Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Huge Flap About Genital Surgery

Sorry, that was the best title I could come up with at 6AM.

There's a plastic surgeon with a scrolling, electronic billboard next to a notoriously long stop light in Omaha. I frequently find myself sitting there, reading about, "Mommy Makeovers." Sure, I'm old and thought it was offensive, but I also thought it was about tummy-tucks, or liposuction. Guess what? Now I'm offended and sickened.

When I started reading articles about labiaplasty, I thought it was a joke, or at least, very rare. Obviously, I don't get stuck in traffic next to a plastic surgeon's office often enough, or watch television, or whatever, because I had no clue how common this is becoming.

You know, we had a women's movement for you. We did. We went to work, earned advanced degrees, brought up children, and this is how you repay our hard won advances? My removing your labia to look like a plastic doll? Seriously?

Read the article, if for no reason other than knowing what sort of money-grubbing sick bastards are behind the scrolling billboards promoting, "Mommy Makeovers." Then, print it off and give it to your daughters to read.


Raymond said...

There's no difference between this and male circumcision. Yes, that's what I'm saying: people should be as offended and sickened by male circumcision as by labiaplasty. That circumcision is seen as acceptable common practice astounds me. Both are done only for cosmetic reasons (except the cases of religious circumcision, which again, to me, demonstrates how offensive practices are made acceptable by invoking religion).

Wait, there IS a difference: male and female genital parts each have their opposite-sex counterparts. Labia are essentially scrotal skin; foreskin is part of the clitoris, and loaded with nerve endings (equal to a surface area of appx a dollar bill in the adult).

As incredulous as you are over labiaplasty, I am over circumcision.

Goody said...

Fair enough.