Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Coffee Crisp Still Exists?

-apparently it does, in Canada.

That was the very best candy bar. The Best. When it disappeared from stores I assumed it was a casualty of changing tastes. I'm a good day's drive from the Canadian border, but at least with the cooler weather, it won't melt.

I don't really think Mr. ETB will drive to Canada this weekend so I can buy candy (probably not "nut-safe" anyway) but I'll still complain about it. Canadians get everything. Breathtaking national parks, socialised medicine, dulse (ok, maybe they can keep the dulse) and all the good candy. They get wine gums as well. Crunchie bars are pretty good too, but I already know how to make cinder toffee.

What other forgotten 20th Century delicacies are you guys hoarding up there? Marathon bars?

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