Sunday, January 27, 2013


I can always tell when Danny is about to have a growth spurt. Cranky, sleeping, devouring food like he's fearful someone will take it away-I knew the trousers I'd bought in fall wouldn't last through spring.

Have you seen what passes for children's clothing today? After numerous attempts to locate a normal looking denim at department stores, I finally gave up, and took him to The Fort, a local Western wear store. Eight year old boys don't need chains and other crap hanging off the pockets, nor do they need a million pockets down the sides. I'm pleased with the slim-fit, straight leg, not pre-faded jeans we came home with, though I'm slightly disturbed that he wears a size twelve (and they will probably be too short by the end of summer). I held the jeans up to myself-they were long. True, I'm somewhat on the short side, but I don't know too many (any) grade two students that are five feet tall. God, I wish he were coordinated enough to dribble a basketball-we could get the whole university tuition thing sorted now.

Mr. ETB found trousers as well. Danny isn't interested in boots, but he's been envious of his Papa's growing collection of braces-so we bought him a pair. You'd think we just bought him a car or something by the excited reaction. Personally, I think he's relieved he doesn't need to deal with a belt any longer as they are always *just* between the hole that would fit correctly. Braces hold up your trousers without all the fuss.

At home, we looked over the packaging for the braces, and took a look at the website:

These are really well made. I'm not being paid or compensated in any way to promote the company-we bought them, like them, and plan to purchase more. Go look at the website-it will blow your mind.

I've arrived at the conclusion my dad did years ago-if you want durable, well made clothing, shoes, wallets and belts, you need to buy them at a Western store. I used to think he was silly, dragging way out to the suburbs for a belt, or a wallet. I don't say this often, but he was right (about clothing). Mr. ETB stopped buying dress shoes for work, and bought a decent pair of boots that have seen him through interviews and a couple of jobs. I have shirts I purchased there a decade ago that still launder beautifully.  No more screwing around buying Danny's trousers at box retailers-I've been converted. What's more, there's trained salespeople who help (really, they do) and will check the fitting room to see if you need another size (we did).

Now, if I could just get the kid to take an interest in basketball...


Janice said...

Another good thing about homeschooling, no peer pressure to wear the labels. We have always had to stand by our morals and not let our girls wear the overpriced, trashy looking clothes made for girls these days! I wish that public schools would switch to uniforms. Now that would simplify things!

Goody said...

Many of the public schools in our area have gone to uniforms in recent years.

Clothes for girls are awful. The sayings on the clothing are really disturbing as well. The boys clothing have equally stupid stuff on them, but it is less sexualised. I have thought it would be funny to put him in a shirt complaining about teachers who give too much homework, but it would only be funny if someone knew we homeschool.

I know every generation gets a version of, "You're not leaving the house in THAT!" but it does somehow seem worse today (because I'm the parent now?).