Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spring Forward

Well, I have something anyway.

I apologise for dropping out so suddenly. With the world going to hell in a hand-basket, I didn't want to sound tone-deaf by posting photos of my daily outfits. I was finding I didn't have much to contribute that wasn't being said better elsewhere, and it seemed appropriate to step back for a bit. We're still doomed far as I can tell, but I'm doing a better job of figuring out just what sort of hand basket I'm heading to hell in. A vintage one, no doubt.  I want to thank everyone for their kind comments, emails and letters. You're all lovely human beings and I'm better for knowing you. The world is better for having you. I can't promise I have much to offer, but I'm honoured you permit me to be part of your lives. 

I've been teaching a unit on 20th Century tyranny. When life gives you lemons...make changes to the syllabus? I'll say this much-watching all nine and a half hours of  the documentary Shoah, and the additional DVDs in the collection hasn't done much for my mood. I told Danny to think of it as a crash course in empathy. We're still reading Friedlander, so yeah, given the material and that hand-basket we're currently sailing along in, I haven't been in a mood for blogging. I was half joking with him that I'd assign The Gulag Archipelago next, but on reflection, that doesn't sound like that bad of an idea.  

We've been spending time with birds (and ornithologists). The crane migration has started, and we're hoping to get down to the Minden area in the next couple of weeks. There have been Whooping Cranes in the Sandhills flocks, which would be a great thing to see. Danny's been through a rough patch with asthma, and I really don't like the idea of being in the middle of rural Nebraska with a sick kid, even with a portable nebuliser.

 This has been the worst year so far for Danny, which is discouraging as we'd hoped after a year of allergy jabs he'd be doing better. I will say that if you ever find yourself in Omaha with an asthma attack, the Nebraska Medical Center emergency room is ace. We've been seeing more of them than we'd like, but they've been absolutely wonderful with Danny, and I feel better knowing they're just a few minutes down Dodge Street.
Just like when he was a baby and we'd take him out in the  the cold night air to help with croup. 

I love this photo, it has such a vibe of, "Just wait until you're in the care home, Mother. I'll get you for making me go to bed when I want to play. Just you wait! It won't be a nice care 
home either. Enjoy the cold, instant mash, Mother."

Eh, kids.
 Speaking of the kid-he's now just about the same height as his mama. He's also far too cool to smile for a photo, though to be fair, the sun was in his eyes.
There-a smile (sort of).

I stopped bothering with my hair for the past month. I did cut bangs/fringe, but that just made it easier to pull it back in a pony tail. I'm still running, and don't give a toss what I look like as I do (mostly, I look old, arthritic, and tired) and am *this close* to shaving my head. 

I gathered some of the photos that didn't make it on the blog before I took a break. Less talk, more vintage? I can do that. 
1970's wool suit (has a matching skirt).
1980's Jaeger jacket with 1970's Lurex skirt/
Embroidered and sequined skirt/

1980's Benetton angora cardigan and 1970's polyester skirt/ Vintage 1950's Qualicraft shoes. 
Vintage Levis rockabilly jeans, and Pendleton 49'er jacket
 1980's suit, 1940's handbag, 1970's hat, 1960's Snowland boots/
Such nice details...such an ugly suit. Ah, the 80's.

And that's about it. I hope to resume blogging with some familiar pattern, but I'll have to see how it goes. I have quite a bit of catching-up to do visiting all of your lovely blogs. Thank you again for being such a great group of people. I'm lucky to know such wonderful human beings. 


Vix said...

Welcome back, Goody! Blogland's a lot brighter with you around.
I love the new header. You look utterly glorious in the nuclear coral number. That 1970s lurex skirt is a beauty, too.
Sorry to hear that Danny's been suffering. The baby photo is a treasure. He's going to love you showing it off when he brings his first girlfriend home to meet you.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Oh Goody, I'm so glad you're back!

I really missed your blogs and you. Of course, you must have a vintage hand basket if you're going to go to hell - always do things in style...

You sound as if you were in need of a break but you certainly haven't been resting - you sound as if you had been very busy. A new syllabus and all that research. I enjoyed 'The Gulag Archipelago'even though it is a very bleak story.

I'm so sorry to hear about Danny's asthma and allergies. I thought kids were meant to grow out of them, too. The consultant said to me when I took my grandson to the allergy clinic in Addenbrooke's hospital, in Cambridge, she rarely sees teenagers with allergies. I took heart from that as he's only coming up to seven. My middle grandson, who is the same age as Danny, is also taller than me!

Did I understand that correctly - you're still running? Running as in being chased by someone, for example? Wearing trainers and tracksuits type of running? If so, well done you!

Very interested in your and Danny's ornithological excursions - whooping cranes? Do they actually whoop? I believe a pair of cranes have nested here in the UK for the first time ever in recent years. I've only seen cranes when travelling through the Netherlands - massive, twiggy nests on top of chimney pots, is what I remember most vividly.

What wonderful vintage clothes you have and the accessories, too. I think my favourite is the coral coloured outfit because it's such a lovely colour on you.

I am so looking forward to your next post and it's so good to have you back.


ThriftyParka said...

Oh Goody! So nice to see you back!! I was trolling through the blogs while waiting for lumber and I saw your post!!

Hah! You made me laugh out loud with the handbag comment. Now everyone in line at Home Depot is looking at me funny.

Sorry to hear Danny's had a tough time with asthma. Boy is he ever tall!!!

Keep yer chin up kid!

Happy thrifting ;)

Polyester Princess said...

