Monday, October 10, 2011

Golden Syrup as Health Food

THIS is fantastic in both senses of the word.

See? If my stupid parents had just stirred a spoon or two of Golden Syrup into my beer we could have had a nicer experience with those teen years. I was so incredibly overtired, and fretful in those days.

Just imagine how much faster mother could have pushed the hoover about with a few spoonfuls of sugar refining by-products in her bloodstream. OK, she was diabetic, so perhaps not. Besides, she never pushed the hoover-we had a housekeeper. She was plenty fretful though. In the 60's they just handed out Valium for that. It was probably cheaper than Golden Syrup. Maybe it could get a marketing makeover and be promoted as an anti-depressant. I mean, the drugs make people gain weight and become diabetic anyway. Cinder toffee or Prozac? Not a difficult choice.

By the way, go look at the phenomenal sheaf bread Jules baked. Actually, just go look around her site-it will be time well spent.

I would love a framed poster of that advert for my kitchen.

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