Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If There's One Thing I Like More Than Anything Else...

...well, OK but this is a family themed blog, so drag your collective minds out of the gutter and check out the song Danny wrote:

If there's one thing I like more than anything else
It is a
Big old plate of lasagna.

Take those lasagna noodles
Right off the shelf and make me a
Big old plate of lasagna.

Stick a cork in your mouth
I don't need any help
Make me a big old plate of lasagna!

Yeah, that kid-what can I say? I like the, "stick a cork in your mouth" part. Needless to say, I made a lasagna tonight, and with any luck it will stretch into three nights worth of dinners. I have extra sauce so as I suggested to my husband..."Imagine the pastabilities!" He called me a name. It wasn't a nice one. It referred to my intellectual abilities.

And in other news:

My stove won't turn off-it has a broken, "Master burner control." Yeah, that was a new one for me too. I pulled the coil off that burner and I'll unplug the stove before bed. Major pain the behind, but the part is easily replaced. Have I mentioned how much I HATE this Amana oven? Really, I haven't? I HATE it! I paid extra for what I thought would be a better appliance and it is complete and utter crap. Oh, yes it is. The burners don't fit right so everything scorches unless you keep turning the pan (makes frying an egg a bitch). The stovetop will not stay propped for cleaning. The pan below the stove for holding extra baking sheets, etc. falls off the track EVERY time I pull it out. How about the oven racks that are bent? Honest-to-god, they are bent. I'm not baking anything heavy enough to bend an oven rack-it isn't like I bake turkey or large animals. I don't think I've ever needed to replace oven racks because they bent. Then again, I've never had the coils on the burner bend either. It isn't like I bought a cheap appliance either-we paid extra for this piece of junk. Oh, I could go on (and on, and on). but I think I've vented enough. My now not-quite two year old stove needs a burner control replaced. I've been using ovens/stoves for a hell of a lot longer than that without having a burner that won't turn off. Take a wild guess if I'll ever buy another Amana product again.

Anyway, at least they have a big old plate of lasagna to keep them fed until we fix the oven (again).

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