Friday, January 21, 2011

And Suddenly, You're Faced With A Veggie Haggis

-for Burns Night, on the 25th. There just aren't enough holidays where you get to recite poetry to food. I even bought turnips which are now so expensive they're some sort of luxury food. I know, I know, the world is so incredibly screwed-up, starting with vegetarian haggis.

We were only expecting about an inch of snow today (with more on the way over the weekend) but just in the last few hours, we've accumulated about 2 1/2. The dog just looks at me with hatred, like I had some personal hand in making it snow. He was a rescue dog that was flown to the States from Puerto Rico. He probably regrets that on days like today-god, a tropical beach sounds awfully nice, doesn't it?

Haggis. A vegetarian haggis. Really, as the kids say, "what the fuck?!"

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