Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Christmas Puddings-Stage One

These puddings are made with butter rather than suet, so they still look pretty light after the first steaming. They do become darker in the final two hour steam. The recipe (which I've made three years running now) comes from Grannymar. I've changed up the proportions and fruits a bit, but the technique is pretty much standard.

I made two regular sized puddings in my fancy moulds, and four of these individual sized. They are filled with all manner of homemade candied/preserved fruit, and I have great hopes for them. I did the 5 hour steaming today, so they still need an additional two hours at Christmas. I thought the smaller ones would be cute for children to have their own little pudding at Christmas.

I am so glad to have all of that over and done with. Now I can put all my attention into making Danny's yearly birthday quilt, and planning his cake. Having a child with a birthday five days before Christmas is a drag, but I try to make sure he doesn't get overlooked in all of the holiday goings-on.

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