Monday, October 24, 2011

Rum with Ginger Syrup

I saved the syrup I used to candy ginger last week. I had a few ounces of rum left in a bottle that was taking up precious counter space. What can you do with a few ounces of rum? Well you drink it, of course. With ginger syrup stirred in. A classy person might have grabbed some ice, possibly some seltzer or lime soda. Me? Let's just say I was tempted to avoid cleaning a glass by pouring the syrup directly into the bottle, but then I thought better of it. Not because I'm sophisticated or anything, but because I'm old, with unsteady hands and it probably would have made a bigger mess getting the syrup into the bottle.

If you find yourself making candied peel or ginger, etc. Save the syrup-it makes a wonderful drink.

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