing it without a recipe. 15 minutes for the base, then 20 for the filling ought to do it in a 350 degree F. oven.
(I'll bet no one ever thought of making cheesecake bar cookies before!)

By the way, feel free to reproduce any of my recipes you like, but be a sport and give me credit, OK?

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