Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fruit That Looks Like A Lovecraftian Monster

This is a Buddha's hand citron. I was very lucky to find some, so I bought two. I'm going to candy mine for Christmas baking-or wear it as a Halloween costume. This was a good part of the day.

The bad part, well you might think it was exciting was having my break light go on in the car, and warning bells start dinging. On Dodge street. In traffic. Funny how you need brake fluid to make brakes work. Anyway, one bottle got us to within twenty miles of home before the whole dinging/flashing bit began anew. That time, we bought four bottles of fluid at the station.

That surely would have been enough adventure, but the Universe wanted me to come home to a power outage. That's resolved now. Under the circumstances, eating a chocolate biscuit seemed the only rational thing to do, which I did. Then, I had a second one-the Universe obviously thought I needed it. It was a therapeutic biscuit-my headache let up as the sugar poured into my system. The Universe thinks I need a Scotch as well, so who am I to argue?

But really, would you look at that wonderful citron?

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