Monday, August 03, 2020

I Don’t Feel Safe in This World No More I Don’t Want to Die in a Nuclear War

There's just so much wrong here, but as an anthropologist I couldn't resist sharing it. If anyone has the actual comic book and wants to sell it, do get in touch. 

How's everyone doing?
As promised, today I have some outfits to share, beginning with this 80s nylon dress that is remarkable only in the fact that something so simple can look so snazzy when pulled together with the right accessories. This time I went with yellow inspired by the daisy buttons.
Everything here is thrifted from the dress to the bag, bangles, and shoes. I doubt the whole thing cost more than a tenner. I’ve almost certainly worn everything enough times to have got my money out of it.
This 80s Laura Ashley dress was thrifted for a buck a few years back. It was barely worn and as far as I could tell was donated because the hem had fallen. I’m rather lazy, but not THAT lazy. Five minutes of stitching and I had a gorgeous vintage dress ready for wearing. Falling somewhere between purple and blue, the dress works with all sorts of colours.
Old lady bun atop my head? Sure, why not. I’m embracing my decrepitude.
When I found these vintage Naturalizer shoes years ago I had the ends of the heels replaced and shoe savers tacked on the bottom. It turned out to be a good investment. If you have something that’s lasted sixty years it only makes sense to try and keep it going.
This dress gets worn quite a lot most summers and this year is no exception. Sleeveless, and made of a nice cotton, it is cool and resists wrinkling. Not much more you can ask of summer attire.
Only the cardigan and earrings are retail and they’re both from Target. The cardigan was purchased in the children’s and the sleeves are still too long! I’m built like a tyrannosaurus!
This is one of my Lindy Bop dresses. I was so sad when they went out of business because not only did they have the best novelty prints, but in a wide range of sizes.
I mean, isn’t that adorable? I bought this dress for the State Fair.
And of course, you know I had the right bag to wear with it. With neither the state fair or the chicken show on the agenda I still wanted to give these favourite pieces a wear this summer.
What’s summer without a Leslie Fay dress? This 70s nylon dress has a zip front so you can get dressed without disturbing your hair.
No one would notice if this hair was disturbed 😆
A 70s dress needs 70s shoes and it doesn’t get more 70s than a pair of Candies. They’re surprisingly comfortable.
Speaking of the 70, there was this caftan lurking in my wardrobe and dying for a wear.
Good for staying home.
This was a departure for me. An embroidered mesh baseball jacket is harder to style than suspected! It was so pretty though, and at . 49 cents worth a try.
Hoop earrings sort of feel obligatory with white shorts and a baseball jacket. 1976 vibes, anyone?

I’ll leave you with some of the cooking going on in my kitchen last week.
Cinnamon buns and cherry buns.
Chard with tomatoes and basil.
I hope this week treats you well. 


Emily said...

Wow, that black and white outfit is adorable with bright touches of yellow! It really changes the look from puritanical to pretty.

I still have the identical chicken purse that you inspired me to buy a year or two ago, but I haven't used it recently. I should bust it out soon and take it to my next supermarket trip. The synthetic non-porous material can be easily cleaned with an antibacterial wipe without being damaged, which is a big plus right now.

I didn't know that the Candie's fashion brand has been around since the '70s. When I think of Candie's, I think of Kohl's (the exclusive distributor of this brand), as well as the handful of fragrances they made.

You found the perfect purse to wear with the embroidered mesh baseball jacket. Good job!

I've never seen Anthro, but my husband adored the Devil Dinosaur comic book series when he was a kid.

Vix said...

I can only see half of your photos, I'm getting a weird error message.
Like Emily I always thought Candies were a 1990s thing, the ones I see in chazzas are very clumpy and square looking.
Loving the kaftan and that's one of the best LA dresses I've seen, not a hint of the Princess Diana's about it (helps that it's being worn by you!)
Nice baps, Mrs! xxx

Polyester Princess said...

Your re-cap of gorgeous outfits has definitely managed to cheer me up. There's something to drool over in each and every one of them, from the yellow bag in the first outfit to the Laura Ashley dress in the second - it was donated due to a fallen hem??? - the Lindy Bop dress and, of course, the chicken bag! The sleeveless summer dress is a marvel and so is that magnificent kaftan! Do keep them coming! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

The dark sleeveless cotton worn with the red accessories would definitely have seen weekly use in my wardrobe, back in my working days. So very office-worthy with the cardigan -- so very supper-out-on-the-restaurant patio without!

The state-fair dress is exactly right for the fair-that-wasn't. At least we got to see it and the chicken bag, observing our annual tradition. Did you even think about a suitable straw hat? Perhaps a red straw to mimic that worn by the scare-crow in the border?

Ohhh, those luscious lemon bars! Wouldn't they disappear like melting ice at a summer church pic-nic, or any other pitch-in we're missing this year...

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog on and off for sometime now. Always enjoy your humor, perspective on the world, and your magnificently conforming non -conforming outfits. As a thrift store shopper myself, it is great fun seeing you put the goods in action.

Best Wishes Always,
Gail from Schwenksville,PA.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Loving the outfits!
That chartreuse bolero paired with the navy floral is FAB! I would have never thought of that combination.
That caftan is psychedelically swoon-worthy!
A pair of beige macrame Candies were my first pair of heels in the late 70s, I wore them proudly with my Trifari star gold necklace and Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.
What an unusual piece that bomber jacket is- you styled it perfectly.
The lemon bars look scrummy!

bahnwärterin said...

like vix - no photos for me - still. only the comic cover - hilarious.
hope you are well and safe. facebook and twitter delayed the videos from the orange haired - was in our news....

Mim said...

That Laura Ashley dress is a real bargain - they've suddenly become massively collectable over here for some reason. (Probably a prairie dress thing as modern brands like The Vampire's Wife and Batsheva nod to that sort of style.)

Lindy Bop did some fantastic prints. I've a few plus-size friends mourning their demise.

Goody said...

Someday when this Corona shit is over I'm going to visit yo,u and we can take our chicken bags out for cocktails!

I don't know what's going on with my posts! I can't load photos directly to my laptop, and the phone ap isn't great. Sorry.
Candies were THE shoe to have in mid-70s US. I wanted a pair but my mum thought they were too sexy for me. Then, she bought herself a pair!!!

Thank you. It is shocking what people will get rid of. I haven't been shopping since February, but I'll bet the thrifts are overloaded with stuff from people cleaning at home.

I don't know about you, but I've never worked in an office where the HVAC was up to the task. Sleeveless clothes and cardigans were a matter of survival.
The lemon bars did go quick. They're so easy to make, but I never think to make them.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy the outfits.

I can practically picture young Bibi! Did you have feathered hair and a plastic comb wit your name on it sticking out of the back pocket of your Vanderbilts:)

I'm sorry about the photos. I have no idea what's going on.
I wish Twitter and Facebook would just kick him off the platforms already. The hate and lies being spewed are just horrifying.