Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Camera Bit the Dust

I never liked the damn thing anyway (Samsung). I am however a little annoyed that it died just as I had beautiful breads I wanted to share (Sourdough whole wheat, onion bialys, sourdough rye bagels) but I guess that's life. I'm not eager to run out and buy another as I've always hated the feeling of being pressured to provide a photograph for each post. I'm not a photographer, and I can't think of too many posts that benefited from a picture, save perhaps for the birthday cakes.

Anyway, if anyone has a used digital camera that won't cause me nightmares trying to use with Linux, I'd go about $50. Certainly not over $100. because if it had anything worth more than $100. on it, the technology would be wasted on me. I'm a "look and press the button" kind of photographer.

You'll have to take my word for it...those breads were breathtakingly gorgeous.

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