Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Only in America

 You start your own company
Only in America
Mixing chemicals a new way
Only in America
It's good for the economy
Only in America
Makin' cancer everyday
Only in america

Then someone can make a buck
With the cure for your bad luck
When you're born you start to die
Don't know from what
And you don't know why

So you start your own religious cult
Only in America
Live on the San Andreas Fault
Only in America
Eat your own weight in salt
Only in America
Pick your boogers in your car
Only in America


Then someone can make a buck
With the cure for your bad luck
You buy a couch with food stamps
Be the woman with Midol cramps

It happens only in the U.S.A
Only in America
Only in the U.S.A
Only in America
Only in the U.S.A
Only in America
Only in the U.S.A

Naked Raygun live 2014

I was doing OK until I was driving behind someone with a pink bumper sticker that read,
I can load more than a washer." The day kinda went downhill from there. Had to laugh at the terrible ad placement on the local news site's covid death count, and the much worse lack of editing about a country music star with cancer.  Then, the advertisement for fireworks arrived with the post and well...yeah. Only in America. Enjoy some Naked Raygun live.



bahnwärterin said...

the sad thing is - its not only in america since a while.....
"good old europe" i.e. has long gone - americanization & globalization took over in all the possible and most bad ways.

Anonymous said...

When I saw this post the other day I did not know quite how to respond. I understood your frustration though. I read a lot of news and I surely believe the US has gone off the rails for now. It gets me down too. I just do not get this current Supreme Court or half the Congress . But, in many ways the world is made up of yang / yin, good and bad , destruction / creating. We can only control how we live our own personal lives and shake our heads at everything else.

Sounds like a trip to the thrift store is in order for you to clear your mind. It is amazing what a 5 dollar buy there can do for your spirit.
It is raining in Pa right now. Which is good for our garden.

Best Wishes Always,
Gail from Pa.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Some of those things aren't unique to America - the nose picking for one!!

Beth Waltz said...

My mum once observed that "getting old is seeing life as reruns...". There is very much a sense of "...and this is where I came in," watching the news. Back to the barricades, sisters, back to the barricades!

Emily said...

In today's online newsletter for, Writer Krista Tippett said, "I did not guess at the existential challenges that would catalyze this young century, and how they would make the question of what it means to be human inextricable from the question of who we will be to each other."

She also addded that "what you have to set absolutely is your intention, and you have to both trust in and let go of control over the results of your actions. I believe that we are planting seeds that will endure beyond me and the life of this project, and that's how the long arc of the moral universe works."

On a lighter note, the skeleton picture was good for laughs, and it made me look up the perils of sleeping on my side. It turns out there's something medically inadvisable about every sleeping position, so there's no reason to worry about side sleeping in particular.

Vix said...

After a week in a field surrounded by 220,000 mostly like-minded people, the real world feels hideous now I'm (sort-of) back in it! xxx

Goody said...

That's true. Not to mention the threat of America bringing "Democracy" (via war) to countries around the world whether they want it or not :(

It feels, as the old saying goes, like "rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic", but you're correct that there's not much any individual can do about it. It might feel better if I had some control over my personal life instead of being dragged along by the whims of the people around me. Haven't done much shopping lately, though I have donated loads of stuff that will likely never fit again as reality keeps intruding.

Ha! That's probably a universal.

Maybe if we storm the Bastille and call it a day, but people always want to set up a Guillotine!

I wish I were confident in my intention and actions.
I'm not going to worry about sleeping position because *dark laugh* I never sleep.

Quick, get yourself to another festival!
Must have been a nice respite though.