Sunday, July 03, 2022

I'm Not Living in the Real World


Every day you've go to wake up

Disappear behind your makeup

Take away your calendar watch

You can't keep track until your heart attack

Hey now Cindy, you can't get to me

Need an elevator? Hey, I'll see you later

Cause I'm not living in the real world

I'm not living in the real world

No more, no more

I can be whatever I want to

I talk to me and even agree

Every day's a holiday

You can look through the glass and take a photograph

You will never ever walk on the moon

Leave your body and float through the room

You could never conquer me

Cause I'm not here and you're not there

And I'm not living in the real world

I'm not living in the real world

I'm not living in the real world

No more, no more

Didn't I ever tell you I was gone?

Didn't I ever tell you I was gone? 

Bye Bye

I can do anything at all

I'm invisible and twenty feet tall

Pull the plug on your digital clock

It all goes dark and the bodies stop

Hey I'm living in a magazine

Page to page in my teenage dream

Hey now Mary, you can't follow me

Without a satellite, I'm on a power flight


Cause I'm not living in the real world

I'm not living in the real world

No more

No more.



Señora Allnut said...

Great to see Blondie, amazing that it's a 1979's tune. I'm hearing a lot of my old 80's music these days, there's probably something in the atmosphere that makes a punk revival a great idea.
Also great to see you rocking some fab outfits. Love that egyptian inspired outfit, love the colourful bag and jacket, love the green suit (wow).
Sending you hugs!

Polyester Princess said...

Brilliant song and ditto outfits! Particularly loving the green trouser suit. And I often think I'm not living in the real world either! xxx

Emily said...

Wow! I've always known "Heart of Glass," but I never knew of this song until today. I like it a lot! It was so great to read the lyrics and look at your outfits at the same time. You should make a photo slideshow of your outfits with this song attached to it so it's more like a music video. : )

The Egyptian outfit was especially amazing. I bet you get compliments on it everywhere you go.

bahnwärterin said...

thank you for the blondie song - my old punk heart is dancing pogo :-D

but i think - what is the real world really? the overworking & overconsumption until the doc comes? or the one filled with love & labour for humans, a garden, animals, nature....?......

for sure you´r much better dressed then everyone else! beautiful clothes and accessories - masterful put together in excellent outfits!!!
so very fab.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

What totally fabulous outfits/clothes! I loved them all. The green trouser suit was gorgeous; the top with the people in costume, the fab tee shirt; the wonderful dresses, amazing jacket and out of this world handbag; Egyptian style jewellery...

I'm glad you are living in the real world otherwise we would have missed your wonderful clothes and accessories!

Most men I knew in the 70s were in love with Debbie Harry.

Have a great week

Anonymous said...

That green pantsuit is gorgeous, and once again your bag matching is on point.

Sheila said...

I'm ashamed that I don't know that Blondie song! At least I twigged that it was song lyrics, lol.

Your Egyptian print skirt looks like a souvenir skirt - I've seen that kind of jewelry in the local belly-dancing shop. That multi-coloured jacket (2nd outfit) is stunning, and I clack that handbag as 2005 (had a similar one). The long black lace skirt is divine!

I'm assuming you did not buy that white dress with the funky border. Great fabric, ugly-ass dress.

The green suit is AMAZING.

I would love to see your copper collection! Forgive me if you've shown it before (I'm new to you!) - I'll dig around and see if I can find it. :)

Vix said...

Shame on me - I've got every piece of vinyl that Blondie ever released and didn't recognise that song until halfway through your post.
Excellent clothes and excellent taste in music.
I'm off to spend a week in a field, barefoot and drinking gin for lunch - that's my real world! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

That bamboo box bag with the linear motief of that necklace and earrings; the panel clasp of the brass cuff with the bronze tee top...and then you add a never-seen-by-me-in-Indiana skirt with another vertical linear border! Wow, just wow! (Must ask if you acquired the skirt at the Chicago Art Institute, once upon a grand exhibit, in the 80s?)

Mim said...

That coral and turquoise jewellery is fantastic - it always strikes me as the ultimate summery combination. The black-plus-neons is a brilliant combo too.

The real world sucks right now and it feels like everyone's running out of energy to fight it. Here's hoping the mojo returns...