Saturday, January 15, 2011


I have marmalade on the brain today, and look-festival time! I won't be shipping anything off for judging, but it does have me thinking of all the wonderful possibilities this year with what seems to be a good crop of Moro oranges. I did purchase far too many lemons today with the intention of preserving them in salt brine, but a small batch of cranberry lemon marmalade would probably be welcome. I've probably mentioned before how fanatically I love oranges, and of course marmalade.

I wish I could get Danny to share my love of citrus, but he's solidly in the grape jelly camp. I put up a few batches when the Concords were in season, so that should last us through, but his refusal to explore other toast-topping options seems almost stubborn. I suppose we like what we like, and who am I to mess with his morning (don't ask what happened when I switched the child's tea to PG from red Rose).

Anyone have a favourite recipe they'd like to share?


Raymond said...

I was wondering where I'd post this, but the "Marmalade" topic works:

I just saw a little sidebar article in a local newspaper about using a teaspoon or two of Angostura Bitters in simple sugar cookies for adding notes of cassia and seville orange.


"A tablespoon [seems a lot] used in jam recipes enhances the flavors of the fruit and creates intrigue... The secret to [the author's] upside-down cranberry cake is a shake or two... Chutneys, vinaigrettes and marinades for chicken and pork also benefit from a slight bit of bitters."

I love the sugar cookie idea. I have an old bottle of Bitters; I'm gonna add it to things and try..

Goody said...

I can see that. Thank you for reminding me, I have an Angustora Bitters cookbook from the 50's that I should look through. I'd completely forgotten I had it.

People also swear by bitters as a hangover cure, but I tend to get sick long before the morning after, so I've never tried that one.