Wednesday, September 20, 2006

French Bread (Sort Of)

This French Bread was a challenge to shape-like trying to make a baguette from batter. I improvised the dough starting with a pre-ferment of 1/8 teaspoon instant yeast, ½ tablespoon salt and about 4 cups of bread flour. I added water until it was just moist, but still slightly dry.

In the morning I added about another three and a half cups of flour and let it rise nearly three hours. Folded it, let it rise another hour. Divided, let it rest 10 minutes and then (ha ha) tried to “shape” it. I used extra steam in the oven today which seemed to help develop the crust. Anyway, certainly not the best I’ve done, but respectable.

I always forget to measure Danny’s height against the yardstick in the photo-perhaps I should just start documenting baguettes.

*Update-I served it for dinner this evening and consensus is that the baguette was my best bread yet. The crust really was crunchy without being “toasted” (over baked) and the interior crumb was quite open and airy.

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