Friday, January 04, 2013

Candied Mint Leaves

This works best with a dehydrator, but in a dry climate you can leave them to air dry on a rack. Pack the dried leaves loosely in an airtight jar. Use the leaves to decorate cakes, ice cream, or just eat them as they are.

You Will Need:

Large mint leaves, washed and well dried
Egg whites (one or two should do it)
Granulated sugar (you'll need more than you think as it tends to get wet after tossing several leaves in it)

Wash, and dry the mint leaves really well. Beat an egg white lightly in a small bowl. In  another small bowl, pour in about 1 cup of sugar to start. Brush each mint leaf (front and back) lightly with egg white. Toss in bowl with sugar. Knock off excess sugar, and place either on tray in a dehydrator, or on a drying rack. When finished, set dehydrator to around 95 degrees f. Dry several hours until completely dry. Cool. Store in tightly sealed jars.

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