Sunday, January 02, 2011

Venison Breakfast Sausage

I did not try any, nor did Danny but Mr. ETB and our little Poodle both enjoyed the sausage. This was just a small batch, to get a feel for the grinder, etc. For an appliance made in 1930, it still works pretty well.

Anyway, I only defrosted a small bag of meat to try this out-next weekend will be the whole curing/smoking, extravaganza. Overall, it went much better than I anticipated, and the washing-up was no terrible fuss. Oh how you all laughed when we stocked the freezer with beef suet...who's laughing now? Venison is pretty lean, so if you want to make sausage, it needs some fatty meat, or straight fat to keep it from being inedible.

I seasoned it with dried sage, salt and pepper, some fresh garlic and a bit of mace.

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