Sunday, August 23, 2020

Late Summer Looks

 Finally found the right mask😁

If you're looking for a mask, great tee shirts, or the like,  the people at Shifty Thrifting have a teespring shop HERE. You can help support some great people by buying cool stuff. Anyway, I'm in love with my new mask, and anyone that knows me understands just how(fucking) accurate this is! 

Summer continues to trudge along with the heat and humidity showing no signs of easing. Much as I'd like to start wearing some autumn fashion, I know that it will stay warm in Nebraska well into October. We're presently in a heat wave with temperatures in the high 90s for at least the next week.The overnights are staying in the 70s. 

 Look, I attempted a "hairstyle". You can roll your eyes, I'll wait. Seems like forever since I did a proper outfit post so without further ado...

Outfit details:




Handbag-Antique mall

Fragrance-YSL Paris (I have a giant bottle and am still indifferent to it. My general reaction is, "It smells nice."). 

This dress gets worn regularly every summer but it seems I rarely get good photos of it. This year I made an effort as it is just too good of a print. I've been lucky enough to thrift several pieces of Boden over the years, and they're just such nice clothes. This dress is fully lined in a thin muslin material that keeps it from clinging without making it too warm on a humid day. 

Outfit Particulars:

Boden dress-Goodwill

Handbag-Thrift World

Bangles-all over

Earrings-Hey Viv Retro (Viv is a small businessperson at the finest).

Shoes-K Mart, years ago

Fragrance-Liz Claiborne in the big triangle bottle. Nice on a hot day, but I rarely think to wear it. 

Here's another dress I wear quite a bit that never gets photographed.

Outfit Particulars:


Cardigan-Marshall Fields, retail, 80s

Clarks shoes-Thrift World



Bracelet-Antique mall

Fragrance-Cabotine de Gres (Fresh! Also nice on a hot day)

Silk is always a good choice in summer, particularly a lightweight skirt like this one.

Outfit Particulars:


Blouse-K Mart

Belt-Hand Me Ups


Bracelet-Can't remember

Fragrance-Amouage Bracken Woman (this perfume owns my soul, and pocketbook but I don't care. It is equal parts wonderful and strange and I hope they never discontinue it).

Look closely and you can see Ludwig peering out the window. Not really. Made you look though, didn't I?

I'm still mad about how cheaply made the skirt was (I bought it from an online retailer) but I've found a way to make it sort-of work. 

Outfit Particulars-Skirt (crappy company selling online)

Vintage shell-Goodwill

Belt-came with a dress

Shoes, handbag-Hand-Me-Ups



Fragrance-Maurer and Wirtz  Original Tabac (I HAD to! I did think about 4711, but it was more of a Tabac mood that day😆. 

I'm unsure how to describe this piece. It isn't a dress as the bottom is open and it is sleeveless and buttons at the top. The high/low hem is something I'd ordinarily hate, but this one is so well done, I can forgive the strangeness of it. I'm wearing leggings that have metal studs for design, and a twenty year old nylon tunic beneath. I was trying to style it like those cutaway dresses of the 50s worn over cigarette trousers. There's no label in the piece, so I have no idea if it is new or old. It is a silky material, most likely synthetic. 

It would be a great outfit if I actually had anywhere to wear it, but damn, I looked good taking out the trash. 

Outfit Particulars:

Tunic-Dots, 90s

Leggings-K Mart

Cutaway dress-Goodwill

Matching bracelets-Claire's, years ago

Vintage necklace-Can't remember

Earrings-K Mart(I think?)

Vintage Candies shoes-Goodwill (I think)

Rings-all over. The faux cinnabar is a Sara Coventry

Fragrance-Jean Patou 1000 (This is another one that I've had sitting around for years but forget to wear. It would probably be a bit much in the heat but indoors with air conditioning it was fine).

Another Shifty Thrifting creation! I wore the shirt to the pharmacy where it provided some welcome laughs. The skirt is a nice, heavy, Indian cotton that ties with a drawstring. I made the earrings because...well why not?

Outfit Particulars:


Shirt-Shifty Thrifting

Earrings-made them

Denim clogs-Goodwill

Fragrance-I would have worn Alien if I owned it, but since it is a jasmine bomb, I can't smell it!  So I wore Paco Rabanne Metal which doesn't so much evoke a flying saucer as it does antiseptic skin toner from the 70s but eh, it works. Alien Autopsy Table, perhaps?

