Tuesday, December 01, 2020


*Crap. The video isn't working across platforms. Sorry. I'm working on it!

Danny was able to get the trains running with a bit of cleaning and tinkering. The engines gave off impressive sparks and puffs of dust but after so many decades in storage, that's not unexpected. The nearly 80 year old transformers are still in solid working condition, but the two we had that were made in the 50s were useless. Go figure. They're encased in what appears to be bakelite or perhaps celluloid. We have a giant box of track and accessories, but for the moment the track is set up around the Christmas tree in the usual clichĂ© presentation. It is nice to see a modern teenager enjoying something like a model railroad. Some things are timeless, I suppose. 
He always did love trainsđź’—

Happy Roar Like A Dinosaur Day, 2020! No, not really but sometimes you just want to use a dinosaur as a prop without seeming completely random. 
Yes, it does have pockets! Maybe shift dresses aren't the sort of  attire to inspire excitement, but the pockets certainly are. They're, deep, they're functional, they're lined! Talbotts sold such nice clothes in the 80s. The fabric is a sort of double-knit acrylic that stretches without looking sack-like, and resists clinging. I have a slip on beneath it because it was cold in the house, but it wouldn't have been a necessity on a warmer day. 
Staying with the 80s feel, I went with a heavy, Givenchy necklace, a clamper bracelet, and a pair of earrings made from Greek coins. 
The headband was fun for a day, but I don't see that being a regular accessory for me. With heavy glasses it just feels like too much extra on my head. 
Have you ever tried photographing the back of your head? It isn't easy! I was pleased with how I styled my hair into ringlets and wanted to show it online, but I'm afraid I just couldn't manage more than this not-great side view. It had been over a year since my last haircut, and I really ought to spend some time trimming it. That said, it does take well to finger curls even at this longer length. 
There's the bunny slippers (Thanks, Beth)!

Not sure why I'm in such an 80s mood of late, but this Moda blazer and vintage belt are satisfying a desire to dress like it is 1986. 
(Remember that ring, Emily)?
The skirt is modern, from K Mart years ago. 
In other news, I've started switching over to winter clothes. I switched out the shoes yesterday as it was becoming increasingly silly to wear summer sandals even if I don't leave the house. 
Also unearthed this vintage velvet beauty. Last wearing was 2016 for the Christmas celebration at the Nebraska State Capitol.
I'd probably style it differently now-perhaps with a cream jumper/sweater. I'd still wear the faux fur headband though. I have one in pink as well. They're incredibly warm, if not a bit silly looking. 
Speaking of silly headwear! My mother made this for me in the 70s and I said, "Thank you", shoved it in a drawer and forgot about it for years. Somehow, I've managed to hang onto it, though it is a very rare occasion when I feel inspired to wear it. 
I guess today's the day! The sun is shining and it is 50 degrees outside, so there really wasn't any reason to wear a hat but here you go. 
I was having a good hair day too-it wasn't screaming for the camouflage of a hat. 
Oooh, what's this? Most years I don't get many of my collection worn, so this year I am starting right off with 1 December and I'll probably be wearing them four at a time by Christmas. What's the point in having a collection if it isn't enjoyed? 
As the kids say, "These boots are on fire." Ha, ha, ain't I clever?!
I'll keep things somewhat short, and wish everyone well. Do stay safe, and don't let anyone breathe near you!


Beth Waltz said...

I was scrolling down, preparing to gleam green eyes at anything from Talbot's circa 1980; and I was musing about your good hair dayS, wondering why one's hair always appears its best when one has nowhere to go and no one to admire it (unless you have a blog frequented by females who appreciate such sad facts of life). And then I spotted THE BOOTS! With elegant, dainty bows! They are exactly what one must -- must! I say! -- have to wear under a formal gown to the social event of the winter season.

Guess who found a white velvet hooded coat to wear to a special winter gala but was forced to wear it with plain old boots and carry her pumps in a bag. Long, long ago, when the world and I were much younger...

Emily said...

Congratulations to Dan on starting the train! I'm looking forward to the video.

That shift is the most stylish one I've ever seen, and the pockets make it so much nicer. The side view of your hair is beautiful. Might one of the boys help with a picture of the back next time? It is very hard to do oneself.

I love the furry-looking boots by the faux fireplace. It looks like an advertisement for Isotoner or Deerfoam, LOL.

Your red and white Nebraska State Capitol outfit from 2016 is charming. The headband makes it so special. At a distance, it looks like those glamorous-looking furry hats that women wear in Russia.

My husband has a Godzilla figurine with posable arms and legs, and when you push the button his chest, he roars. Believe me, you don't need an excuse to interact with a dinosaur. He does it shamelessly any day of the year. : )

There's that emerald-green ring! Did I ever tell you that I nicknamed it Oz, as in the Emerald City? I am forever giving nicknames to inanimate objects.

bahnwärterin said...

i´m happy to hear that danny enjoys the old model trains! and they run!!
this things, esp. if 80 years old, sell for a real lot of money here - guess all the computer nerds buy them with the money from their overpayed jobs.......

love your 80s mood!
the more the todays fashion is going bland, boring and dull - the more i crave 80s style. and you do it very well! but the "burning" boots are the icing on the cake!


Bibi Maizoon said...

Your curls are gorgeous!
I recall Talbot's quality & amazing size range (petites, plus & talls!) in the 80s. I had a navy blue double breasted suit & some button down Oxford shirts I was fond of, kept finding Talbot's stuff in thrift shops all the way into the 2010s - due to their great longevity?
Fantastic job on the trains Danny!

Vix said...

I loathed 1980s fashion at the time but am learning to love it now, it's the last decade when clothes were made properly!
Love the lapels on that red suit and the hat your Mum made looks fantastic with your fabulous curls!
Well done to Danny for getting that train going, can't wait to see the video! xxx

Polyester Princess said...

I loved seeing your little train video on Instagram! Danny did a great job, something he clearly enjoyed doing. I guess boys are never too old for that kind of thing. I remember my Dad tinkered as much with my brother's train set as my brother did!
Your curls are gorgeous, and as always I loved seeing your parade of outfits, including Beth's bunny slippers :-)
Well done on starting your Winter switch. I've only just about finished mine, but took my time, as I've had a lot of the latter on my hands.
Those tapestry boots are amazing, and yes, bring on the holiday brooches! xxx

Emily said...

I see that your train video is working now! Beautiful! Congrats again to the young engineer who got it up and running.

Goody said...

Carrying your shoes in a bag to the party is all part of the Midwestern winter experience! Spring too-mud, ya know :)

Oz is a great name for the ring!

These trains wouldn't be worth much because my dad and uncle played with them-they're in rough condition. Sometime I see the money people are willing to pay for old toys and just shake my head.

With Talbots it is hard to know how old it is because everything is so classically styled. Could be 70s or 2000s? They used to have a catalogue return store near me in Illinois, and I'd always find great bargains there.

You're right! After the 80s everything, no matter how expensive seemed to be held together with interlocking stitch that would fall apart after a few washes.

I think you're right about not outgrowing trains. When we used to take Danny to model railroad shows it was all old men selling and buying the trains.

Señora Allnut said...

love to see the train working properly and being properly enjoyed!. No wonder that some 80 years old stuff still Works, they made some fab stuff then!.
You look particularly fab in your shift dress and totally agree that these pockets (and buttons) make the difference. The shape and cut of this dres is amazing!. And love your 80's mood and all these tartan and plaid and fabulously massive bijouterie!, 80's fabulousness!!
Love your boots on fire, mwhaha. You totally rock!
I need a Roar As a Dinosaur Day (every week or so). ;DD