It really made my day when I saw your post pop up in my reading list! Welcome back! I've really missed your posts and your quirky sense of humour, and let's not forget the silly poses. I do understand your "going to hell in a hand-basket" sentiment, though. At least you can make sure it's a vintage one ;-) Sorry to hear Danny's been suffering, poor mite. That baby photo is seriously cute. Soon he will be towering over you, I guess. Love what you're wearing in your new blog header. xxx

Miss Magpie said...

I'm thrilled as well to see you back! I'm so sorry to hear Danny has been so poorly I do hope it settles down soon.

Good lord I love that tapestry bag and feel strangely drawn to the black and grey 80's suit.

Sue said...

Oh yay you are back!!! I really think you should move to New Zealand, we would love to have you and your family and think of the fun that could be had in a place so far away that some people think we are an ice cream!! Love that very last photo of you, colour always suits you. Spring must be heading your way so all those Spring flowers and active spring animals should help you smile again. OMG Danny is getting tall, he will be a young man before you know it. PS: DO NOT SHAVE YOUR HEAD!

Propagatrix said...


Beth Waltz said...

Ah, you have returned, the Queen of Accessorizing, to demonstrate how cunningly selected boots, hat, bag and scarf transform an oddly interesting 80s suit into a statement of wearable style. I like it!

We're all feeling a bit beleaguered, Goody. I'm popping vitamins (and medicinal alcoholic beverages) like Lucy Ricardo. The weird weather isn't helping anyone whose breathing is affected by allergies. Poor Danny, poor you! -- but my word, that lad has grown!

The cranes passed through Indiana two weeks ago, and now the herons are setting up housekeeping in the river valley near my home. Ants appeared on the kitchen counter Monday. Bless us, spring is near.

Jessica said...

Welcome back, I have really missed your posts. I absolutely agree with you about the world, but I suppose abandoning those things that do you good, simply because they don't help the world, doesn't help either...
You have some great outfits here, I particularly love that massive-checked 70s suit. Also, how fabulous that the assemblage of 1980's suit, 1940's handbag, 1970's hat, & 1960's boots produces an outfit that seems somehow rather 20s, in flavour if not in detail. Love the neon coral, too.
I enjoy hearing about your adventures in birdwatching. My sister is an artist and doing a doctorate in human geography; she's currently doing fieldwork on cranes which means she's living a couple of hours drive away rather than a day's journey of flight and trains, so I have a particular fondness for them.
The size of my own kids is likewise constantly amazing me; how can it be, even though we see them all the time? I suppose spring is particularly bad for allergies, I wish Danny an easier one.

Goody said...

Thank you, I've missed being around.
Girlfriend? No. Nice boys stay home with their mothers ;)

Thank you.
The cranes don't "whoop" in the way you might think, it is more of a gurgling/popping sound. *Shrug*

That's encouraging to hear they grow out of it. I hope your grandson finds some allergy relief soon.

Yes, to the trainers, no to the track suit (I prefer cotton to lycra in warmer weather). Strangely it is one of the few forms of exercise that doesn't hurt my hip. Go figure.

@Thrifty Parka
Thank you . I'm happy to be back with the people I care about.
I'm not prone to panic attacks but there's something about the design of Home Depot that makes me anxious when I'm in there.

Thank you. I've been enjoying reading your blog while I've been gone. I think you have the silly poses mastered.

@Miss Magpie
You must resist the lure of 80's suits-it is a dangerous path once you start down it.

I think we should move to NZ also-keep that garden in good shape we might end up camping in it ;)
We stopped by the farm supply store to see the chicks and baby ducks. Wasn't tempted to bring any home (that would drive the budgie mad) but yes, spring is finally here.

I am!

Our ants haven't appeared yet, but the flies are starting. Spring in the midwest, eh?
I need to have a tooth extracted this week, so thank you for reminding me about the vitamins-time to start loading up.

I've been hearing from so many artists of late about their attraction to studying cranes. We recently went to a lecture where the artist had connected the sandhill cranes to Native American history, and it was fascinating.Not being an artist or a birder (Danny is the resident expert) it is something completely new to me. That is nice having your sister close by.

They do grow quickly, don't they? Sometimes, I can still get a glimpse of my little baby when Danny's asleep, but most of the time I look at this towering kid and think, "When did THAT happen?"

Jayne H said...

Welcome back Goody, you were much missed.
My blogging has gone by the wayside but I love keeping up with you and your family, so thank you for sharing your lives with us all. The world's a funny old place at the moment but some familiar patterns are much appreciated.
Love and good wishes to you all . . .

Mim said...

Oooh, I missed this post! (I had last week off work and didn't go near the computer much.) It's great to see you back, and to see you were still rocking some fab outfits while you were quiet. The coat and dress set in your header make me really envious.

Politics. *Shakes head* I think I'm resigned to things being crap, and looking ahead to work out what we'll eventually do with the pieces. And pointing and laughing at the Brexiteers, because we'll all be in the dwang but they voted for it. Gotta find some fun somewhere in the mess...

I'm sorry to hear Danny's been poorly - here's hoping the brighter days and warmer weather signal an improvement.

Goody said...

Thank you.
I hope you're well. I do miss your blog very much.

I can certainly think of better places to spend a week off work than around here.
I had to come back as I don't have any other regular opportunities to hang out with people I don't want to slap. You're my community-and sanity!

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you're back at it again! And as always, you look as stylish as ever!

I hope Danny feels better soon, and I hope you all have some glorious birding adventures this spring.

Emily from Etsy

Anonymous said...

P.S. Once you've selected the handbasket with which you plan to journey to the underworld, you really need to give it a name and stencil or stitch it on the side. Helena being the obvious choice. : )


Goody said...


You're giving me video ideas!