This printed linen skirt has never fit me properly, but the tulips are so good, I don't care. It does work better with a jacket. The bag was the last thing I bought before lockdown way back in late February at an antique mall. I believe the  hand-painted wooden plaque was added later as it mentions the local golf club. I'd like to think some fun woman was toting cocktails in it to the country club. 

Outfit Particulars:
Coldwater Creek linen skirt-Hand-Me-Ups
Bangles-all over
Vintage shoes-Hand-Me-Ups
Handbag-Antique Mall
Fragrance-Worth Pour Homme because it smells like a freshly mowed golf course. 

Something in Lurex, perhaps?

Another dress that gets worn more than the photos would attest. I'm not sure what era it is from, but it does a good job of dressing up/down depending on my mood. In the winter I wear it with a jacket. The vintage shoes have a Made in Yugoslavia label, and they really do look like something I'd have worn in the 80s. I don't wear many flats (even my trainers have a wedge) but these are so fun. The earrings were something I purchased in the 80s. I haven't weighed them but take my word for it-they're seriously heavy from all that metal and glass. The bracelet is another I have in a matching pair, thrifted a few years apart. The ring is some sort of Modernist piece, clearly trying to copy Scandinavian style. I like the way it feels on my finger-well weighted and substantial, without catching on things. 
Outfit Particulars:
Earrings-The Mexican Shop, Evanston Illinois-80s
Bracelets-both Goodwill
Shoes-Thrift World
Ring-Can't remember
Fragrance-YSL Rive Gauche (I mean, what else would you wear with a lurex dress?! Never going to be my favourite, but sometimes I wear it for nostalgia. We know how I feel about in-your-face-aldehydes.)

That's about it for clothes. I'll leave you with some quick looks at the goings on in the kitchen and garden.
Peanut loaf is made with ground peanuts rather than peanut butter and has a light texture.

3 day potato-starter rye bread

Tofu and veg stir-fry
The sweet potatoes are flowering.
The bread's mood says it all.

Savoury corn pudding made dairy free with margarine and oat milk. It was excellent.

Mimosa salad
Barbecued chicken breast (in the oven) with fresh strawberries. 
I mentioned on Instagram that I signed up to be a poll worker on election day in our county. Because of all the created chaos around the election, and because so many of our regular poll workers are older, retired people there's a serious shortage of help. I'll be isolating for 2 weeks after the election (which I may want to do anyway) so I don't need to fear spreading anything to Danny or Mr. ETB, and I'll follow safety precautions, but I must do this. If you're in a position to work the polls, call your local county election commission and see if they can use you. In Nebraska they do pay us for the training and the 13 hour shift on election day, but it isn't much. Basically, it is volunteer work. Other than that, I'm limiting my outside contact to grocery shopping, the dentist, and the pharmacy. We got our flu jabs last week, so that's one less thing to worry about. At 6 months in, this is starting to feel never ending, but it will end, eventually. I hope everyone is staying safe, well, and as happy as possible under the circumstances. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

I love seeing all your thrifted treasures! I am particularly fond of the Steve Madden black & bejeweled high heel clogs & the purple silk skirt. Love that hi-lo floral piece & how you have styled it1
I'd be volunteering at the polls too if I were in the US,
Sounds like we are having the same weather - hot & humid in the mid to low 90s. Miserable.
We are on full lockdown here in Nepal again. Not allowed to leave the house except for 5-7 pm daily. No drastic increase in deaths or cases but this is the start of the Hindu & Buddhist high holidays which usually require gatherings & feasts - perhaps that is what the public officials are trying to minimize?

Beth Waltz said...

The hair-do does the trick with that cool blue Country-Western dress! The belt is in scale -- and that's a minor miracle, given some of the heavy-weights I've seen in leather goods. The frilly bag hints at square-dance crinolines. However, my eye gleams greenest at that handsome Tewa ring! Who buys these tiny treasures of inlay and then discards them as souvenir junque?

Vix said...

Yay! Good for you being a poll worker.
Salivating over your green beans & mushrooms and the peanut loaf looks good.
Loving the Afghan Kuchi earrings but you're right, they weigh a ton. The up and down floral garment looks fab, love the brass cuffs you've worn with it. xxx

bahnwärterin said...

coooool mask!!!
i´m swooning over your outfits - seeing them is such a pleasure - and can´t decide which i love most.... the light blue "dirndl" with the southwest accessories is a fav, but the black dress with hearts too..... oh - and the folky printed "whatever" with the black jewelry....gorgeous look! - you could have worn maroussia of slava zaitsev with it ;-D
the " neuschwanstein" skirts is looking and sounding like my (handed down to me) amsterdam tulip skirt - same pleating, bad polyester, poor sewing and the weak zipper on the right side! but fun to wear :)
yummy dishes and bread - must try the peanut loaf next time i´m baking.
much love! xxxxx

Emily said...

I don't know what's more beautiful, your outfits or your gourmet dishes! They are all enviably appealing. Your "parental advisory" mask is a hoot.

Thank you in advance for working at the polls on election day. This will be the most contentious election of our time, and we need good men and women to make things run smoothly.

Oregon is lucky in that we are one of the few states (maybe the only state?) that conducts all voting through the mail and through secure drop-boxes located in public libraries. We never have to stand in line on Election Day.

Polyester Princess said...

That must be one of the best masks I've ever come across! So sorry to hear your heatwave is still ongoing. Ours has finally left us, and now it is looking a lot like Autumn! My favourite of your outfits is definitely the one with the Boden dress, which is blue and orange perfection. Those earrings remind me of these records which came with talking dolls back in the 70s. I'm also loving the high-low hem dress thingy and I'm swooning over the handbag that went with the tulip skirt! Kudos for signing up as a poll worker, by the way! xxx

Miss Magpie said...

So many wonderful outfits and I absolutely love the bread face. Fabulous facemask I could do with one of those.

Mim said...

Your mask made me laugh when you showed it off on IG, it's great. I started following Shiftythrifting there because of you.

Is the bread something you haven't made much before because of Danny's allergies? It looks delicious.

Allyour outfits are ace. Make the most of the summer while it lasts; we're already sliding into autumn here. (And gearing up for a second covid peak, I reckon...)

Goody said...

I'm sort of envious of your full lockdown-we're all out behaving like nothing's wrong as our numbers of dead climb higher and higher. It feels so endless. Hope your weather cools off soon.

The ring was actually my mother's. The smaller one was as well.

I'm thinking of having the earrings converted into a pair of brooches or maybe a necklace-my poor old ears can't take it anymore. Maybe I should go for a headdress.

Maroussia is one of my favourite perfumes but my son hates it! He says it smells like "Depression". What do boys know anyway?!
The peanut loaf was interesting as it was very plain. I might try adding ground peanuts to more baking.

I had to do it. Most days it feels like there's not much the average person can do, but this is something I can. Nebraska has a good vote by mail system because so much of our state is rural and towns can be miles from a polling place. I've often wondered why we don't do it like Oregon. It would save loads of money. Voting is such a social activity here though-I always end up running into friends at the polls and maybe that has something to do with the reluctance to do away with the in-person voting. I'm not looking forward to it, particularly with the threats of violence from armed volunteer "Poll watchers" but I'm a determined old broad and if someone wants to vote, I'm going to make sure they get the chance.

The heat is expected to break tonight. I might just run out in the street to celebrate! This is definitely the worst stretch in a long time-we hit 100 degrees!

@Miss Magpie
The mask gets comments, that's for certain. The bread face was an accident, but accurate.

The Shifty Thrifting website is an endless parade of crazy stuff found in thrift stores. Since I haven't been thrifting since February, it gives me a bit of the experience at home.

I was so glad to be able to eat peanuts again. Danny is indifferent probably because of so many years not having them. I am however allergic to cashews, so they don't come in the house. The birds probably eat more nuts than we do (the bluejays go wild for them and will scream when the feeder is empty).

Señora Allnut said...

I'm late in my commenting, but still trying it!.
I have to comment on your Fabulous Jewellery!, love every piece and love your talent to style them!
Love the turquoise jewellery and your summery cotton dress. Love those pops of orange color in your accessorizing and the fab print of your #2dress. Love your purple skirt and massive belt (Stunning Belt!). Love your amazing skirt and those colorful bracelets.
Love your dress/vest and the beautiful black jewellery!, one of my favourite outfits ever!.
Love your tulips skirt and the wicker bag!, so cute!.
And love your attitude and your mask! A Lot!